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Govt announce 27 lacs for Nyigam fire victim

ITANAGAR, Sept 8: Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu has announced Rupees Twenty Seven lakhs (Rupees 27 lakh) as immediate relief to the fire victims of Nyigam Village under Basar Sub-Division of West Siang district.

108 houses were gutted in fire rendering at least thousand people homeless.

Further, Khandu directed ADC Basar to disburse the relief amount immediately to the fire victims to mitigate immediate difficulties.

Gojen Gadi MLA Basar, who is currently in New Delhi, apprised the Chief Minister of the grave situation being faced by the people and submitted a memorandum stating the damages caused in the fire mishap that gutted down 108 houses. Further Gadi sought for more assistance from the State Government besides the immediate relief amount.

The Chief Minister has also sanctioned a community Dere at Nyigam Village after a request from the local MLA.

According to a delayed report, four people have suffered serious burn injuries among scores of others who sustained minor injuries.

Help is trickling in for the fire victims who saw their entire village go down in ashes yesterday afternoon. The Army is pitching in with relief services.

Led by Commander of 5 Mountain Brigade at Aalo, Brig A S Bedi, the Army has provided among others two tons of rations and set up a medical unit with a doctor and other attendants.

According to Col HDS Rainal, PRO Defense, the army also distributed some 200 blankets which was given by Rama Krishna Mission for distribution in inaccessible villages.

Yazali based Taba Tat foundation has contributed an amount of Rs Eleven Thousand as immediate relief to the fire victim after an appeal made through this daily.

Tirbin Area Students Union and District Youth Congress, West Siang has appealed the govt to step forward and provide necessary aid to the fire victims.

Well wishers who wish to contribute voluntarily for the cause of fire victims may contact Tomar Basar-946054756 and Jumgam Basar-9436052936. (With inputs from PRO to CM)


When tragedy come calling

Tongam Rina

Tragedy is an uninvited guest that unfortunately knocks at every home at its whims and fancies. No matter what a human does to avert it, it comes. Some handles it well and accepts the inevitability but most of us cannot handle it. It leaves a lifelong scar. They say time heals but in many instances that’s not the truth.  Time ends up becoming a burden of a lifetime.

No one for once thought that Nyigam Village would go down in ashes.  Known as one of the rice bowls of West Siang district, its people are hard working.  Not only that, they knew the importance of modern formal education.  It paid off. Till yesterday, it was known as one of the wealthier villages of the district.

Fire accidents are not something new to our state. Ziro and Pasighat are known not only for its prosperity and beauty. These two towns await yearly visits of fire accidents.

Compact villages with a tradition of leaving logs burning in the hearth, coupled with modern yet sometime hazardous wires, fire accidents happens.

Year after year, we hear such instances.

Immediate relief of food and cash ranging up to Rs four thousand provided by the administration is not enough. Our people do not have a tradition of insuring their valuable movable and immovable assets. Once it goes up in smoke or for that swept away by water, that’s the end of the story.

Given the fact that state continues to battle human made and nature inflicted tragedies, we need to have a mechanism to deal with it. We cannot stop these tragedies from coming. The best available option is to be at least prepared.

Habits handed down to us are hard to die. Any given day, farmers will leave their children home. To save time and energy, they will continue to leave fire logs burning, not really minding the fact that it could cause a painful episode.

People, especially children are left traumatized after such large scale tragedies. It is essential that these aspects are also taken care of.  Trauma renders people indecisive. It is essential that all the stakeholders including the government machineries come together to support each other.

It is for the concerned departments and administration and thousands of nongovernmental organizations that claim to work for us to ensure that such tragedies are averted. The adage prevention is better than cure rings true.

Awareness, disaster management and preparedness need to reach more people.

Post disaster issues like relief works are not easy. Proper coordination needs to be in place.

Our state has seen all but the resilient people of the state, used to nature’s hard way have always fought back.

But apart from the affected communities, rests of us choose to remain indifferent, most of the time.

One just wishes that the citizens and administration come together and pitch in whatever form to make tragedies little easier to handle.


West Kameng gears up for tourist season

BOMDILA, Sept 9: Tourist hotspot West Kameng is gearing up to welcome domestic and international tourists. One of the favourite destinations in the state, the district receives thousand of tourist every season.

To boost tourism and its related activities for the coming tourist season in the district, the district administration has taken the mantle upon itself and organized a meeting of all the Hoteliers of Bomdila, Bhalukpong and Dirang here at Bomdila.

