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September - 30



Why Student Unions are silent on PDS case?

Dear Editor,

At the time when Arunachal's image has taken a beating in our country due to the latest PDS scam involving crores of rupees, the student unions who usually call bandhs on burning issues and sometimes on petty issues are silent now. In absence of strong opposition party in the state, common man until now have been  believing that student organization like AAPSU , ANSU, GSU, AdiSu raise the issues affecting the common people apart from issues related to welfare of students. People like me have held those organizations with high regards but the kind of silence which is seen at the moment is not acceptable. What surprises me more is the fact that AAPSU and ANSU have recently demanded the early release of so called PDS pending bills in tune with the corrupt people who looted the subsidized food meant for poor and needy people of the state and became overnight crorepatis. We want to know from our student unions what stops them from raising this PDS issue by means of available democratic movement which otherwise would have been supported by one and all. We have to remember that these PDS foods were also meant for poor students living in remotest part of state. So, it is duty of every student organizations to raise PDS issue. Today 95 accused are roaming freely without any trouble and we are hopelessly watching them roaming around in costliest cars with all smile whereas in reality they all should have been behind the bar.  

So as a well wisher of student movements and student politics I urge the all the student unions of Arunachal  to make their stand clear on the PDS scam and come out with a concrete policy so that credibility as well as mass support for them does not erode away with time. They should start a strong movement in this regard and ensure the arrest of 95 accused in the scam irrespective of positions .No doubt the PRC issue is important and we support AAPSU movement in this regard. But if corruption is not prevented early I am afraid our poor students would be worst sufferer in future.


A Concerned Citizen.



Don’t exempt Govt vehicles from parking fees

Dear Editor,

This is apropos the news items published in this daily on Sept (29th Sept) which made me emotional to see the patriotism shown by the student community "NO PRC to  NON-APST". But I could not understand as to why not the common people of Arunachal support this kind of movement.

One "Public notice" appear on left-top of front page, imposing of parking charge within Akash Deep Shopping complex. No doubt vehicles entering this complex find it difficult to park their vehicle, but the Management of this Shopping Complex should provide guide/personnel for proper parking within the complex and the entrance Speed Breaker drain near Highway should be repaired.

One very important point is that this is a shopping complex not a Govt. office for official work, so management should think again that by excluding Govt. vehicles from parking charges, don't they support the misuse of the Govt. vehicles. Because, Govt. vehicles has always been misused by kits and keens of the Govt. officers for shopping in market, dropping of children to the school and also to lure/exploit the young boy's and girl's despite former CS’s order to check this kind of misuse. Instead of that the Capital Magistrate should ban the parking of Govt. vehicles in places other than Govt. buildings if not accompanied by the concerned officer. If Govt. vehicle is used by a person other than concerned officer, he or she should have a written order to do so for proper cause.


K. Arunachal



PRC to non-APST is now burning issue

Dear Editor,

Arunachal is now facing  two burning issues -- one is the PDS scam and other is PRC issue. But I do not think PDS scam is a big issue as the corruption is more or less synonymous with the political leaders, who made many records and history in multi-crore scam since independence.

Now PRC to non-APST is a biggest issue than PDS scam as the politicians are deceiving its own people in the name of PRC to non-APST. Its seems  the present Govt. is influenced by the political history of Tripura  where the outsiders numbered the  indigenous people.

Being an Arunachalee I strongly condemned the present govt. on this issue. I would also like to appeal all my people to strongly oppose and boycott the decision to grant PRC to non-APST. At the same time I appreciate the apex students body for taking up the issue  and request them to fight until the goal is reached.


 Rujing Tinda

Changlang, Tezu



Lame excuse by NHPC

Dear Editor,

Despite strident protests in Assam with environmental concerns over construction of mega dams, National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) Chairman-cum-Managing Director S.K. Garg says that the project builders plan to commission three units in March 2012 and the remaining five units by December 2012. This is because Rs 4000 crore of the Rs 9000 crore project has been utilized. That means 40% of the expenses have been made. But is this a reason enough to sacrifice environment and the population of downstream areas which cannot be compensated even if the Indian central government brings all the riches in the world. When land is lost, existence is lost. When existence is lost, the very right to our natural habitat is lost.

In the devastating floods caused by the Tehri dam in Uttarakhand, the central government has promised a package of Rs 500 crore to the state government. That means every year there will be floods, the Indian government will dole out Rs 500 crore. So, within 8 years, Rs 4000 crore will have to be shelved out. If this is the economics involved, Rs 4000 crore is nothing for a rich country like India where many politicians and ministers have pocketed hundreds and thousands of crores. So, the justification of Rs 4000 crore by S.K. Garg sounds to be a lame excuse to keep the industrial corporations who fund the elections happy and satisfied.


