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Smoke billow beneath the banned Boli

A T News Service

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: A group of around 100 women of the Capital Complex today unanimously appealed to the authorities concerned to put a blanket ban on Boli.

Talking to the media persons, on behalf of the women victims who were present there, state Nationalist Congress Party women wing president Toko Sheetal said that the order of the district Capital administration regarding the Boli has been misinterpreted by the organizers. The Boli is still being played despite ban and most of the victims of the Boli are weaker section of the society, she said.

The Capital district administration in its Sept 1 order said that ‘Boli game shall not be allowed to be played as already ordered. However, every member who has taken the money after bidding shall have to compulsorily return only the amount she had taken, to organizer/collector. The collector shall then distribute this amount amongst all the members so that members can get back their investments. This entire process of winding up of this game must be completed within three months from the date of issue of this order”. However, the organizers have misinterpreted the order saying that the administration has ordered to complete the bidding of Boli game within three months, Sheetal claimed and added that women of middle class, poor families are forced to play the Boli against their will.

Pointing out the administrative order for ‘compulsory return of the amount’, Sheetal who claimed  herself to be  one of the victims of the Boli,  said that  the women of the poor families were lured to play more than one groups of the Boli and  most of the women have  invested  money as a member of several groups. How could a woman return the  money  to a one group of Boli until she receives the fund  invested in  several other Boli groups, she questioned and urged the  higher authorities to take bold initiative for the security and peace of the members who are  constantly being threatened  to return the bidding money or  under instant pressure to continue the game.

Initially the Boli was helpful for the weaker section as the game was played with little amount and small group. But in the course of time the Boli played involving rupees thousands to lakhs  and  it has now become a daily affair without proper rules and agreement, Sheetal  alleged.

Claiming that around thousands woman  of the Capital Complex are the members of  such Boli groups Sheetal  said that 98 per cent of the members are in favour of complete ban on Boli.

It is not swine flu that has threatened the life of the innocent people of the state, but the Boli which has already robbed off the peace of the family of  weaker sections of the society, she said.

One of the victims of the Boli and Capital Complex Women Welfare Society president Tana Nenu alleged  that many woman members have left their houses under constant threat  for their unable to pay the money to the collectors.   Properties of  four families of Boli members have been forcefully  taken away yesterday, she alleged.

If the Govt does not take immediate step to find out the solution to the matter in the greater interest of the women who are compelled to live away from their sons and husband and to bring peace in the society, we shall have no other option but  to come out to the street demanding complete solution to the matter, Nenu said.

We are ready to cooperate with the administration. Let peace prevails in hundreds of family of weaker sections in the Capital Complex, she appealed.

Meanwhile, Nenu informed that a committee was formed with Sheetal as president and Nenu general secretary to raise the  grievances of the all the Boli victims.

One of the victims husband Sung Passang claimed that his wife, who is the member of the Boli groups, has been missing since the last week of August. He has approached various authorities  and appealed them to find out his missing wife, but yielded no result. Peace has been robbed off due to this game called Boli, he said.

Another woman victim said ‘the Boli party has threatened me to pay the sum in lakhs within a week. I don’t know what to do. I  have also invested money in another Boli groups which I have not received yet’, she said.

Techi Necha, Trinamool Congress candidate from Itanagar Assembly constituency, who was also present,  is of the view that administration should take immediate step to find out a concrete solution to the problem in order to bring peace in the society.


126 file nominations

Itanagar, Sept 24: 53 candidates filed nominations today taking the total to 126.

Among those who filed nominations is former Chief Minister Gegong Apang.

19 nominations were filed by Indian National Congress, four by Bharatiya Janata party, eight by All   India   Trinamool Congress, 12 by Nationalist Congress Party and 4 Peoples Party of Arunachal, 3 Janata Dal while three Independent candidates also filed their nominations.  

The final date for nomination is Sept 25. Scrutiny of Nomination is Sept 26 while the last date of withdrawal is Sept 29.


No. & Name                     Sl. No.              Name of                             Party

of Assembly                                            candidate                         Affiliation

Constituency                                        filed Nomination


        (1)                           2)                       (3)                                 (4)


1- Lumla (ST)                    1                        Jambey Tashi                  INC

4- Dirang (ST)                   2                         Dor Tsering  PPA


5- Kalaktang (ST)              3                        TN Thongdok                    INC

6- Thrizino-Buragon (ST)    4                         Kumsi Sidisow                PPA

9- Chayangtajo(ST)           5                         Kameng Dolo                  INC

13- Itanagar (ST)               6                        Tami Taniang                   Janata Dal


16- Yachuli (ST)                7                        Likha Saaya                     INC

                                      8                         Nikh Kamin                     AITC

17- Ziro-Hapoli (ST)           9                         Subu Koyang                  NCP

                                     10                        Nani Ribia                       AITC

19- Nyapin (ST)                11                       Bamang Felix                  NCP