Impressing upon the Hoteliers the importance of tourism in the district, Deputy Commissioner Swati Sharma reiterated for providing of quality service to the tourists and others and the need for maintaining total cleanliness and hygiene in the hotels. Hospitality is one area where compromise should not be done, she stated. There is a need to train all the hotel staff, maintain a dress code and preferably get the internet connection in the hotels for the tourists benefit, she observed. Keeping in mind the interest of the tourists, all the hoteliers are to compulsorily display the hotel tariffs in a prominent place. Further, the tariff should be in sync with the facilities and services available, she added.

A 3-member board has been constituted to furnish the photographs and the details on all the hotels with room tariffs, facilities available etc to the District Tourism Office.

The details would then be uploaded in the Travelers Corner of the district’s official website-westkameng.nic.in. Of the 11 approved travel circuit in the state, the Tezpur-Bhalukpong-Bomdila-Tawang tourist circuit is the most preferred and visited one by both the foreign and domestic tourists alike besides the high dignitaries visiting the state.


JD(U) focus on Arunachal polls to regain national status

New Delhi, Sept 8: The Janata Dal (United) will focus on the Assembly polls in Arunachal Pradesh to regain its national party status.

''We are going to focus on Arunachal Pradesh where elections would be held on October 13 to regain the status of national party,'' JD(U) General Secretary Arun Kumar Srivastava told UNI.

He said the JD(U) would field its candidates on all the 60 Assembly seats in the state. It was already processing the names of 40 candidates who have worked aggressively for the party in the state.

Senior party leaders like its President Sharad Yadav, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and others would visit the state to ensure that maximum number of candidates get elected, he said. Moreover, the average size of constituency being smaller and presence of a lot of migratory workers from Bihar in the state would help the party in the coming polls, he said.

Pointing out that there was anti-incumbency wave against the present Congress Government in Arunachal Pradesh, he said the BJP was also not in a good shape due to its infighting at the Centre.So utilising the opportunity, the JD(U) would work and ensure that it gets maximum number of seats in the state. However, even getting 2 of the 60 seats or 6% votes would ensure that JD(U) emerge as a state party in Arunachal Pradesh and it would be counted as one of the four states where the party need to have its presence to get the national party status back which was lost after being defeated in Nagaland and Karnataka Assembly polls.

At present JD(U) has presence in Bihar, where it is running a government in coalition with the BJP, and Jharkhand. The party is confident of doing well in Jharkhand elections also. However, to get the national status back, it need to get 5% seats or 6% percent votes in total four states. So it is now focusing on smaller states like Arunachal Pradesh.

Asked about Maharashtra Assembly polls, Srivastava said the JD(U) would contest on eight seats in Mumbai where the party has good following after its MPs resigned from Parliament to protest attack by Maharashtra Navnirman Sena activists on people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The JD(U) would also field candidates in Jalgaon and Pune districts, he said.


Functional training on MIS under NREGA concludes

ITANAGAR, Sept 8: SIRD Arunachal Pradesh today concluded the two day functional training programme conducted on Management of Information Systems (MIS) under National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) at its Computer Lab here in Itanagar. The programme was fully sponsored by DRDA Papumpare. The trainees included representatives from various blocks and CICs from Papumpare district.

Earlier speaking on the occasion the Project Director DRDA- K Payeng urged the trainees to utilise the training to learn about the IT concepts and to strive hard to ensure that  Papumpare district emerges as the model district under NREGA in the state.

He also informed the trainees that Assistant Commissioner (NREGA) Government of India had in his last visit to the state laid emphasis on NREGA MIS. Dwelling on the process of fund release under NREGA he informed that the districts need to complete the work in advance and place the fund requirement with Government of India, wherein the Government would place the funds without delay. MIS shall play an important role in this regards to ensure that the progress of the programme is communicated online to the Ministry.

PD DRDA also clarified that while Papumpare district was covered in Phase 3 of implementation of NREGA in Arunachal Pradesh, the district had made several initiatives in streamlining the process of implementation. He stressed on the need for efforts from all concerned to ensure that the district is able to provide employment for all 100 days to its rural people.

Kirto Loyi, Deputy Director SIRD inaugurated the programme. He clarified that the status of progress under NREGA shall be dependent on the extent of information provided on the progress of the programme, hence MIS plays the most crucial role.

