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September - 29



Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink!

Dear Editor,

I would like to bring to the notice of the concerned department and the people about the extreme shortage of water experienced by the people of Forest Corporation near K.V. II School, Itanagar. There is no proper water supply in the colony. The people here are surviving with little bit of dirty and contaminated underground water in summer and gets dried up in winter. Some have recourse to the nearby Donyi Polo Hearing impaired mission school, which is a great disturbance for the student of the institution as they are already a large group. Earlier people used to collect water from the leaking pipes on the roadside but that too is sealed now.

I am a first year degree student of Don Bosco College, Itanagar residing in the forest colony. I spend half of my study hours in the morning and evening searching for water. If this trend continues how will  the students like me in the colony manage to do any study?

Water is being supplied in our colony by water tank but it is meant only for the government employees. Once I even entered into an argue with the person who supplies water to these employees because he refused to give me a bucket of water saying it was meant only for the government employees. Do they consider us second class citizens? In the mean time those who should serve the people are treated as first class citizens.

I only hope that the concerned authorities pay heed and initiate some measures to solve the water crisis in the colony. I as a concerned citizen and worried student consider it as a serious lapse on the part of concerned department and would like to appeal to them to do something to solve this problem.


Kokum Paffa

BA Ist Year

Forest Colony



No PRC to non-APST

Dear Editor,

As per my conscience no individual or groups  other than the indigenous tribals of  Arunachal has right to own or acquire any land or the product of land in Arunachal Pradesh as per the provisions of Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation,1873 (as the provision of this regulation was extended to Arunachal pradesh in 1875). But, the attempt of our Govt. to grant PRC to outsiders' is a signal recognizing their right to acquire and own land in our state. Otherwise, without owning a land how one can settle down permanently?

So, it is my appeal to all fellow citizens of Arunachal Pradesh to raise voice agaist such anti-public stand of Government unitedly so that we do not have to repent in near future.


Nyade Nomuk

F-Sector, Naharlagun.



Give chance to poor students too

Dear Editor,

The high rate of tuition/coaching fee in the twin capital city is matter of concern. No doubt they teach well, make man but  what they do not  like to see whether the student  is from poor family or  what is the economic condition of their parents?  This in fact deprives many poor of getting quality education. Those who have money, they learn good but those who don’t are left behind.

The extra coaching plays a vital role in today’s student life especially at the time of various entrance exams.  Many who don’t take extra coaching are the worst sufferers during this time. Good students are   in need of extra coaching from teacher. But most of them are unable to afford this facility. The rate charged by various private teachers in the capital city for coaching is illogical. If one compares the rate in Itanagar/Naharlagun to any other part of the state  he will find a huge differences.

Here neither the rate satisfies the period of classes  taken and in some pockets nor does it satisfy the teaching quality. And to our surprise if we roughly calculate the earning of these teachers per month it is almost comparable to that of MLAs n MPs. The Coaching classes have become a business in the town. I am  writing this not for mocking the teaching community but simply to make them help the student find their place in life. Let the poor to join your extra coachings.  And no doubt I respect the teachers for the noble job.


A concernd student



The page and the writer

Dear Editor,

As a daily esteemed reader of your daily and being a concern citizen of the state and the country, I would like to express my utter feelings through your daily.

Whenever my busy eyes start the journey through the pages of your daily, it get stuck in the fourth page i.e..’The Readers Forum’. The recent PDS scam and PRC issue covering majority of this page, kind of give rhythmic tune to Readers Forum Column. There are other issues like the appeal for the renovations of the pathetic road conditions of the state capital giving melodically sounds to the sad music.

But there is a very big silence, as we don’t know  whether the listeners (Out state Government) is hearing the soul full musical appeal or not. I wonder whether they  hear the cries and hues that are very deeply immersed in the writings of the ‘WE’ (The public) in your Reader’s Forum page. Why don’t they use the only media which is quite popular within the state ‘The Print Media’ to address the solution by replying promptly to the issue immediately, so that we the public can get fair idea whether government is serious about the problems highlighted by us.

Oh! I was lost into the world of gloomy scenes forgetting the brighter part of the page which makes me feel pride. The sensational Young Boy Toko Teji making it into the finals of India’s got talent khoj -2. Let’s give our love and support to our  young star to fulfill his dream run and make him a worthy winner. His victory will become a guide book for the bulk of talents hidden in our very own state.

Hope my words reaches to all the concern through your esteemed daily bringing a fruitful result  and thus bringing  smiles on the face of every one.


Gomi Maro




It is a testing time for all of us

Dear Editor,

We, the people of Arunachal Pradesh are being blessed with such a great place inhabitant by different and numerous community in a very harmonious and peaceful manner, since time immemorial. Though we belong to different community we are binding with a common thread of oneness.  We should not be tired in ensuring this peaceful co-existence remain intact in our state and be a responsible citizen.

The on-going crisis and deadlock in the state owing to the arrest of former Chief Minister Gegong Apang is one of the most unfortunate happenings that ever happens in the state.

The matter relating to the arrest of Gegong Apang is still subjudice. It is not us to decide whether he is guilty or not. The law will take its own course to determine and adjudicate the matter.

In this tough time the most essential thing among the community of the state is to remain calm and maintain the time honoured peace and tranquility. It is a testing time to all of us. Let us ensure the judiciary work freely in order to protect the interest of all the communities in the state. Let us remember that taking up violence is not a solution to this problem. Moreover it will destroy the very fact that we are well cultured people. Finally let there be peaceful co-existence among all the community in the state.