20- Tali (ST)                     12                       Er. Markio Tado               PPA

22- Nacho (ST)                 13                       Tapa Garam Baki             NCP

24- Daporijo (ST)              14                       Takir Kurdu                      JD(U)

26- Dumporijo (ST)           15                        Rode Bui                        NCP

28- Likabali (ST)               16                       Jomde Kena                    INC

29-Basar (ST)                  17                        Dakter Basar                   AITC

32- Rumgong (ST)            18                        Dibang Tatak                  INC

                                     19                        Karma Jerang                 Janta Dal     


                                      20                      Tayu Jerang                     NCP

33- Mechukha (ST)           21                       Bote Yuto                        PPA

34- Tuting-Yingkiong         22                       Gegong Apang                 INC

                                      23                       Katan Kombho                BJP

35- Pangin (ST)                24                       Kaling Jerang                   NCP

36- Nari-Koyu (ST)            25                       Tako Dabi                       INC

                                      26                       Kenyom Dabi           Independent


37- Pasighat West (ST)     27                      Tangor Tapak                   BJP

                                      28                       Omak Apang                   INC   

38- Pasightat East (ST)     29                       Oyem Dai                       BJP

39- Mebo (ST)                  30                       Ralom Borang                  NCP

40- Mariyang-Geku (ST)    31                     JK Panggeng                    INC

                                      32                       Dana Pertin                     BJP

                                      33                       Raising Perme                 NCP

43- Roing (ST)                  34                        Laeta Umbrey                  AITC

44- Tezu (ST)                   35                       Karikho Kri                      INC

                                       36                       Nakul Chai                      AITC

45-Hayuliang (ST)             37                       Kalikho Pul                     INC

                                      38                       Khuje Drai                       NCP

46-Chowkham (ST)           39                       Chow Tewa Mein              INC

                                      40                       C. C. Namchoom             NCP

47-Namsai (ST)                 41                        Nang Sati Mein          Independent

48- Lekang (ST)                42                        Chowna Mein                  INC

49- Bordumsa Diyum         43                      CC Singpho                     INC

                                      44                       Khumral Lungphi             NCP

51-Nampong (ST)              45                      Tosham Mossang        Independent

53-Changlang(North)          46                      Wangnia Pongte              AITC

54- Namsang (ST)             47                       Wanglong Rajkumar        NCP

55- Khonsa  East (ST)       48                      TL Rajkumar                     INC

                                      49                       Kamthok Lowang             AITC

56- Khonsa West (ST)       50                      Thajom Aboh                    AITC

                                      51                       Yamsen Matey                INC

57-BorduiaBogapani (ST)   52                       W.Lowangdong                INC

60-Pongchau-Wakka (ST)  53                      Honchun Ngandam           INC



Arunachal Edition of The Sentinel launched

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: The Arunachal edition of The Sentinel, was launched today in Itanagar with Rup J Pater as Consulting Editor and Jarpum Gamlin as it Chief Executive Officer at function at Banquet Hall.  

While launching the newspaper, chief guest Prof. KC Belliappa complimented the new initiative and exhorted the media fraternity to be fair in presenting stories and in reporting. He further emphasized on the need to provide wider coverage on districts issues rather than confining to capital complex only.   

Gamlin, a management graduate with stints in Honda and Moserbear was optimistic that the newly launched newspaper will raise the bar of excellence in both contents of news, fairness and quality in reporting, high standard of presentation and newsprints.

“It was Lummer Dai’s vision to have a newspaper in the state which saw the birth of first paper; it was his dream which gave us the taste for newspaper, it was his efforts which created a market for newspaper”, the CEO said while paying homage to Lummer Dai, the prioneer of Print Media in the state. Jarjum Ete dwelt at length on media’s role in bringing out the truth to the masses.  She further said that network of delivery has to be activated so that reach is better. She further said that print media has been Capital region centric which needs to be changed if it has stand the test of time. A former journalist herself, Ete spelt-out the role of media in bringing out the truth to the masses and appealed to the media to be sensitive, not sensationalize, in reporting cases


Dibang districts celebrate Keme-ha

ANINI, Sept 24: Idu-Mishi community of Anini also celebrated Kameha festival today.

During the festival Apeya-Aduya is worshiped for prosperity of m,ankind and good harvesting and is held every year at the advent of winter season, which is the occasion for people to relax. Festival Celebration Committee, Organiser, Akhunge Miuli disclosed that first harvest of the season is eaten and few paddy bundles are burnt as a symbolic of reverence to deities.

Deputy Commissioner, Tayor Jempen in his speech as Chief Guest said that upcoming generation should focus more on the preservation of its exotic traditional arts and crafts, folklores, folk songs and dances to which Idu tribe is known all over the state.

Participating on the occasion, Local MLA, Rajesh Tacho expressed his concern over the danger being posed to the indigenous culture and its colourful traditions with the arrival of modernity.