Loyi who is also the Coordinator of the State Level Task Force under NREGA for Arunachal Pradesh emphasised on regular training and subsequent interaction to ensure that complex data entry issues are addressed. He also cited that Ministry of Rural Development shall not be able to relax the norms of providing information under MIS separately for Arunachal Pradesh and hence all districts need to update themselves and ensure that data entry under MIS is being done. The role of MIS is most important for the Deputy Commissioners as they are the District Programme Coordinators and hence bound by NREG Act to provide proactive information to all citizens, and that NIC’s MIS remains the most potent way of providing this information to the citizens. He appreciated the proactive role of Papumpare district and said that the district remained the only district under Phase – 3 which has started on the process of data entry under NREGA.

The programme was conducted with technical support from NIC Itanagar. Jyotish and Debashish from NIC Itanagar and District Information Officer actively participated in the programme and provided their technical support.

Rakesh Srivastava, Assistant Director SIRD and the Course Director SIRD coordinated the training sessions. The participants were provided hands on training on data entry from registration of households to the Muster Roll payment including generation of demand, allocation of works, creation of works, issuing of job cards online and preparation of labour budget, cash book entries, etc. One of the notable achievement of the programme was that the off line version of the programme was made functional by the resource team.

The participants expressed their satisfaction on the conduction of the programme and particularly the SIRD faculties and NIC Team for providing their unstinted support during the duration of the training programme and left with the hope that support from DRDA and SIRD shall continue to be available in future to them also.


State of Affairs in Arunachal PradeshDoes it happen only in our state?

Nani Bath

If dissent is penalized, freedom of thought and expression will be under siege and ultimately democracy will be drained of its vital sustaining elements.

--- Soli J. Sorabjee

The Arunachal Times (31st August 2009) carries, in its Readers’ Forum, an allegation by Mr. Tagom Mize against the Director (Tourism), Government of Arunachal Pradesh for having illegally appointed forty posts in the Department of Tourism. This is just an instance that has been brought before the eyes of the public, but such instances are many and could be found in every department except two or three.  I am told of a Minister, who got his wife, son and half a dozen of his relatives appointed in the department to which he is heading.

A gentleman, some two years back, was looking for the ‘right person’ in the corridor of the Academic building in Rajiv Gandhi University. On  enquiry it was revealed that he was in look for a contact person who really could help him pass some of his B.A. 3rd Year  papers as he did not have any more chance to appear for the papers, if he was unable to clear those papers in that year. Money was not at all problem for the gentleman. When enquired further, he disclosed that he was in dire need of a degree certificate to be submitted to his employer because he was appointed (by the previous government) as a gazetted officer without having requisite qualifications. With the change of the government the need for his degree certificate also got altered.

A year or two before this incident, it so happened that there was hardly any student left from a particular district in all the departments of Rajiv Gandhi University as almost every post graduate student was picked by a powerful Minister to be appointed as officers in various districts of Arunachal Pradesh. They are now regular, highly paid officers of the government with little more scope for chai-pani.  Knowing such illegal practices, do we have moral authority to preach our students to be studious and disciplined? What will happen to the future of thousands of graduate and post-graduate unemployed youths? Who will be responsible if they choose to ventilate their grievances through non-violent means?

Corruption in our society is basically because of corrupt means adopted during elections. The youths understood the very roots of corruption and wanted to bring some changes in the electoral and political systems of today. A change was visible in the last Parliamentary election when the youths unconditionally supported Mr. Kiren Rijiju, considering him as an ‘angel’ from the heaven. It was genuinely felt that he would be the torch bearer in attacking our cancerous society. But alas! Cancer was within him. We are not concerned whether he got ten crore or fifty crore, but our sentiment is how come he joins the party, which he considered as the murderer of democracy till very recently. A colleague of mine from Along fasted for two days, when Rijiju was defeated, saying that he wanted to share the agony of Mr. Kiren’s family. This is a small price. But what will happen to those whose financial as well as political career is at stake because of their open support to him?

Joining of Mr. Rijiju in Congress party is definitely a case of political suicide for him. He may have been trapped by the party that he loved to hate or he may be trying to outsmart the leaders of Congress in Arunachal Pradesh. In both the scenarios, many feel, he will be unsuccessful.

Acceptance of Mr. Rijiju by the Congress party is a short term strategy to crush the dissent voices, which by no means will be beneficial to the party. History bears testimony to the fact that a society without dissent does not last long.  Do not our leaders know that united ventilation of accumulated grievances by more than ten thousands educated youths could have disastrous consequence for the party and our society? They ought to learn from their own leaders like Smt. Indira Gandhi, who, at one point of time, wanted some of her strong opposition leaders to be elected so that her mistakes in the Parliament could be pointed out. One of the theories says that Indian National Congress itself was formed by a Britisher, A.O. Hume, as a ‘safety valve’ for the Indians.