Thutan Nima

President, Arunachal Capital Student’s Unon of Monpa’s

Jambey Tsering




Arrest all the accused in PDS scam

Dear Editor,

I am thankful to SIC for their novel job in finding out  all those accused in PDS scam but on the other side there is question mark in the mind of every citizen that why all the accused were not arrested yet. It is intriguing to know that out of 96 named listed not a single except former CM Gegong Apang and SP Bhutia have been arrested or arrested persons other than Apang and Bhutia were given immediate released. Therefore I request SIC to arrest all the accused and punished them. For law should be equal for all.

Today looking towards the present scenario of our state I feel ashamed to say myself as Arunachalee. Our leaders had already given up to think about the development of state rather they were busy in corruption. They are killing poor common people for their selfish desire. Here I would like to urge APPSU and all other student unoins to raise voice against the burning issue, so that that our unoin will not remain only for conducting bandh or dharna. I also request state government to handover multi-crore PDSscam case to CBI for fair probe.

Let come all together and do something good for the betterment of tomorrow.


A Citizen of Arunachal



Gorkha and its contemporary Identity

Dear Editor,

It is understood that the comment about PRC by Tongam Rina in ‘Ringside view,’ published in The Arunachal Times dated September 15, is based on Right to Job and Education to all concerned citizens. I have solemn support on Government’s categorical grant of PRC to non APST as well as respect to the right to culture, live and economy that are catered to Fundamental Right of indigenous people.

Government must pomp in so that indigenous people can enjoy all rights guaranteed by the Constitution as law states Arunachal Pradesh as restricted area giving some protected rights to indigenous people for their safety of rights.

I perceive your idea that what you would like to say therein your comment. I regret to agree with you regarding influx of illegal migrant from Nepal. According to Indian census, of the total population of Gorkhas (Nepali community residing in India ) is not increasing in its multiple way. Actual population of Gorkha in India is more than 1.50 crore.

All Gorkha Student Union then AANSU, appealed in memorandum to Cetre to seal Indo-Nepal border for the Indigenous Gorkhas right. The government has put a deaf ear to the appeal. We too never tolerate illegal migrants from wherever they are. However Gorkhas can not be Nepali (Nationality of Nepal) in India as per accord signed by tripartite GLNF Chief Subhas Ghising, Central government, and West Bengal government in 1982. So migrants from Nepal seem incredible in future also. I have heartiest support on your view point as well as request you not to raise the issue of Nepal regarding illegal migrant to undermine identity of Gorkhas. The aspiration of whole Gorkhas is not within the political arena but for social fabrication of entire communities and development. A wrong notion about Gorkhas is being remorse to be Nepali. History of India witnesses civilization of Gorkha started since 8th century from Rajasthan before creation of the Nation (Nepal). Do not let genuine Indian Gorkhas to be pawn of Political propaganda.


Man Br Limbu.


Dist Udalguri (Assam)




Dear Editor,

This is apropos the news item published on 22nd Sept 2010 under the caption ‘PR leaders demand action on MDM’.

That the children fell ill after consuming MDM at Govt. Middle School Nampong is of Namsai sub division, Lohit District and not Changlang District. The misunderstanding spread among all about Govt. Town Middle School Nampong of Changlang Dist. There is no incidence of children falling sick after consuming MDM at this School. The MDM is prepared under the supervision of teachers and it is always prepared in hygienic way. Along with students the teachers also eat cooked MDM. The MDM items are purchased directly from the FPS, Nampong and not by any suppliers. The teachers ensure good quality food articles. So all are requested not to misunderstand about the management and care regarding the MDM served in Govt. town Middle School Nampong of Changlang Dist.


Michael O.J


Govt. Town Middle School Nampong

Changlang Dist.



Development hould not make us homeless

Dear Editor,

I welcome the upcoming Arunachal Trans-Highway road construction in our locality in particular and state as a whole.  It will definitely bring immense economic development in our area.

On the other hand this construction of trans-highway will make many people or family landless because most of our people do not have alternative land to settle down. Govt should keep in mind that local people don’t become homeless in the name of the development.

Therefore,  I request the  department concerned and state Government as a whole  to compensate to the effected landowner with adequate compensation and disclose the rate of land fixation.


Tana Gumsh

Midpu, Doimukh

Tana Gumsh



An open appeal to Bosiram Siram

Dear Editor,

Your inborn leadership qualities, your selfless good deeds for the suffering of other people since your childhood are known to every Adi. You’re a true public leader which every younger generation idolized, a true democrat endowed with a benevolent image touching many lives. Every Adi in particular and Arunachalee as general sees you as a legend, this era’s visionary Dr. Daying Ering. Your inborn quality as a political leader is endowed with a vibrant growth which is a rare in Adi belt, you are the true and ideal public leader that Arunachal as a whole and particularly Adi have produced. Please do not get yourself involved and mingled with such demons that would tarnished your image because they’re going to sacrifice the lands and live of thousands of people of your area for the cause of filling their own pockets.