Hayang Deuri

Boginadi, Lakhimpur



Please vote for Toko Teji

Dear Editor,

We do really appreciate Sourabhi, Indian Idol for her support to Master Toko Teji, finalist of a reality show India’s Got Talent Khoj-2. It is heartening to know that she organized press meet in Tripura in support of Teji and expressed her desire to visit Arunachal.  It seems a new wave of cultural unity  among the people of North East begun.

In fact it is a great encouragement on the part of Toko Teji in particular and artistes  in general with the coming up in public for his support by His Excellency J.J. Singh, Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, Dorjee Khandu, Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Bamang Tago chairman ACR, numbers of NGOs, individuals, well wishers and general public.

We wish other personalities of NE region like Sourabhi too come up with their supports and appeal people of this region to extend support to the wonder boy Toko Teji who is now in a  deciding moment for his victory where some one’s smallest support will be so significant and priceless.

We earnestly request NE people in general  and people of Arunachal Pradesh in particular  not to miss watching this reality show at 9 pm on 1st Oct’ 2010 on Colour TV channel and support drummer Toko Teji by sending SMS TT to 56882.


Tapi Mra, Everester

Taro Chatung, Chairman Taro Opey Foundation, Ziro



In response to Taba Ajum’s article

Dear Editor,

This is apropos the news item published in your esteemed paper (Sept.24) under the caption ‘the other side of the P.R.C story’ by Taba ajum. It had made me painful and resentful to read the news item as it is where I found that the Yobin (Lisu) were being clubbed with the Chakmas and the Hajong to the current controversy issue of government’s decision to grant P.R.C to non-APST.

According to the report, it was the view of one, Sanjay Yadav, a native of Bihar, that the maximum benefit would go to groups like Yobin (Lisu), Chakma and Hajong if the P.R.C grant to the non-APST. I felt that it was unfair to publish without being having proper knowledge about our ancestors. Moreover the demands of the tribe of Yobin’s are not on P.R.C rather we also against the decision of government’s proposal to grant P.R.C to non-APST. But our demand is on the restoration of APST, which the tribe once had in 1960s and lost, but enlisted in serial number 70 and 107 of 1961 and 1981 census operation respectively. As we the Yobin’s are one of the indigenous tribe of Arunachal Pradesh we are searching your help and support in order to avoid injustice being done.


Barak Ngwazah




Dam not acceptable as way of development

Dear Editor,

This is in support of the anti-dam activists and to bring awareness among those unaware citizens or those who are under intoxication of greed. That we every concern Adi citizen must support and fight with the AdiSU and all other anti-dam organizations. At the same time I warn the organizations not to give political colors to our fight for this great cause. Our elected leaders have become so blind and deaf out of greed that they even fail to recognize the catastrophic affects of the mega dam on thousands of their workers and voters. So without expecting anything from our elected “not Public Leaders” but “Public Suckers” we must fight together till our last breathe.

Some days back someone has said that “Company is not run by fools”, yes they are not fools but surely they are making us fools. No doubt, dam is a mega development, but it is a human disaster with inexplicable catastrophic effects on the people and the lands of the region where it is constructed. Output and benefits will be in billions of dollars but that will be exploited by the company and other concern at the cost of tears & painful sufferings of thousands of Adi people who would be rendered homeless and landless just by getting a meager compensation or a few jobs. The company or any other pro-dam may speak volumes on the benefit of the dam but that is of no use to the affected people. It is like donating your two eyes and kidneys for earning money. In simpler terms, we the innocent affected people are going to be used by the company like bulls for ploughing fields-the sufferings we bear, output they enjoy!!

From the geological point of view, our area falls under eastern Himalayan young fold mountains. The soils and rocks are immature which are easily susceptible to landslides & soil erosion. They are not matured rocks like that of Deccan trap, central and Northern India. Hence, in addition to the submergence of the dwell able valley portion, the submerge hill and mountain portion of our land will be completely damaged by landslides caused by the dam water, a practical example of which is seen in the dam of Tipi river in Sikkim, a small stream in comparison to Siang river.  Moreover,  our area falls under zone V of seismicity, the zone of the most severe earthquake of the world, the terrific practical example was the earthquake of 1950 that shook at 8.6 on the Richter scale, the devastating effect of which was so dreaded that our parents even fear to narrate. As per scientific and oral tradition of our forefathers, such earthquake occurs in our place in every 50-70 years. If so happened after the construction of the dam, then our foothill belt of Pasighat, Ruksin, Bilat, Mebo area & Assam will be washed out within hours!!

If diversion tunnels will be constructed then that would cause havoc for the people of Pasighat, Yagrung, Bilat, Ruksin, Mirem, Rani, Sille, Sika, Tode, Ngorlung, Depi-Debing, Mebo, Ayueng to Nmasing areas & Assam etc. Their Agricultural, Horticultural fields, homes, & roads will face the devastating effect of being flooded at any time. The nearest practical example of which is seen in Ranganadi project which effects the downstream areas of Arunachal & Assam every now and then.