Crush of dissent voices by the government and its agents are visible everywhere. When Arunachal Tribal Students’ Union, an NGO wanted to stage a peaceful dharna against two Ministers in Khandu’s Ministry for their alleged links with Naga militants in front Raj Bhavan, no permission was granted by the District Magistrate. Not only permission was denied but Madam Magistrate also issued a show-cause notice to the Executive Members for their plan to organise ‘ugly show’ in front of Raja ka Bhawan. My reading of the Constitution of India tells me that right to peaceful assembly is one of the fundamental rights a citizen of India is granted.  If she does not consider us as Indian citizens, the matter ends there.

In another instance, the District Magistrate, Ziro imposed 144 CrPC. for eight days in Hapoli township when the members of Danyi-Piilo Ground Development Committee notified to take out procession in support of their demand for cancellation of land allotment made by the Deputy Commissioner to a department from the said ground. Magistrate’s action, to my understanding, is unparallel in the administrative history of the district.

Yet another instance is the arrest of two innocent persons and slapping National Security Act against them for reporting non-availability of sufficient food grains in Tali, Kurung Kimey District. Without even having looked at the contents of the letter, I could sense that their intent was never to be anti-India. If a hungry and an angry young man says he would cross the border if no PDS items are supplied to them, all should be supportive of him instead of condemning him as anti-national. A hungry stomach knows no boundary.

These actions remind me of British Raj in India. The actions are also similar to those adopted by the then Government of Assam and the Government of India when Naga and Mizo freedom movements were at their initial stages.

Rijiju, our only hope, has befriended with our enemies. Who, then, is with the common people? No body? Till the time somebody takes the place of Mr. Kiren Rijiju, will I be mistaken if we put all our eggs in the basket of our Governor, who is personally involved himself for the overall-development of the people of Arunachal Pradesh. Apart from his personal attachment, Governor of Arunachal Pradesh is provided with a special provision in the Constitution of India to effectively deal with law and order problem, in the form of Article 371(H). It is another matter that this Article was inserted in the Constitution keeping in view strategic location of this Frontier land.

Popular perception is that hon’ble Governor could be the ultimate hope for the people of Arunachal Pradesh. Every Arunachalee expects hon’ble Governor to intervene and ensure accountability of the government so that we do not see another Manipur or Nagaland in this beautiful land of North East India. As the first step, the Governor could peruse all appointments made by all departments two months prior to declaration of election schedule for General Election to the Legislative Assembly. Otherwise, my understanding as an academician is that hon’ble Governor‘s active involvement in NGO-type activities will also be questioned. Already many have expressed their resentments in private over Governor’s activities such as his attending as Chief Guest in [email protected] First lady’s judging the Miss Arunachal Contest is another event which was better avoided.

(Dr. Bath teaches in the Department of Political Science, Rajiv Gandhi Arunachal University. The author can be contacted at [email protected]).


District administrations take stock of election preparedness

Govt employees asked to abstain from political indulgence during election

ROING, Sept 8: With the declaration of election dates, the district administrations are gearing up for polls. The DEOs have already started their meetings with all the stakeholders to ensure that elections are held free and in free manner.

The DEO cum Returning Officer (RO), Roing Y.W. Ringu called upon the govt. officers and officials to abstain from any political indulgence during election. She said this in a meeting held with all the govt. staffs especially to educate the IIIrd and IVth Grade govt. staffs about the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) here at Anchal Samity Hall yesterday, reports DIPRO.

DC cum DEO said that as per the latest directives of ECI any case registered against any individual on election related matters will not be withdrawn even after completion of election and would be pursued until a logical conclusion is arrived. She sought sincere and dedicated cooperation of all staffs as shown in last Panchayat & Parliamentary Elections and asked them to remain prepared to perform any ascertain duty for peaceful and smooth conduct of Assembly Election.

Regarding granting of leave on medical ground during Election, RO further said that Medical Certificate furnished by any individual would not be considered for granting leave rather a Standing Board would be constituted which will decide the genuineness of leave applied for. She further asked all the HoDs to furnish the list of govt. employees along with their age so that the person above 50 years of age would not be sent to far off places where foot march are involved. Informing that the 99.97 % of voters of the district has been issued with EPIC Cards, Ringu further asked the HoDs to submit the EPIC Nos of each staff along with the list.