We expect nothing from other selfish and greedy Adi leaders whom we even feel shame to give the designation of a Public leader but our expectations lean on you that you’ll feel the lamentations of thousands who are going to be affected by this mega dam. Dam is not a mandatory to develop Arunachal. With the coming of the Dam only few will be accommodated in the Jobs? On the other hand how long can we manage with the meager amount as compensation Rs.175000/-? How could one sell his birth right in such a meek amount? We need our land. The amount is the compensation of the land but what about the price of our lives? With the coming of the dam the scenario of the place will be completely change, especially our age old cultures and our Ancestral pristine land will be lost. Hence, I sense this mega dam not as a major project of development but preparations of “an abattoir for the Adi Holocaust.”

We urge and expect that from today onwards you’ll carry forward our grievances and fight like a brave soldier to save our Adi People, and our Adi Land.  With our utmost reverences we plea “Please captain this mourning team; because it is the hour we need a pathfinder to find a way out as our land is under eclipse.” We Adis are not protesting against the Government but raising our voice as a right to survive on this ancestral pristine land. Sir! Do we need to tell you the causes and affects because your superior justifying eyes are beholding the scenario? Do we have to explain to you for you are son of the soil and seeing this visible story with your naked eyes? Save Adi People! Save Adi land! What a state profits if its own native people are made to become homeless wanderers? Dam as a development might earn billion dollars but on the other hand it will also earn curse which no pilgrimage could atone because it will be constructed on the people’s tears which are sure to create a lingering painful memory as the history goes on.


Karunath Pazing





Govt suffering from economic myopia

Dear Editor,

Arunachal Pradesh has been rated as poorest of the poor as per Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) reports in terms of fund utilization, since she attained statehood. No matter how our Government had realized so far, but is still unable to overcome state of being bankruptcy. Still we are heading towards miserable and gloomy atmosphere as our government is suffering from economic myopia since its inception. Being myopic, our government is unable to check and foresight the consequences of states fiscal policies due to lack of visual acuity. Internal revenue and central funds are never a problem but mishandling, corruption, improper and premature utilization of allocated money is the prime cause behind the backwardness.

Apart from multi crore PDS scam, recent exposure of another CAG report regarding unauthorized retention of upfront money paid against the allotted project by myriad of private parties and PSUs, resulted another huge loss amounting Rs. 3.12 crore was quite shocking and annoying. As per report state government had received Rs 578.57 crore from twelve private developers including NHPC Ltd., Rs. 95.77 crore from two developers namely Athena Energy Venture Pvt. Ltd. and Velcon energy ltd., Rs 258.00 crore were received from ten other developers initially. If the laid down rules of GFRs and CPWD code, cheque and demand draft (DDs) received in government from any source are to be deposited immediately with the state exchequer, then how comes a government employee can retained crores of money received in current account and thereafter kept funds in short-term deposits resulting a gross loss of 3.12 crore?

Is there any authority like state vigilance commission to check such mishandling the government money and take appropriate action on responsible officials?


Taw Teri







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Social Service

ITANAGAR, Sept 28: Heavy  rain has caused  damaged Nyorch village and  washed way Yupia road at various locations.

However, Borum Panchayat Youth Welfare Association has conducted social service at Nyorch village and Yupia road and cleared the debris temporarily.  On the occasion, the association hired a JCB for the purpose and appreciated NF Railway Company for contribution of two tippers during the social service.

The association further informed that fishing, hunting, timber operation, Jhum cultivation and collection of any natural resources from Borum Panchayat areas has been prohibited. The violator of this prohibitory order will be imposed fine, it added.


Teachers demanded

ITANAGAR, Sept 28: Kamrung Panchayat Youth Welfare Association under Mengio circle of Papum Pare district has urged authority to immediately post subject teachers in government middle school, old Mengio. Association informed that students are facing lot of problems due to shortage of teachers.


Committee appeal for Anganwadi centre

ITANAGAR, Sept 28: Senki Valley Colony Welfare Committee has requested concern authority to create separate Anganwadi centre for their area keeping in mind the growing population and interest of common people.


Activate BSNL tower, demands BADC

ITANAGAR, Sept 28: Bana Area Development Committee (BADC) has drawn the attention of BSNL authorities towards non-functioning of mobile tower in the area. According to the committee construction of BSNL tower at Yangsey village under Bana area was completed way back in October 2009 but till date it is not functioning. Despite repeated complain nothing has been done to complete the remaining work of installation, committee added. Stating that interior places like Bana need mobile service for better communication, committee has urged BSNL authorities to take urgent steps for early functioning of the said tower.  


Healing crusade

ITANAGAR, Sept 28: Pentecostal Christian Fellowship Church is organizing healing and deliverance crusade at Nirjuly near Dikrong Bridge from October 13-17.


World Tourism Day celebrated

ITANAGAR, Sept 28: Department of travel and tourism management (TTM) and hotel management and catering technology (HMCT) of Rajiv Gandhi government polytechnic, Itanagar in collaboration with directorate of tourism, government of Arunachal Pradesh celebrated world tourism day on 27th of this month. Director tourism, A.K Singh delivered the opening remarks during the day. Literary activities like quiz, debate and essay competition was organized during the day.


Capital Bandh called

ITANAGAR:  The  Arunachal Indigenous People’s Union, Arunachal Volunteer Youth Federation and Arunachal Youth Association  have jointly  called 24-hr Capital bandh on October Four demanding immediate resignation of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu for his alleged involvement in multiple corruption, mis-rule. The organisation also threatened to launch its second and third phase of bandhs which will be of 36-hr capital bandh and 48-hr state wide bandh respectively if the first phase of bandh call does not yield any result.