Last but not the least, mighty Siang river is one of the largest and the strongest rivers of the world in terms of its volume and strong currents respectively. The devastating catastrophic effects of Siang Dam on environment, land, ecology, life & civilization of the affected people cannot be compared to that of the small rivers/streams. If the effects of dam of small rivers will be a grenade bomb then that of Siang dam will be an atom bomb! So one must not take it lightly.

Recently some sycophants are giving press statements as if they are the landlord of the affected people. These people are landowners of some limited and tiny piece of land but not of the whole East Siang district. Ridiculously, the lands of those so called landowners are not going to be submerged but benefited by the construction of the dam on their land. If anybody is so interested in the development through hydro-power dams and if they want to donate their land, then they can go ahead, nobody will obstruct them, but they must confine the dam water only in their land. If the dam water affects our land then we will fight against it.  So all our brethrens are requested not to give such disheartening and irresponsible commence on this dam issue without thinking about the tears and painful suffering of thousands of the dam affected people.  Rather, they are appealed to give us helping hand in keeping away this human disaster in disguise of a development project.

We ardently, urge our Government and elected leaders to give up the construction of the dam over Siang river and let everything remain as obsolete for the safety and welfare of the tribal peoples. Else, we the affected people will be forced to fight against the same till our demand is met.


Pogo Jamoh

General Secretary, All Nugong Banggo Students Union.

Talen Jamoh

President, All Rasing Students Union



Resentment against bandh call

Dear Editor,

The Capital Band called by some Association on 4th October as published in your daily dated 29th Sept. 2010 is very unfortunate. There are more than a thousand of such registered and unregistered Associations in our state. If each start calling such band what good will they be making to the state? They have no right what soever to represent the mass and besiege our democratically elected Government unless through democratic means.


A  Concerned Citizen.



Dr Bath deserves appreciation for thought provoking article

Dear Editor,

I read the well-written article on ‘Natives Vs Non-Natives: Need for a Comprehensive Policy’ by Dr. Nani Bath (The Arunachal Times, 28 Sept’2010 issue). As an enlightened academician, Dr. Bath deserves appreciation for his thought provoking and well-informed article. But, I honourably disagree to the statement made by him regarding APST status to indigenous Mishing (Adi’s). Quote “APST status cannot just be granted to the Mishing of Siang as Mr. Apang wanted…..” Unquote.

As an acclaimed academician, Dr. Bath is well aware that indigenous Mishing (Adi’s) are genuine APST. So far, not giving APST status to them (indigenous Mishing of Arunachal Pradesh) is partial action of the concerned authorities which I am not supposed to comment but as a matter of fact, it is an open secret that several tribes other than the indigenous tribe of Arunachal Pradesh are also getting APST Certificate and the cherry on top of the cake for them is that some of them have even reached the highest pinnacle of political and bureaucratic chair of our State.

To understand the Indigenous Mishing (Adi’s) of Arunachal Pradesh, Dr. Bath may kindly once again go through the following references to get a clear picture: History of Mishings of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam by Dr. N.N. Lego,  History of the North-East Frontier of Bengal by Alexander Mackenzie, the Bordoloi Sub-Committee Report on the North-East Frontier (Assam), A Brief Note on Mishing of Arunachal Pradesh by Nyodek Yonggam, Ex-M.P., The History of Adi-Mishing Relationship article published in Echo of Arunachal dated 9th April, 2000, A Sub-Tribe of the Adi’s published in echo of Arunachal dated 27th February, 2000.

If Dr. Bath may kindly go through these references, I hope he will be able to write more about the indigenous Mishings of Arunachal Pradesh in the right perspective. I, personally, feel that as an academician of such high stature, Dr. Bath’s writings on this subject matter would definitely highlight the plight of the indigenous Mishings (Adi’s) of Arunachal Pradesh.

Yours etc.

Tokong Pertin






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Arunachal Govt revokes its decision on PRC to non-APST

CM refutes allegations

ITANAGAR, Sept 29:  After lots of hue and cry raised by people of state, government of Arunachal Pradesh today revoked the earlier order of issuing PRC to non-APST in Lohit and Changlang districts. This was informed by Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu in a hurriedly arranged press conference this evening. He was flanked by his ministerial colleagues which include Chowna Mein, Takar Marde, Setong Sena, Kalikho Pul and Atum Welly.

“Today we had meeting of APCC members and later a cabinet meeting. Understanding the fact that people of Arunachal is not happy with this decision, we have decided to revoke this order of issuing PRC to non-APST,” informed CM Khandu. PHE Minister and one of the members of cabinet sub-committee on PRC, Chowna Mein informed that decision to grant PRC was taken on humanitarian ground. “Some of the groups like Nepali, Yobin, Mishing, Morang, Adivasi, Kachari and Deori are living in Lohit and Changlang districts since last 40 or 50 years. As they don’t have PRC, they can’t even apply for central government jobs. So, on humanitarian ground we had earlier decided to issue PRC to them,” said Chowna Mein.