In order to check the illegitimate flying of vehicles in the district during election, she directed the District Transport Officer to conduct Mobile Code in the township at regular interval.

Earlier, a Consultative Committee meeting with district presidents of Political Parties was held in DEO’s Office on Sept 4 last. She apprised them of the enforcement of MCC and requested them to cooperate and coordinate with the rules and regulations as described by the ECI for Political parties and any orders that may come up as and when required during election.

The Consultative Committee meeting was attended by District Party Presidents Kotige Mena (BJP), Golo Saring (Congress I) and Tengare Linggi (AC) besides Administrative Officers, DIO and DIPRO, the report added.

YINGKIONG: A consultative meeting of all out post administrative Officers, police and representatives of political parties was held under the chairmanship of DC Upper Siang Pawan Kumar Sain, Yingkiong on Sept 7 in connection with the Assembly election 2009.

Pawan Kumar Sain, while taking stock of the election preparedness in the district reiterated on the importance of free and fair election. He appalled to the officers to carry out election duties with utmost sincerity and dedication while adding that the code of conduct has to be followed in totality. He wanted that all Govt. service to desist from involving in polities.

The Deputy Commissioner briefed in detail about the procedures and rules of the election process and appealed to all political parties to co-operate. There was also a discussion on Sensitive and hyper sensitive polling stations.

BOMDILA: A meeting of all the EROs and AEROs of the district was held in the office chamber of the Deputy Commissioner cum the District Election officer here today in connection with the continues updating of the photo Electoral Roll of the district and various other issues related to the forthcoming Assembly election.

Underscoring the need to handle everything in an appropriate and earnest way, DEO Swati

Sharma called upon the EROs and the AEROs to promptly dispose-off the cases related to Form-7 and reports in this regard be sent to the District Election Office on daily basis.

Cautioning them to be non-political on all the issues related to the election, she expected them to keep her posted on all the issues and developments related to the Assembly Election in their respective AC segments. Further, instead of delegating, the concerned AROs need to conduct the consultative meetings themselves, she added.

Other issues like review on security measures, re-assessment of the polling stations, movement and communication plan, randomization were taken up for discussion.


AOA gets 5 lakhs as seed money from FICCI

ITANAGAR Sept 08: The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry will give five lakhs as seed money to Arunachal Olympic Association through Indian Olympic Association to organize the state clubs games.

This was announced at the National Clubs Games coordination Committee meeting held at Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), New Delhi on September 7.

The future of sports in India depends on upon our ability to see beyond cricket said IOA president MP Suresh Kalmadi while inaugurating the meet.

We should focus on the Olympic sporting activities which are played over 200 countries, he said and urged Indian Industry to invest in the Commonwealth Games in the interest of long term development of sports in the country.The Indian Olympic Association has announced to organize the first-ever National Club Games to promote grass-root sports in India. State Olympic associations and National Federations attended the meeting to device a coordination mechanism to ensure that state Olympic associations work hand in hand with sports authorities in close association with government authorities to oversee the successful implementation of the club games right through the grass-root level.

The National Club Games initiative was launched by International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge during the Commonwealth Youth Games in Pune last year.

FICCI and IOA signed MoU to broad base the public private partnership in Olympic sporting disciplines.

It was decided that the state clubs games at district level will be held from the first week of November.

It was further decided that each working group will prepare strategy state wise for implementation of the National club games.

Each state Olympic association will identify the mechanism for coordination with the state federation and government authority for organizing the Games at district level.

The timeline for organizing the State level games has been slated for November-December this year.

The Zonal games will be organized in February 2010 and National level games will be held in Uttrakhand in May 2010.

Six crore players are expected to participate from across the country once the national club games are implemented in totality.

FICCI Sports Committee chairman and president & CEO of Coca-Cola India said that India is a country with one of the youngest population in the world.

The national club games is a great leap forward and FICCI and the industry will work to augment and supplement the IOAs efforts for these games, he added.

Arunachal Olympic Association president Padi Richo attending the coordination committee meeting interacted with IOA president, FICCI secretary general, CEO Coco-Cola and chairman FICCI sports committee.

They have assured to sponsor any games and sports in Arunachal Pradesh through Arunachal Olympic Association.

Richo further thanked chief minister Dorjee Khandu and his government for implementation of 5% job reservation for meritorious APST sports persons in all the departments.