Press, Milk van, Fire brigade, medical hospitals, ambulance, pharmacies have been exempted from purview of the bandh.


Sange, Kaye nominated

ITANAGAR: The Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs, food and public distribution has nominated Nima Sange and Karto Kaye as members of the Consultative Committee of the Food Corporation of India for the state of Arunachal Pradesh recently for a period of two years.


Water supply affected

ITANAGAR: The entire twin township will be getting affected as the water supply line of Nahalagun, Nirjuly and Itanagar have been damaged by land slide and flash flood triggered by the  heavy rain since last night.

However, man and machinery has been deployed for early restoration which may take one or two week’s time for complete restoration.

The EE, PHE and WS Division, Itanagar assuring to provide water tanker service appealed the residents of capital town to bear with the department for inconvenience being caused by the natural calamities.


Blood donation Day

ITANAGAR: General Hospital, Naharlagun in collaboration with Arunachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society (APSACS) is observing Voluntary Blood Donation Day on  Oct 1. As a part of  the programme a voluntary blood donation camp is being organized at the Blood Bank,  General Hospital, Naharlagun.


AAPSU says no PRC to Non-APST

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Sept 28: As student communities of state under the banner of All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) took out their protest rally from Akashdeep market to Chief Minister’s bungalow today, the entire tribal people of Arunachal were silently praying in every nook and corner of state for this young brigade to achieve their aim of registering strong protest against state government’s decision to issue PRC to non-APSTs in Lohit and Changlang districts. The rally witness  large turnout of students, civil societies and even ordinary citizens.

When rally reached near state civil secretariat the symbol of Indian democracy, all of a suddenly it started raining heavily. Perhaps may be even mother Arunachal is not happy with decision to grant PRC to non-APSTs which will affect life of the son and daughter of the soil. Despite heavy rainfall, rally went ahead and finally culminated at CM Bungalow.

Holding banners, placards and shouting slogans students expressed their displeasure over issuing of PRC to non-APSTs. There was heavy presence of state police and paramilitary forces near CM Bungalow. The angry students tried to damage government vehicles and it needed intervention of AAPSU President Takam Tatung to control possible mob attack.  “Participation of large number of students and their expression of anger displays that majority of Arunachalees are against this order of issuing PRC to non-APSTs. Even after knowing this sentiment of Arunachalees, if government decided to go ahead with its decision, then they are asking for big trouble,” stated AAPSU President Takam Tatung. He further added that whoever supports decision of government on PRC issue should surrender their APST status and leave the Arunachal immediately.

Agitating students submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, which was received by Vishal Nabam, advisor to chief minister. AAPSU has called for nothing less than scrapping of this decision to issue PRC to non-APSTs in Lohit and Changlang in its memorandum.

Meanwhile, indigenous tribal people of Lohit district also took out large procession at Tezu town in protest against Government order to issue PRC to Non-APSTs. Around one thousand people from different tribe cutting across political allegiance and professions started their procession from Tezu air field passing through heart of the town. Rally ended near the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Tezu. The representative of All Mishmi Students Union and All Tai Khampti Singpho Students Union submitted their representation to government of Arunachal Pradesh through the Deputy Commissioner.  The angry mob shouted slogans asking the Government to revoke the order which will enable Non-APSTs to get PRC in Lohit District.  People present during the rally resolved to come out with stronger democratic movements including bandh, gherao, boycott etc, if irresponsible order is not revoked at the earliest by the state government.


Governor calls for special emphasis on border area development

ITANAGAR, Sept  28: Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh called upon the   North Eastern Council to lay special emphasis on the development of border areas and supplement the resources of Border Area Development Programme (BADP) in Arunachal Pradesh. Pleading the council to ear-mark a particular portion of funds, he  said, this is all the more important for states where the International Borders are sensitive.

Participating in the 59th Plenary of NEC at New Delhi today, Governor Gen Singh  also called for distribution of North Eastern Council (NEC) resources amongst the member states based on three parameters - the area of the state, the population of the state and the backwardness index of the state. Equal weightage may be given to each of these three criteria while determining distribution, he said.

The border areas the North East are at the nadir of development, the Governor said, adding that North-East as a whole is lagging behind the rest of the country where development parameters are concerned.

Emphasising on the need for Trans-State grid, the Governor said State Government is taking several steps to exploit huge huge hydro power potential of the state. However to ensure that this potential is realized optimally, he said it is necessary to have a robust Transmission and Distribution network in place well in time. It is unfortunate that there is no backbone for power transmission in the State existing in the form of a high voltage Trans-State grid. On one hand, this makes the distribution system unstable, while on the other, it leads to high transmission losses, he said.

Requesting the council to consider financing the project segment-wise and in a phased manned over a period of three years, Gen Singh said, the proposal for Trans-Arunachal grid has been submitted to the Planning Commission of India also for consideration but no sanction or approval has yet been obtained. Having taken up the mentorship in promotion of tourism in the State, Gen Singh called for sanction by the NEC on priority for renovation and up-gradation of existing forest guest houses in the State at seventeen locations at an approximate cost of Rs 3.00 crores. Most of these guest houses are located at breathtakingly beautiful locations but are being under-utilized due to lack  of  maintenance  over  several  years, he added.