Meanwhile reacting to proposed 24 hour bandh call issued by three organizations namely Arunachal Indigenous People’s Union, Arunachal Youth Volunteer Federation and Arunachal Youth Associations demanding resignation of CM Dorjee Khandu for his alleged involvement in various scams, government has slammed these organizations and termed the entire exercise as politically motivated one.

Showing copy of court paper, normally reticent CM today speaking agitatedly said these charges are politically motivated.

Giving point to point reply to the charges levelledy against him by the organizations,  the  Chief Minister said the  present Government has been  taking up people friendly policies and maintaining absolute transparency in its business. The allegation that the “people first friendly Govt turns into “Family First, unfriendly and non-transparency” is totally baseless and politically motivated to gain cheap popularity, he said.

Refuting the allegation of awarding carriage contract of 24,800 MT of SGRY food grains to M/s R.D. Carriage and subsequent alleged withdrawal of rupees  amounting to Rs. 68.00 Crore as carriage bill, the chief minister said allegations are baseless and hold no water.  “Everybody is conscious of the fact that this consisted one of the prime allegations in PIL No. 52/2007 which was dismissed by the Guahati High Court vide its judgement date 12th of May, 2010”, the CM said the media persons.

The organizations are trying to tarnish his image with malafide intentions with such allegation, he said.

On allegation of upfront payment received from Private Hydro-power developers at the tune of Rs. 102,792.98 lakhs, the chief minister termed it as a bizarre allegation. He said, “It is not Dorjee Khandu but the state Govt who received the upfront payment from the Hydro Power developers”. The upfront payments are made through Demand Draft addressed to the Secretary Power and not the Chief Minister. The amount of Upfront payment is not Rs. 102,792.98 lakhs or 1,027.93 Crores as stated but its Rs. 1,31,975 Lakhs  i.e. Rs. 1,319.75 Crores which was duly deposited in the State Exchequer, the chief minister said adding that records pertaining to this are available with Department of HPD which anyone can  ask and check.

Terming the allegation of awarding contract work to his family members to the tune of Rs. 300 crores from RGGVY scheme under Power Department without inviting tender as false, baseless and  concocted, the chief minister said the centrally sponsored scheme RGGVY is implemented in the state on the basis of guidelines framed by the Central Government and not by the State Government. All the records pertaining to award of contract works under RGGVY are available with the Power Department which can be accessed to for factual information, he added.

Describing the allegation of awarding contract work worth Rs. 130.00 Crores to his family members from FDR Schemes under Relief & Rehabilitation Department as false, baseless and concocted , the Chief Minister further said the records pertaining to FDR works are available with RRDM department and the concerned works department.  Moreover, this was one of the allegations in the PIL No. 52/2007  which was dismissed by the Gauhati High Court in its judgement dated 12th May, 2010.

Arunachal Pradesh has its own RR Policy which is considered to be one of the best in the entire country to safeguard the interest of local people likely to be affected by Hydro Power Projects or other infrastructural development, chief minister said while reacting to the alleged allotment of hydro project to private developers  with consents of land owners.

Terming the allegation as concocted and tailored to defame his image, he said the  organization trio will have to prove with concrete evidence that Dorjee Khandu has received Rs. 3000 Crore as bribe from the power developers. Such type of mis-information to gain cheap popularity by misleading general masses shall not be entertained nor tolerated, he said.  The three organizations alleged that “Khandu has allotted 32,223.90 MW to Private Hyrdo-Power Developers without consent of local land and river owners. He has also allegedly had received bribe to the tune of about Rs. 3000.00 crore from the Private Developers as kick backs. In return he has mortgaged 1000 hectares of fertile land to Private developers.”

The Chief Minister further said that his name has been deliberately dragged in when none of his relatives, much less family members are engaged in construction of any tourist lodge in any corner of the State. The question of tender will come only when the works are awarded to any of the kith or kins. The allegation that several hundred crores of worth works have been allotted to family members of Dorjee Khandu under tourism Department for construction of Tourist Lodge and building across the State without Tender is baseless and is a mere cock  and  bull story which the tri-organisations have cooked up to fool the general masses.

Regarding alleged failure of Govt. to grant prosecution sanction against those 44 Government servants, other 52 accused and ignoring to the demand of handing over the multi-crore PDS scam to CBI and allegations of the organizations that “there is deep rooted nexus between bureaucrats, underground elements with Dorjee Khandu and eating away of public money as disclosed by M.S. Chouhan, SIC Chief, Arunachal Pradesh”, the chief minister said the  organizations labeling such indignifying allegations will have to prove with concrete evidence as to the details of the underground organization Dorjee Khandu had nexus with and in what way.  