Financial inclusion through extension of banking service emphasized

TEZU, Sept 9: A daylong seminar on Financial Inclusion was organized jointly by NABARD, SBI and Leads Banks under the Chairmanship of Tezu ADC W Khimhum at conference hall of DC office on Sept 7 last.

Presiding over the function, Khimhum termed it as a right forum for NGOs, DRDA, ICDS, Agriculture, Horticulture and other associated department to exchange views in reaching out aid and assistance to rural people through expansion of banking sectors. All poverty alleviation schemes under central govt. are mostly dependent on banks and while adding that service delivery system is not forthcoming at expected pace.  He insisted that all line departments should have close interaction with NABARD and Bank authority to sort out intricate problems to provide all opportunities to rural farmers/people.

The DGM NABARD in his key note address said that our services are meant for the people and all efforts have been made so far to create awareness for the rural masses in all productive sectors. Effort are being made to give 50% bank credit to all cultivators by 2011 and opening of accounts in rural areas are meaningless unless farmers have income with them. He gave a detail deliberation, on recommendation of committee on Financial Inclusion, policy of FIF, FITF, formation of Farmer’s club and other promotional programmes.

The Chief Manager, SBI, LHO Guwahati dwelt elaborately on banking smart card technology, MRT channel, Fund transfer and Micro insurance through power point presentations. He said that banking sectors are making inroads to connect the unconnected people as prosperity of the bank depends on prosperity of all customers .Though 73% of the farmers are yet to be connected with banking services cent-percent coverage is visualized in the years to come. Banks are striving to provide enabling mechanism to enlarge its service landscapes and directions are on to electronic payments to enhance monetary flow through productive routes so that it reaches to beneficiaries crossing long list of unwanted channels. It is a wrong notion that bank is for rich people despite high coverage of rural sectors, he said. The Chief Managers also dwelt on formation of farmers club, SHGs among women, Business Facilitators and Business Correspondents depicting huge success on these areas in different parts of the Country.

The LDM, SBI , NABARD, AGM RBI, RPCD Guwahati also spoke on the occasion. (DIPRO)


International Literacy Day observed

ITANAGAR, Sep 08: To know ones duty and responsibility towards society and nation with self respect besides honouring others is literacy said Papum Pare District Zilla Parishad Chairperson Nabam Aka.

She was speaking as the chief guest at the 43rd Observance day of International Literacy Day observed by Papum Pare Zilla Saksharata Samity.

She requested all to work for the cause of education particularly towards adult learners and specially women so that they do not feel deprived and isolated from the main stream.

Aka further assured to support the cause through Panchayat Raj Institutions of the district. Education is the foundation that cannot be ignored rather would have to put under proper order said Doimukh Zilla Segment Zilla Parishad Member Tana Bado while speaking as guest of honour. We can not compromise with quality of education as it gives knowledge which provides opportunity to think for a good civil society. All should contribute in shaping the education system so that best facility is provided to teachers and students, he said.

Bado further said that the mission of education is preparation of human resource for development that demands scientific approach and training.

Speaking as Chairman of the function DDSE cum PZSS Member Secretary Gania Lazi desired the support of PRI's and others towards achieving 100% literacy of the district in the near future.

He further called upon the leaders to share the responsibility of continuing education and mission for women literacy in particulars. Lazi thanked Nabam Aka and Tana Bado for their supportive hand towards adult literacy.

DAEO Tana Tagu Tara presented the task covered by the PZSS under TLC & PLP and tasks to be covered in future towards cent percent literacy under mission mood.

The changing world demands alertness and knowledge based upon scientific approach in taking decision at every walk of social and individual life said APO D K Bandyopadhyay.

Earlier in the day large procession of the school children of Doimukh, Amba and Emchi schools along with their teachers, headmasters, adult learners of Doimukh circle and Panchayate Members went around the Doimukh market to the Hr. Sec. School.


AMSU Bi-annual conference

ITANAGAR, Sept 08: Ajan Pul, Tutusingh Ngadong and Kuling Chaitom have been elected as President, Vice President and General Secretary of All Mishmi Students’ Union (AMSU) in its biannual conference cum election held at Tezu recently.


24th National Fortnight on eye Donation

Changlang, Sept 8: The observation of 24th National Fortnight on eye Donation at Changlang concluded today.

Deputy Commissioner Changlang, Dr.S.B.Deepak Kumar (IAS), ZPM (Changlang North) Mrs Marina Kenglang, graced the valedictory function as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively.

All the Heads of the Offices, Medical Officers & staff, students and public leaders of Changlang were present in the function.