Putting his remark on the setting up of National Institute of Mountaineering cum Adventure Sports at Dirang in West Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh, Gen Singh, said it is a project of national importance and we do not yet have any National Institute in Arunachal Pradesh. He requested the council not to disown this project at this stage and to allocate sufficient funds for financing this institute in case the same is not possible through defence channels.

Dwelling in length on need for road communication, Governor said, in our efforts of improving connectivity, road connectivity should get the highest priority. Now we must seriously consider building the Pangsau-Shingbwiyang stretch on the lines of the Tamu-Kaleywa Indo-Myanmar Friendship Road. As in the case of latter, we could develop the proposed portion of the Stilwell Road through Border Roads Organization. The length of this stretch is only about 150 km and this will greatly boost India’s trade and commerce aspects with South-East Asia. For this, NEC has to take up a strong case with the Ministry of Home and External Affairs to open this road and re-construct this left-out portion. It will be a crowning achievement for the Council if it is able to fund this important stretch and thus provide a very strong thrust to our Look East initiatives.

However, Gen Singh expressed his happiness that the Ministry of DoNER is laying considerable emphasis on the Look East Policy for the development of North-Eastern region. He also thanked the Council for sanctioning the Tezu Airport project last year. This will considerably enhance connectivity in the eastern part of the State, he pointed. PRO to Governor.


NMMA launched in Arunachal

ITANAGAR, Sept 28: Along the with the rest of the country National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities (NMMA) under the aegis of Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi has been launched  in Arunachal Pradesh recently.    The mission  is mainly for documentation of historical and archaeological built monuments on or before 1950 and antiquities as defined in the Antiquities and Art Treasure Act 1972.  Tage Tada, Director of Research, Arunachal Pradesh Govt has been appointed as Arunachal Pradesh state project coordinator (SPC) by the Centre to conduct NMMA activities.

Meanwhile, Tada appealed the concerned institutions, individuals and NGOs to extent cooperation to make the mission a great success in Arunachal Pradesh.


Agriculture Commissioner inspected schemes implementation

Ziro, Sept 28:  The Commissioner to Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh for agriculture, Horticulture and Fisheries, Dr. S.S Bedi, accompanied by  Yachuli MLA Likha Saaya, and Deputy Director Horticulture, Narang Tani, assessed proper implementation of schemes of Lower Subansiri District on Sept 24 and 25  last.  

She also made a field visit to  harvesting of Fish cum Paddy culture,  Kiwi Garden, Large Cardamom Garden, Peach, Pomogranate, Fish Pond, Ginger Garden in the district. She expressed her satisfaction on the overall performance of the farmers and encouraged the farmers for quality and higher commercial production. After an informal interaction with the farmers of the district she directed the departmental officers to prepare scheme for maintenance of old orchards at Ziro.

While discussing with DAO,DHO and DFDO, she advised  them to keep up the performance record of progressive farmers as part of  inventory and prepare such authentic statistical data which could be a logistic support for the proper planning and implementation of schemes and  wished to see   Lower Subansiri  as  Model Horticulture District in the State.

Yachuli MLA cum Chairman APEDA, Likha Saaya, accompanying the commissioner at a public gathering  exhorted the Department of Agriculture, Horticulture and Fisheries to bring about  self sufficiency in the district in agriculture and allied sector. The undulating terrain, waste  and barren land of Arunachal Pradesh can be very useful and utilized for Horticulture activities  to make it a Horticulture State in North East and India as Whole, and advised the department to properly guide the villagers. DIPRO


Catch the momentum  and fight for own rights

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Sept 28: “Our state government is like father for every Arunachalee citizen,  but why are they taking decision against their own people  by granting PRC to non-APSTs,” asked one young college student while attending the protest rally organized by All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) today.  Sense of frustration and anger were palpable in the face of every student taking part in the rally. All of them want to know why our own leaders could take decision against the interest of indigenous people.  

“We are not against any particular ministers or leaders of Arunachal. We are just angry with this order of issuing PRC to non-APSTs and expressing our anger. In fact our leaders should become a medium and convey our anger to central government,” said another student. The best part about rally was that students from every tribe and every district joined together to fire tirade against state government’s decision to grant PRC to non-APSTs. “It is not about the interest of Nyishi, Adi, Tagin, Khampti, Galo or Monpa, it is about the rights of tribal’s of Arunachal. Already our culture is dying natural death due to wrong policy of central government. And now with this order, we have to share our land with non-APSTs,” says a young student who belongs to Kurung Kumey district.  He further added, “I believe this order of issuing PRC to non-APSTs is beginning of the end of the era of tribal dominance in Arunachal.”  

Emotion ran high during the rally with some boy’s trying to damage government vehicles to vent their anger and frustrations. “Already we are facing so much of trouble in our daily day to day life and to add salt to injury government wants to grant PRC to non-APSTs. Young people like me are very angry and frustrated. The future of this state looks so dark,” shared a young girl. This is not the fight between Arunachalee Vs non-APST, it is basically a fight to safeguard rights of local tribal. “We had lived peacefully with non-APST people since ages. We have nothing against them. We are only fighting to defend our rights, so that coming generation Arunachalees do not become minority in their own land,” expressed another youth.