Regarding prosecution sanction against 44 Government servants and 52 accused and handing over of the PDS scam to CBI, it was clarified that “the government has already clarified the matter through press conference on more than five occasions. As regards handing over of the case to the CBI it had been clarified time and again and also on the floor of the House that this is a prerogative of the High Court to whom the SIC directly reports and the State Government has nothing to do with it. However, if the Court directs the CBI to investigate the matter and the CBI is ready to do so, the State Government will lawfully abide by such direction of the Hon’ble High Court”.

 ‘So far as disclosure allegedly made by M S Chouhan about the nexus as well as siphoning of public money by Dorjee Khandu, the organizations should authenticate their statement, failing to do so by these self styled organizations will invite serious and exemplary punishments to them through the Court of Law’, the CM said.

On alleged charging of 3 per cent from contractors for Trans Arunachal Highway construction, the Chief Minister clarified that the aforesaid Trans-Arunachal Highway is yet to start. Even after repeated tender calls, which is done solely by the Govt. of India through global e-tendering, there hardly seems to be any response from interested parties. It is a wild allegation intending to indignify and malign his image, he said.

Regarding Rs 300 crore loan from Centre, it was further clarified that the amount was borrowed to implement the 6th Pay Commission to its employee.

On alleged allotment of as many as 22 Cowsheds and that collection of illegal tax from the cowsheds in Dying Ering memorial Wildlife Sanctuary, he said the organizations shall have to come up with identity of the so called agents who are allegedly collecting tax from the cowsheds in the jungle which were never allotted.

 Regarding alleged appointment of 14 District Relief & Rehabilitation Officers during his ministership of Relief & Rehabilitation, in 2004,” it was clarified that “these issues have been clarified on numerous occasions”. Even in the PIL 52/2007 which was filed against Dorjee Khandu these appointments were questioned. The Gauhati High Court also already pronounced its judgement on the issue.

Regarding Arunachal and Assam boundary issue, he chief minister said Assam-Arunachal border issue is a subjudice matter. State Govt does not meddle with affairs of the Hon’ble Court. “Therefore, question of responsive or irresponsiveness in such a situation does not arise. Still, the state Govt made all out efforts in settling the border issues including skirmishes on  the border every now and then”.


PM convenes meeting to review dams in Arunachal

Re-think on policy top of agenda

Itanagar, Sept 29: At a time when the state govt is facing a lot of flak on its hydro power policy, tomorrow’s  proposed meeting convened by the Prime Minister in his office with key UPA ministers to discuss if the dozens of hydroelectric projects planned in Arunachal Pradesh should not be put on hold till a comprehensive impact studies are carried out to review their impact on environment in the state and downstream in Assam, comes as a serious reality check.

The meeting is expected to be attended by the Union Power minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh, Water Resources Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal and External Affairs Minister S M Krishna besides Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission Montek Singh Ahluwalia.

Most of these dams in the state are yet to take off but over these months, the Centre has received numerous reports about local protests in the state as well as those from Assam about their impacts once these dams come up along with the other infrastructure like roads that could alter the hilly state’s conditions substantially.

It is widely expected that the meeting would consider the ecological implications for more than a 100 dams that the Arunachal Pradesh government has signed Memorandum of Understandings with.

The impact of the dams downstream in  Assam and in Arunachal Pradesh’s environment have become a matter of concern with the Centre. With Assam elections due in six months the issue has also picked up political concerns in the northeastern state.

The meeting is also expected, PMO sources say, to consider the impacts of the existing dams in Arunachal Pradesh such as Lower Subansiri dam. The Centre could review continuation of work on these dams till further studies are conducted.

While the Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh has gone on record to state that some of the dams in Arunachal Pradesh were as much important for strategic importance as for power needs of the nation, the meeting could take up the issue of dams on river Siang as well with local opposition building up against them.

The meeting is expected to discuss the haphazard manner in which the dams have been contracted with various private companies across Arunachal Pradesh with a lack of coordination over the overall impact on the river basin.

The meeting is likely to consider putting a moratorium on any new dam as well as pause work on some existing dams till a cumulative impact assessment, a comprehensive biodiversity impact assessment and a downstream impact assessment is conducted, sources informed.


Sonam assures an ambulance for Changlang district workers

CHANGLANG, Sept 29: Arunachal Pradesh Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board conducted its mass awareness campaign at Changlang yesterday.

Speaking on the occasion, Arunachal Pradesh Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board Chairman Jalley Sonam, assure to provide an Ambulance for the workers of Changlang district.

He appreciated the Heads of departments of the District for their cooperation and supports and advised the departmental officers to deposit 1% cess amount to the Board so that more workers welfare schemes could be introduce by the board.