Dr S B Deepak Kumar, IAS, Deputy Commissioner cum Chairman of District Blindness Control Society, Changlang showing the concern about Nil report on eyes donation in Arunachal Pradesh till date appealed that one should come forward and pledge one’s eyes for donation and should inform the relatives also about the pledge to avoid future complicacies.  He urge upon the members present to generate awareness among the people to encourage the noble deed of eye donation.

Marina while lauding the team of District blindness Control Society, Changlang for their sincere, honest, dedicated and tireless service hoped that such endeavor would definitely bring changes the mind set of common mass thereby diverting their thinking towards the positive side of the eye donation.

Dr Taba Khana, Eye Specialist, District Hospital, Changlang gave a power point presentation on different kinds of Blindness its cause and cure.

Earlier in the morning, about hundreds of students from Government Higher Secondary School, Changlang Medical staff joined the concluding rally of 24th National Fortnight on eye Donation, which was flagged off from District Hospital by Dr P De, DMO, Changlang and led by Dr. Taba Khana, Eye Specialist, DH, Changlang. Slogans like ‘Netra Dhaan, Maha Dhaan,’ ‘Donate eye –remove Blindness’ were heard shouting.

During the two weeks long observation massive campaign in the form of wall writings, postering, displaying banners in prominent places and interactions with youths, holding inter school essay competition. Dr Khana interacted with over 1500 students from six different schools which were followed by screening of students and teachers. The awareness generation on eye donation was also conducted at Miao on 4th September 2009.

DMO, Dr P De also spoke on the occasion. (DIPRO)


DRDA employees reinstate demands

ITANAGAR, Sept 08: All India DRDA Staff Welfare Association has postponed its proposed second phase dharna on October 5 after Prime Minister Office, New Delhi assured to look in to their demands. The demands include immediate withdrawal of DO letter issued by joint secretary, Ministry of Rural Development, to the secretaries of Rural Development of all States and Union Territories, absorption of Employees working in DRDA in line department or creation of separate cell in Zilaparishads with separate cell identity and definite service rules as per new staffing pattern issued by GOI in1999, filling up of vacant post in DRDAs and early payment of DRDA staff salaries of Arunachal Pradesh.

However, the association decided to launch its next dharna if the government fails to fulfill their demands.

Meanwhile, Arunachal Pradesh DRDA Staff Welfare Association has changed its nomenclature to All India DRDA Staff Welfare Association, Arunachal Pradesh Unit. It has further called for early release of salaries which has not been disbursed since Jan this year.


Yam Natung to head BJPMM

ITANAGAR: Tame Yam Natung has been appointed as President, BJP Mahila Morcha, Arunachal Pradesh unit.


High Court Vacation

ITANAGAR: The Itanagar Bench of Guwahati High Court will remain closed from September 24-October 17 on account of festival vacation.

However, the registry will function as usual, except second Saturday, Sunday and gazetted holidays.


Taniang remembered

ITANAGAR: Family, friends and former colleagues, church leaders today paid tribute to Late Tadar Taniang on his second death anniversary.

A former minister and a prominent church leader, Taniang passed away after a brief illness in 2007.

The state government recognized his contribution by naming Nyapin College after him. Born in remote LangclothVillage in Kurung Kumey in 1952, the late leader who was popularly known as Pai Taniang, become one of the most powerful political leaders of his era. An orphan, Taniang rose to prominence by dint of his sheer hard work.







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Appeal for De-reservation of Tale Reserve Forest


I, on behalf of the villagers of Aye, Bomte, Pamluk and Baktap under Kamporijo Circle would like to draw the attention of the deputy commissioner of Lower Subansiri District, towards the grievances for his kind consideration and sympathetic action.

The villages mentioned above are one of the most backward villages having the lowest literacy rate and have been deprived of all developmental activities.

The Govt. of India declared the entire area as Tale Reserve Forest on May 15, 1976 without the consultation with the local people who were inhabiting in these areas since last part of 18th Century. The authorities like HGB/GB/Panchayats had also not been taken into confidence. Areas having a settlement of people cannot be made or treated as a reserve forest. To supplement the above point, many facts can be cited. This particular area has produced one political interpreter Late Kup Teni who hailed from Aye village in 1944, then the British administration under Balipara Frontier Track at Ziro. To furnish some more evidences, Govt. Primary School Aye was established in 1972 which is now upgraded to Inter-Village School under SSA Scheme.