This fight against government order to grant PRC to non-APST has united Arunachalees like never before. Hopefully we can translate this positive momentum and use it to fight against every decision which can harm the interest of the tribals of Arunachal. We should not let central government use Arunachal as buffer zone against China. Since independence when NEFA became part of Indian union, we have been loyal to central government. As a gift for our loyalty, the Centre brought in Hindi into Arunachal and almost succeeded in killing the local dialects. Now with hydropower projects, they are planning to push hundred of mainland Indian workers into Arunachal to counter Chinese claim. Taking advantage of the innocence of tribal people, Indian government always implements policy suited to them. Couple of people sitting in an air-conditioned building somewhere in South-block, New Delhi, frames policy for Arunachal without understanding the ground reality. Arunachalee need to stand up and fight for their own rights.


17 more tested Hepatitis-B positive

ITANAGAR, Sept 28: 17 more were tested with hepatitis-B positive out of 419 tested carried out on students at the concluding day of three days School health program being organized by district health society, Seppa. The three-day campaign ended yesterday.

The doctors conducting the program had directed all the hepatitis-B positive students to get treatment at the earliest while those tested negatives too were asked to get vaccine as preventive measures.

The doctors were also of the opinion that as the numbers of hepatitis-B positive persons in the district are found to be very alarming and the matter is about the public problem for future, the health department should take preventive measure to contain the further spread of the killer disease in the district. Dr.K Shoping one of the doctors present requested for immediate intervention of the government to prevent the further spread of the disease in the district.  DIPRO


Estimate committee at Tawang

ITANAGAR, Sept 28: The Estimate Committee of state Legislative Assembly headed by Dr. Tangor Tapak, MLA, is visiting Tawang for spot verification of various schemes under taken by department of social welfare, women and child development, education, health and family welfare.  

On the first day of the visit the committee along with the concerned department heads visited Namet, Shyo and Kremethang Middle School and Anganwadi centres there. They have also visited the district hospital yesterday.

During the second day they went to Bumla, Shungatser Lake and T.Gonpa and visited the two primary schools there. Committee also paid visit to historic Tawang Monastery. Tawang tour will end tomorrow with visit to war memorial and then to Lhou Primary Health Centre.  The other committee members include Alo Libang, Tapuk Taku, and Yumsem Matey. DIPRO


Social worker passes away

PASIGHAT, Sept 28: Renowned social worker Tanung Mize expired today at Dibrugarh (Assam).  

Late Mize was 70. He is survived by his wife Omem Mize, two sons and two daughters.  Born at Boleng, later he had  settled at Yapggo village, Pasighat. Late Mize started his life as VFA, later joined politics and contested assembly election during 1984 from the then Pangin-Yingkiong constituency. He was also an active ABK member. His body has been brought to Pasighat this evening.People of nearby areas, relatives, well wishers thronged his native place to pay last respect.

Meanwhile, the Education Minister Bosiram Siram expressed deep shock over the death of Late Mize.   Recalling his days with Mize, Siram said I  used to  take suggestion from Mize as resource person. He  death is a irreparable loss to the society, he said.

The DC Onit Panyang, DCC President T. Padung, the BCC President Tobuk Dai, DYC President Okom Tamuk and ZPM (Bogong) Okom Yosung and Pasighat DIPRO also expressed deep shock over the death of  Late Mize.

They conveyed deep sense of condolence to bereaved family and prayed  to Almighty  for eternal peace of the departed soul.


Workshop on rural technologies ends with a call for sustainable economic development

ITANGAR, Sept 28: Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI), Durgapur and Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology (IHBT), Palampur, organised a two-day Demonstration programme and workshop on Rural Technologies for the farmers, NGO’s and Entrepreneurs of the state on Sept 18 and 19 at Oyan,  East Siang district. The programme was conducted in collaboration with Tribal Development Foundation (TDF), Itanagar which is working towards sustainable development of the tribal community.

In her inaugural address, Ms Yadap Apang stressed on development of the rural sector of Arunachal Pradesh through joint effort. She opined that the poverty needs to be eradicated and rural people should take appropriate steps in this direction.  Large number of farmers, social workers, entrepreneurs and NGOs attended the workshop.

Prof S N Shome, Scientist, CMERI, welcomed all the participants and spoke on the activities of CSIR for the rural mass of the country through its flagship CSIR-800 mission, an endeavour towards providing a better life to 800 million people of the country. He said our basic needs  -- food, home, health and education can only be fulfilled if the rural people can fetch sufficient money through appropriate utilization of technologies.

Informing that CMERI has been working for the last few years for providing proper technological solutions for preservation and processing the agro produce, he said CSIR-CMERI has established two Centres for Post Harvest Technology, one each at Aizwal, Mizoram and in  Arunachal Pradesh.

Dr. Virendra Singh, Scientist, IHBT presented the activities of the laboratory with special emphasis on rural technologies developed suitable for hilly regions like Arunachal Pradesh. The potential of the India’s Himalayan region for producing various aromatic, medicinal and dye plants were vividly described by Dr Singh.

Dr.G.T.Paratkar director, Centre for Advanced Research and Training in Biosciences Mumbai, in his invited talk mentioned the important Medicinal and Aromatic plants growing in various districts of Arunachal Pradesh.

Dr. P.K. Chatterjee, Scientist, CMERI and leader of the projects of North East India, explained the operation and benefits of the post harvest technologies especially the ginger & turmeric processing units.

Imtiaz Asif, a social worker and representative of TDF, clarified all the queries raised during question answer session.

The two-day workshop was concluded, with a note that for sustainable economic development of the tribal communities, active participation and cooperation of scientific community, farmers, entrepreneurs and NGOs are extremely important.  