He further highlighting the various benefits provided by the board informed that the board is also providing scholarship to the students of the registered workers on merit basis. He advised the workers to enroll their name in the Board to avail these benefits and also advised the unemployed youths to work under Non Governmental Organizations for solving the unemployment problems at the State.

APB&OCWWB Secretary cum Labour Commissioner, Ojing Darung also highlighted the benefits provided by the board to its workers.

He further advising the departmental head to deposit 1% cess briefed about the workers registration procedures, rules, 1% cess collection.

Circle Officer Cum In-charge, Labour Officer Jumkar Karbi briefed about Contract Labour Regulation & Abolition Act, 1970 and Migrant Workmen & Compensation Act, 1979.

All Arunachal Pradesh Workers Union, State Unit Working President Techi Tara, A APWU State Unit, Women wing General Secretary Tana Yakung, AAPWU, Changlang District Unit President Maihang Langching and General Secretary Sanu Tamang also spoke on the occasion and appreciated APB&OCWWB Chairman Jalley Sonam for conducting workers awareness campaign in various district of the state and bring the workers in the main stream of development.

Workers from Yanman, Khimiang circle, MC Road Margherita, Manmao Road, CK Road, Khuchep Road and workers of Changlang Township of various Engineering departments including unorganized sectors workers including Tea Garden workers along with Heads of departments attended the awareness programme.

Earlier, at Mohanbari on September 27, Board Chairman Jalley Sonam, Chairman and its secretary cum labour commissioner Ojing Darung along with AAPWU state unit working president Techi Tara and women wing general secretary Tana Yakung attended the workers meeting.

At Mohanbari also Sonam highlighted the welfare programmes undertaken by the State Government and advised the workers to avail the benefits.

He appreciated the state government for enhancing the minimum wages of the workers and assured to take up the matter with the government for early release of the wages.

The team distributed free exercise book to the workers who attended the programme.


East Siang students register protest

ITANAGAR, Sept 29:  A day after AAPSU took out historic rally against state government’s decision to grant permanent residential certificate (PRC) to non-APST in Lohit and Changlang districts today more student organizations came out strongly against this order.  With anger spreading throughout the state like a wild fire, oldest town of the state, Pasighat today witness huge symbolic peace rally carried out by the student communities of the district in solidarity with the apex student’s body of the state AAPSU against government decision to grant PRC to non-APST.  Rally which started from J.N College campus passing through the main thoroughfare of the Pasighat Township finally culminated at Gandhi chowk.

Conglomeration of different student organization like Adi Student Union, All Upper Siang District Students Union (A.U.S.DS.U), J.N College students Union, All Bogong Students’ Union(A.B.S.U),All Mebo Students’ Union (A.M.S.U),All Ruksin Area Students union (A.R.A.S.U)  under the aegis of All East Siang District Students’ Union (A.E.S.D.S.U) protested strongly by shouting slogan against the government for its meek stand on the contradictory directives of the court which has almost made the Eastern Bengal Frontier Regulation Act of 1873 redundant.

Taking part in the protest, AAPSU Spokesperson Tobom Dai, while addressing the gathering stated that our state government made a big blunder by issuing this order. He also pointed out on an emotive note that with unaccounted numbers of Chakma-Hajong Refugees whose populations are running into lakhs becoming majority in many areas, even they will seek PRC sometimes in future if this order is not revoked. Further Tobom, term the directives as a calculated ploy to dismantle the very social fabric of the indigenous populace of the state and urged every Arunachalee to raise concern against this order in one voice.

David Gao, Vice President of All East Siang District Students union earlier elaborated the gathering about the Eastern Bengal Frontier regulation of 1873 and urge people of Arunachal to continue fighting against such anti-tribal policy of state government.  Meanwhile Arunachal Students Union Shillong while criticizing state government’s decision has drawn attention towards children of non-APST men getting ST certificate and PRC in the name of their APST mother. Union has termed this a big problem for state and also vehemently opposed decision of issuing PRC to non-APST in Lohit and Changlang. Arunachal Capital Student’s Union of Monpa’s while terming issuing of PRC to non-APST as illegal stated such decision will turn Arunachal into another Tripura or Assam. Union has drawn attention of authorities towards non-Arunachalee getting PRC and ST certificate in Tawang and West Kameng district. They have expressed deep concern over this trend and urged authorities to check these rampant problems.


Campaign in support  of Teji on

ITANAGAR, Sept 29:  Continuing the campaign to draw support for Toko Teji across the North East state, Arunachal Citizens Rights (ACR) chairperson Bamang Tago today addressed media person at Aizawl Press Club. He appealed to the people of Mizoram to vote for Toko Teji who has reached the final of the reality show, India’s Got Talent Khoj-2, on Colors channel.