With the advent of Panchayat Raj system in the state, these villages were also given priority on the basis of their population. The first three tier system of Panchayat Election was held in 1967. Late Boni Tayo was elected unopposed from Aye, Bomte and Boa villages and rendered his services till 1975, then the erstwhile state was under union territory. After the Chinese aggression, the local staff working under General Reserved Engineering Force (GREF) who constructed road in the far flung areas, many of whom settled in the proximity of Pamluk village and till now some of them is getting their pension from their department. Besides, ST certificates issued by the Deputy Commissioner, to the inhabitants of Pamluk alongwith PRC prove that there was human settlement in this area since time immemorial. The electoral enrollment in Bomte polling station in 1978 has a list of 150 voters out of which 20 Nos. head of families are more than 60 years of age which give ample scope to prove that the areas have long been taken over by the people.

Moreover, Late Boni Tayo and Taw Techi were appointed as H.G.B. and G.B respectively and represented Aye and Bomte village till their life time and their date of birth 07/02/1925 (Boni Tayo) and 05/05/1932 (Taw Techi) as per the birth certificate issued by district administration which also determines that the entire areas was inhabitated by the people for so many years at Aye and Bomte village.

It has been observed that the mentioned areas were declared as reserve without undergoing proper survey as the certificates issued to some of the inhabitants date back to 1960, 1955 and1975 which clearly indicate the ignorance of the human settlement by the concerned department. Apart form this, the map of Tale Reserve was drawn by dint of imagination as there is no mention of any of the above villages in that map which is also indicative of some improper acts of  the officials on duty.

The population of the region is more than 1500 and no economic activities are being carried out so far owing to its coming under reserve forest. There is not a single permanent structure in this area except four Primary Schools i.e. Govt. Primary School Bomte, Govt. I.V. School Aye, Govt. Primary School Pamluk and Govt. Primary School Baktap which are symbols of Govt. establishments in the region.

In the light of the above facts, it has become highly imperative to de-reserve  this particular region as the whole locality is lagging behind in all developmental activities and is severely affected on every aspect under the clutches of forest act as the area comes under Reserve Forest. Such act refrains us from constructing any structure, obtaining Land Possession Certificates for setting up of even small scale industries and from  agricultural activities.

Therefore, I will be highly obliged if the competent authority ponders over the genuine demands of the people of this area to de-reserve the forest and thus providing a change to the people to prosper, flourish and for sustainable economic development in every walk of life.


Boni Tamen

Former Speaker (Federal Assembly),

All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union





Clean candidate should get party ticket


Concerned over the ensuing state Assembly election, I, through your esteemed daily,  would like to put forward our views on the issuing of tickets.

The present Sate Government is moving ahead with transparency and streamlining of Public Distribution System (PDS) in the state with dedication and sincerity. To go ahead with its motive of streamlining the PDS and transparency in the State, the present government must take wise decision while issuing ticket to the party candidate, specially in regard to Palin Assembly Constitution, where people are facing PDS problem.

The profile of every aspiring candidate has to be gone through or scrutinsed to unearth the past activities. Whether he or she is maintaining the assigned duties and obligations with fair and transparency, whether ever had fallen under PDS scandal or fund misappropriation scandal need to be taken into consideration.

There will be great treat to PDS in the state in near future, if the concerned authorities fail to pick the sincere and dedicated candidate.

No doubt win ability is one of the basic criteria of the party while selecting candidate, but mere winning will not yield good fruit, rather it may cost misunderstanding and disintegration of party in mid term.

Our state have witnessed mid term disintegration well enough earlier.

I am being a well wisher of the present state Government, hope that  they run next government and spearhead the developmental activities again by shedding favoritisms and welcoming the public opinion while issuing party ticket to maintain its commitments.

Takam Tasar,


Kipa Kale, GS

Arunachal Youth Federation






Step to combat swine flu laudable


While seeing the news published in your esteemed daily of Sept 7 last, I am so happy to know that the Arunachal Govt is taking initiatives by appointing many experts in the state to combat "Swine flu" which so far claimed 35 lives in Pune Maharashtra).

I hope, if the Govt. is taking the same step till to the end of the situation our citizens will definitely be saved & protective. However, from my experience in Pune while keeping the lines in mind: "PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE", I would like to advise the citizens to use handkerchief & mask regularly closing their nose & mouth while outing from home. By using this, atleast we can protect ourselves against the virus being infected by.



Techi Takang

Pune, Maharashtra

      On e-mail

September - 09