AKKDSU to go ahead with bandh call

ITANAGAR, Sept 28: All Kurung Kumey District Students’ Union while reiterating its demand for reintroduction of Air dropping of PDS items in the district has said that it would continue with its 12-hour district bandh call on October 4 next which was differed from earlier scheduled on September 29 due to some reasons. The decision was taken yesterday in a meeting held at Hotel Arun Subansiri, which was also attended by the representatives of AAPSU, ANSU, ALSU, ATASU, NSPSU, KDPPSSU, ACYOTSU along with college, university and other students from various institutions.

During the meeting, members discussed seriously on the issues and resolved to fight against the govt for its demand. AKKDSU, president, Marbam Tagar said that as result of introduction of head load carriage system of PDS items in Kurung Kumey district, the essential commodities are not reaching to the people till date causing foods scarcity in the area.

He further said that after through studies on head load carriage system issue, it was clear that the carrying charge required in head load system was double to that of Air dropping. Now why the state govt is not fulfilling our demands, he questioned, adding the entire general public including PRI leader, bureaucrats, technocrats, senior citizens, business community and NOG's of district have extended their supports for Union’s genuine demand, said a release.

Meanwhile, All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) Kurung Kumey district unit has supported proposed bandh call on 4th October by All Kurung Kumey District Students Union demanding air dropping of PDS items in the district.


Special Publicity  prog  on Panchayati Raj for Rural Prosperity

ITANAGAR, Sept 28: The Field Publicity Officer, DFP, Tezu in coordination with district Administration and Nehru  Yuva Kendra, Lohit district organized special publicity programme  at Tezu on Sept 22 last.

The programme was conducted in response to the clarion call of union Ministry of Panchayati  Raj and Country- wide drive on awareness generation on Panchayati Raj.

Addressing the huge  gathering on the occasion, H.N. Dubey, EAC and an expert explained elaborately about the efforts of the district administration at rural development and transforming rural governance through Panchayati Raj. He termed Panchayati Raj as medium to transform rural India.  Dubey also touched on agenda for rural development, challenges ahead, holistic vision of rural development, role of youths in Panchayati Raj institution .

The programme include question and answer session, cultural presentations by various  groups of NYK from different states, utilization of printed Publicity  materials and drawing the Art competition . Earlier T. Kar, FPO explained about the aims and objectives of the meeting. The FPO also put-up exhibition on ‘RURAL DEVELOPMENT’ at DFP hall, Tezu . DIPRO


Skill development training

ITANAGAR, Sept 28: National Youth Project (NYP) of Arunachal Pradesh launched NABARD sponsored 36 days skill development training programme on handloom for 25 unemployed youths of the Bordumsa under Changlang district on 27th September.  The programme was formally inaugurated by S.S. Roy, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Bordumsa.

In his opening remark, ADC Roy assured to extend all possible help to the trainees and other logistic supports. He also appealed to the youth to grab the opportunity with both hands that is being provided to them by these agencies like NYP in their doorstep. He also urged the unemployed women to utilize the SDP properly for the development of the society.

Anil Burman, NYP Coordinator of Namsai Sub-Division said the plan of NYP for the village was for over all development. He also informed the gathering about the future plans and programmes that is to be undertaken by the NYP especially for the benefits of the people of this village in particular. He made presentation about the project which has already being done in the village.


Arunachal to host NE zone  Boxing Championship

ITANAGAR, Sept 28: Arunachal Pradesh will host the 5th NE Zone Boxing championship at Rupa, West Kameng district from October 27-31 next.

Beside the seven NE States teams from Assam Regimental Training Centre, Shillong, Assam Rifle Centre, Shillong, 3/11 Brigade team of 5th Mt. Div. will be participating in the championship.

Indian Boxing Federation president Abhay Chautala, secretary general Col PK Muralidaran Raja are expected to arrive at Rupa for the 5-day event.

GHSS Aalo win Champions Trophy (with foto from DIPRO Aalo eleng nangkar)

AALO, Sep 28: Govt. Higher Secondary School, Aalo defeated Bogdo Sports Club 3-2 in a thrilling final to lift the Champions Trophy Football Tournament here yesterday.

Moge Lollen and Karmar Rike scored two and one goal respectively for the winning team.

The final match was witnessed among others by former minister Doi Ado, deputy commissioner Amjad Tok, SP, ADC and West Siang ZP chairperson.

The winning team was given cash prizes of Rs 50,000 along with trophy. Individual prizes were also given to the Best Player, Best Goalkeeper and Highest Scorer of the tournament.

The tournament was sponsored by family members of Tumke Bagra and conducted by West Siang District Sports Association.


AEKSU submits memo to CM

ITANAGAR, Sept 28: Civil Aviation Minister Atum Welly has allegedly diverted fund meant for infrastructure development of Seppa Helipad. This was informed  by All East Kameng Students’ Union (AEKSU) in its memorandum submitted to Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu.

"According to information availed through RTI, the State Government had finalized 110.00 Lakh under SPA 2010-11 for infrastructure development of Seppa helipad. But the Minister has diverted the scheme to other place for reason best known to him," the memorandum informed the CM. While criticizing the Civil Aviation department for not taking any initiative for infrastructural development of the helipad despite repeated pleas, the memorandum demanded the CM for providing basic facilities like security checking room, rest room for passengers, pilot shed, toilet, bathroom and other necessary furniture at the helipad.