The press meet was attended by all the Aizawl based media institutions including PRO to Mizoram Government. Muanpuia Punte,  Vice President, North East Students Organisation cum advisor to MZP, VL Kroshnehzova, President MZP, Vanlal Ruata,  President, People’s Right to Information and Development implementing Society of Mizoram(PRISM) a Mizoram base civil society also joined in the press meet and assured that people of Mizoram will vote for Toko Teji.

Meanwhile Adi Student Union, All Upper Siang District Students Union (A.U.S.DS.U), J.N College students Union, All Bogong Students’ Union (A.B.S.U), All Mebo Students’ Union (A.M.S.U), All Ruksin Area Students union (A.R.A.S.U) under the aegis of All East Siang District Students’ Union (A.E.S.D.S.U) has appealed to people of Arunachal to vote for boy wonder Toko Teji and make him worthy winner. Nyishi Elite Society and Arunachal Law Students have also urged people of state to support Teji by voting for him through sms and phone calls. One can vote for Teji by sending TT to 56882.


‘Restore damaged culvert’

ITANAGAR, Sep 29: Hill Top Colony Welfare Committee has demanded the UD department to repair/construct the damaged culvert near ESS- sector, three junction point under JNNRUM scheme for road infrastructure development in Itanagar.

Although the culvert has been in a hanging position since 2005 causing great inconvenience to the commuters, the department has never felt necessary to repair it, the committee rued.

Meanwhile, Challo Anchal Chairperson Charu Tugung has appealed to the State Government to provide immediate relief to all the 478 landslide affected villagers of Challo, Rangte-Rite and Tahu villages.

An team, led by Chambang circle officer Charu Nilli, recently visited the affected villages for spot verification of the damages caused to the villagers, the chairperson informed and said that a report detailing the extent of damages has been submitted to Kurung Kumey deputy commissioner for early persual.

According to the chairperson, properties worth Rs Three crores have been damaged under the impact of the landslide.

Meanwhile, Orphan Trust Society has informed that the main 30-meter bridge to enter Siyum, Nacho, Lemeking and Taksing was washed away on September 27. It appealed to the BRTF to take necessary action to reconstruct the bridge.


Orientation cum awareness camp

ITANAGAR, Sep 29: A one-day orientation cum awareness camp for two farmers club and a self-help group was conducted by Rural Development Society (RDS) under the supervision of Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank (APRB) at Barapani, Naharlagun yesterday.

Over 30 participants, mostly women, of Barapani Women Farmers’ Club and Farmers Club attended the programme and they were taught about various activities in the field of self reliance, rural development, record keeping etc. Budhin Dutta, branch manager, (APRB), Naharlagun and S Ch. Bharali, branch manager, United Bank of India, Naharlagun were the resource persons. The programme was sponsored by NABARD, Itanagar.


ZPMs calls for transperancy in TFC fund

ITANAGAR, Sep 29: Five ZPMs of West Siang district, in a joint press release, alleged that the ZP chairperson of the district was not transparent in fund placement, particularly TFC due to which they could not take up various developmental activities in their respective panchayat segments as promised before public.

They urged the authority concerned to look into the matter seriously and take immediate step to direct the West Siang deputy commissioner to settle the TFC fund issue as early as possible. In other district they are executing the work in proportion of 20:30:50 ration, then why not in west siang district?


Plea to raise age limit

ITANAGAR, Sep 29:  All Arunachal Pradesh Government Departmental Labours Union (AAPGDLU) advisor Imi Kamsi called upon all the 111 candidates, who have been rejected by Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) from appearing in the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission Combined Competitive Examination in 2009-10 due to over age, to fight for 35 years as upper age limit without relaxation.

He said that the upper age limit without relaxation for such examination in Jharkhand, Rajashthan, Uttarakhand is 35 yrs, Assam 38, Tripura 37 whereas the upper age limit of Arunachal Pradesh is only 28 years without relaxation.

‘Had the upper age limit of Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission Combined Competitive Examination without relaxation been parallel to 35 years 111 candidates would not have been rejected, he said.


Society appeals for ex-gratia

ITANAGAR, Sept 29: Tarh Welfare Society (TWS) has appealed the authorities concerned to grant ex-gratia to bereaved families  who lost their children in a tragic incident at Chimpu recently.

Two school children, namely, Tame Tuter, 10 and Sali Doyum, 7, of  K V No 2  lost their lives after  they got down  in 10 feet deep ditch  near  the directorate of horticulture, Chimpu on Sept 25, the society informed.

The society also resented that no any authority  took the responsibility of digging such ditches after the incident. The authorities should not keep the ditch open without refilling for many days near the human inhabitant, the Society said and urged the  authorities to look in to the matter so that such incidents do not reoccur in future.



Administrative order

ROING, Sept 29:  The Lower Dibang Valley district Administration has urged the unauthorized occupants in Roing township to remove all the structures from Govt land within 15 days from the date of issue of notification, failing which eviction will be carried out without further notice.

The administration has issued  notification against all those who have encroached the govt. land within Roing township by erecting Structure/Fixture/Pan Gumti/Hut in the allotted area/peripheral area of public road and in the Govt. building area without obtaining written permission from the competent authority. DIPRO


NYP to conduct ESDP

ITANAGAR, Sept 29: The National Youth Project of Arunachal Pradesh in collaboration with the  Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE) Guwahati will conduct entrepreneurship and skill development programme (ESDP) at Tawang,  Pasighat, Ziro, Dollungmukh, and Itanagar from October next. The programme will continue up to December. Altogether 125 artisans will be imparted training on various trade during the three months long  programme.


Social service

ITANAGAR, Sept 29:   The members of the Leo Club of Karsingsa   constructed the new dwelling house through social service for the victim of recent flash flood in Karsingsa.

The flash flood triggered by torrential rain damaged  and washed way a dwelling house at Karsingsa  yesterday, a release informed.  Among others, AAPSU members also participated in the  two days social service. The owner of the house expressed gratitude to the Club member for their generous gesture.


Social Service

ITANAGAR, Sept 29: School Managing Committee of Calvary English School, Yachuli conducted social service in the school premises recently.

ADC Yachuli Yowa Topu attended the programme as chief guest and inspected the entire school compound as well as school boundary.

On the day, numbers of tree were planted which were provided by RO Yachui Raya Flago.

PWD Sub-Division AE Byabang Tugu, VO Dr TR Nabam Hina,ZPM Toko Puna attended the programme.


Lower Siang project affected people form association

ITANAGAR, Sep 29: Lower Siang project affected people of five Banggos, including Rotgong, Dogong, Magong, Nugong and Siyum, in a general body meeting held on September 27 last, have formed the Lower Siang Dam Backward Affected Land Owner Association to fight against construction of the project and appointed Tatin Tamut as president.


56th wildlife week

ITANAGAR, Sept 29: The Deputy Chief Wildlife Warden office, Naharlagun under the Department of Environment and Forest is organizing 56th wildlife week from October 2-8.

During the week, essay writing, painting and drawing competitions for school children and mass awareness campaign on wild life conservation including wild life documentary show will be conducted at different villages and schools of the capital complex.

Meanwhile, the state biological park, Itanagar will be open free for the visitors on October 3.


Books acquired

ITANAGAR, Sep 29: The Reference Library, Directorate of Research has acquired few books of immense importance of the United States’ colleges and universities.

All the books will provide relevant informations on various fields of studies, admission procedures, financial support, scholarship, faculty members and lists of US colleges and universities. These books will also be useful for the under graduates, who wish to apply for bachelor’s degree programme, master and doctoral degree levels.


APCF plea to Govt.

ITANAGAR, Sept 29: Arunachal Pradesh Colleges’ Forum expressing resentment over the proposed move for superannuation from 58 years to 60 years and the ever increasing unemployment problems in the state, in a letter to Chief Minister said that the enhancement of superannuation to 60 years would deprived the unemployed educated youths of the state.

The forum threatens to launch mass movement, if the government fails to take up necessary step within 15 days, and in any case enhance the upper age limit for superannuation.


Relief sought for fire victim

ITANAGAR, Sep 29: All Pakke-Kessang Pijeriang Dissing-Passo Seijosa Students’ Union appealed to the authority concerned to provide relief to one Yakar Techi of New Chamgam under Pakke Kessang circle of East Kameng district, whose dwelling house was burnt down recently, for quick rehabilitation of her family. Properties, including local mala (Tasing) and rice store, worth Rs.20-25 (Approx) were burnt to ashes in the devastating fire accident, the students union said quoting the affected family source.



ITANAGAR, Sep 29:  Lachinkam Sankey has been elected as general secretary of Rang-Frah Govt. College Students Union.



ITANAGAR, Sept 29: Gollo Lento and Tana Tugu Tara have been selected as President and Vice President of All Sagalee Students’ Union (ASSU) in a meeting held recently.

Meanwhile the union has decided to conduct an educational tour in the last week of October.


Seva Dal opposes bandh

ITANAGAR:  Arunchal Pradesh Congress Seval Dal (APCSD) has  appealed the  organizations to withdraw  the proposed bandh call on Oct 4.

Terming the demand of the  resignation of Chief Minister as baseless and political motivated to tarnish his clean image, the APCSD in a release today also opposed the  bandh call as illegal.

The Seva Dail said, the people of the state got irritated and fade up with such bandh calls and demand  for  CM’s resignation every day. Such bandh calls hamper development, it said  and  urged the organizations to negotiate with the Govt for solution  to problems  if any instead of giving bandh calls.


SIC to launch website

ITANAGAR: Nyodek Yonggam, State Chief Information Commissioner will launch the web site of State Information Commission at its office premise tomorrow at 12 noon.




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