It also demanded for increasing the monthly APL rice quota to East Kameng district to meet the requirement.

Presently 2300 quintals of rice is being allotted to the district against 1724 APL card holders with each card holder getting only 9 kg of rice a month. Further, out of the total allotment a total of 650 quintals of rice is required for school hostels, police force, BRTF personnel and emergency stock. As such, the rice left for distribution to card holder is only 1650 quintals, the memorandum explained. It demanded the CM to increase the quota of allotment from 2300 quintals to at least 4500 quintals a month considering ever growing population.


Rectify MoU, says ATYO

ITANAGAR, Sept 28: All Tagin Youth Organisation has  appealed the State Govt and M/s KSK Energy Venture Ltd to review and rectify the MoU signed on March 18, 2010 for execution of  2000 MW Subansiri Hydro Electrical project.

The organization   in a release today said  the MoU was signed without the knowledge of the   affected people  and elected leaders of the project area and  it did not reflect the aspiration of the  people.

It further demanded inclusion of certain development prospects in the MoU  such as  provision of job reservation of affected area and Upper Subansiri district, establishment of central school in project affected area,  community  health centre at Rading village near project site, inclusion of more than 50 villages in MOU which are likely to be affected by construction of project.


9th Odam Ering Memorial Football Tournament begins

RSB defeat Lendum 4-1 in opener

PASIGHAT, Sept 28: Rengging Sports Club defeated Ledum team 4-1 in the opening match of the 9th Odam Ering Memorial Football Tournament (OEMFT) which began at general ground here today.

Er. Tapi Darang, EE PWD and O. Pertin, DIPRO attended the inaugural function as chief guest and guest of honour respectively. The duo stressed on discipline and physical fitness to become a good player. They appreciated Gunnya Karbak, DSO (Sports)-cum- Technical Chairman, DFA president Oshong Tanyo and Secretary Tajing Taki for organizing the tournament. Among others, senior citizens Obyak Ering, Tani Ering, Tabi Jerang, Oyin Moyong and Tobuk Dai were also present and witnessed the match.

Altogether 16 teams are participating in tournament. The winner and runners up teams will be given Rs. 60,000 and Rs 30,000 respectively. Individual prizes will also be given to best player, highest scorer and best goalkeeper.

The final match will be played on October 13 next.

The tournament is conducted annually in memory of Lt. Odam Ering, wife of Lt. Dr. Dying Ering and mother of present Member of Parliament Ninong Ering. DIPRO.


MLA calls for united effort for development

BOMDILA, Sept 28: MLA Kumsi Sidisow, on the eighth day of his ten days tour, inspected under construction ADC office at Singchung, Bugun Multipurpose  Cultural Centre, Bugun Cultural Society’s Inspection Bungalow, Indoor Stadium.

Later addressing the Singchung public and  Govt officials   the MLA appealed all to forget political differences and work together. He said he is ready to listen any problem irrespective of political allegiance.

While responding to a memorandum, he accorded sanction for construction Market Shed in main road side with an estimated cost of Rs.3 lakh for the benefit of  agriculture and horticulture farmers.

Regarding the problems being faced by various schools, the MLA said the problems would be looked into under under RTE.  He also assured to look into other grievances mentioned in the memorandum.

He further informed that PMGSY road under Singchung Circle from Dahung to Magopam village 15KM 1st phase work has been  completed.  The process of black topping of the road start next year, he assured.

The Deputy Commissioner, R.Tashi also spoke on the occasion. He said Singchung people are lucky to have Eagleness sanctuary where foreign tourist visits.  He further said as a good citizen especially youths should behave politely while welcoming the tourists so that tourists revisit the region. DC also requested the villagers to continue agriculture and horticulture farming with modern technique. DIPRO


Manipur students come out in support of Toko Teji

IMPHAL, Sept 28: All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) has appealed to the people of Manipur to  extend support to Toko Teji of Arunachal Pradesh,  a finalist  in “India’s Got Talent, Khoj 2" aired on Colors TV channel.

Speaking to mediapersons today at the office of AMSU, HRD secretary Dipanjit said that the people of Manipur should join hands to vote for Toko Teji   to make him winner in the final competition scheduled on October 1.

The support and cooperation from every person of the north-east is needed to make the “little star” shine brilliantly in the whole nation, he stated.

Dipanjit requested the people to send as many SMSs by typing “TT” and sending it to “56882”.


ACF supports demand of Yobins

ITANAGAR, Sept 28: Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) has extended its support to the Yobins’ demand for ST status.

Pointing out the recently concluded symposium on the status of Yobins at state capital,  ACF in a letter to the  Chief Minister today said there is great indignation among all the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh since the legitimate demands of one of our tribes are not met.

Informing that the elected representatives (MLAs) from that area also had made a united appeal to the Prime Minister of India in January 2008 to resolve this matter in favour of the Yobins, the Forum further said it may be administrative issues for the Govt; but for the Yobins it is matter of life and death.

Land for burial ground sought

Meanwhile, ACF appealed the Chief Minister to allot land for burial ground for Christian community in the Capital region.

The community is finding it difficult to bury the dead and follow the required rituals as there is no common land for cemetery in the Capital Complex starting from Banderdewa to Itangar, the Forum said. “ Graves along the road side of capital due to absence of  cemetery is not only unhygienic but it shows disrespect to the dead and hinders the future development of road,  the Forum added.

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