He urged the youths to take every possible steps for the preservations, however, as a matter of fact, youth must ensure that it’s original form remain intact while blending the culture in the name of modernity.

The daylong celebration featured traditional fashion show, community feast.

Roing: Keme-Ha festival of Idu Mishmis was celebrated with great festivity at Koronu Village on 24 Sept 2009. The celebration was attended by large number of people, dignitaries, school children and women at large. Entire Koronu village had a festive look, women and children in their traditional attire and men busy in welcoming guests.

Apart from cultural programmes, one of the attractions of the Keme-Ha was the SHG stalls put up at the venue ground. Total 9 SHGs have put up three stalls jointly, of traditional food, traditional clothes and local spices. All the three stalls were sponsored by NABARD and organised by Essomi Foundation. It was a unique learning to the SHG members, pricing, marketing skill, finishing, packaging and displaying etc. The groups achieved a total sale of Rs. 52,000/- within six hours.

Elders of the community, District Officials and Mukut Mithi, MP Rajyasabha and former Chief Minister while visiting the stall, appreciated the support rendered by NABARD to SHGs in capacity building, training and promotional activities. It is to be noted that there are 22 successful SHGs promoted by Essomi Foundation under TDF area sponsored by NABARD, said the press release by Essomi Foundation.  


APTC declares final list

ITANAGAR, Sep 24: Arunachal Pradesh Trinamool Congress has released its final list of candidates today. MLA Nikh Kamin has been issued the party ticket for 16-Yachuli (ST) Assembly constituency in place of Neelam Topu in the interest of the party.  Kamin who is also the Advisor to chief minister on Civil Supply matters has tendered his resignation from the primary membership of the Congress (I) party.

Other prominent figures whose name has been approved for APTC are former ministers Tengam Ngemu for 52-Changlang ST Assembly constituency and Talo Mugli for 25-Raga ST Assembly constituency. Mugli resigned from the primary and active membership of the Congress (I) party. He further refused the post offered by APCC as Campaign chairman for Western Parliamentary segment.

Former MLA Larbin Nasi will be contesting from 48-Lekang ST Assembly Constituency. Er Baritlum Ama has been issued party ticket for 45-Hayulong ST Assembly Constituency, ZPM H R Talo for 18-Palin ST Assembly Constituency and Bake Tach Anthony for 21-Koloriang ST Assembly Constituency.


Where liquor flows like the river

Denhang Bosai

The Tirap District Administration has launched an all-out campaign to check illegal sale/use of liquor during Assembly Elections 2009 as liquor is rampantly used during elections in the District by political parties often creating law and order problems. The strict vigil by the administration on sale and transit of liquor at Khonsa has begun to pay dividends as thousands of liquor bottles have been seized over the last few days.

But the biggest haul of liquor came on 24th Setp.’09 morning when mobile staff of Excise Department, Khonsa seized 500 cases of liquor from a truck bearing No. AS-24-6514 which was coming from Naharlagun and was heading for Longding via Khonsa. The driver along with the handyman and the liquor-laden truck has been handed over to the police for further investigation. The driver cleverly put ‘On Army Duty’ on the truck, ostensibly to hoodwink the Police. The seized liquor is estimated to be worth about Rupees Four Lakhs. Yesterday the Excise department’s field Inspectors closed down 6 Wine Shops in Khonsa Bazar for violating District Magistrate’s Order.

A few days ago Sachin Shinde, IAS Assistant Commissioner (Election) along with Police personnel seized 12 cases of liquor from the shops in the premises of State Transport Office, Khonsa. A few days after that raid, the members of All Tirap Students’ Union who are helping the administration during elections in its crusade to check unauthorized sale of liquor, seized a few cases of liquor from Khonsa Bazar.  The 19 Assam Rifles personnel who are also engaged in thorough checking in the Khonsa township ahead of Assembly elections, confiscated 12 cases of rum and 6 cases of beer from a Lazu- bound vehicle No. AS-06-0861 at the Assam Rifles check gate. The driver was arrested and handed over to police.

It may be mentioned here that the District Magistrate Tirap had earlier promulgated prohibitory orders, barring sale of liquor during elections. The order had limited sale of only 2 bottles of liquor per person per day. It is needless to mention that the candidates and their supporters freely distribute liquor to the voters during elections in the district to win them over. In fact, liquor and meat are liberally used in the district by the contesting candidates during elections thereby exploiting the inherent weakness of the gullible voters for liquor. Incidentally, Tirap is not an isolated case as people all over the State have a penchant for liquor traditionally. Thus, strict vigil and relentless checking on sale and transit of liquor during elections will go a long way in arresting rampant use of liquor by political parties. It is a fact that too much use of liquor during elections vitiates the atmosphere causing chaos and law and order problems. But this time, Tirap District Administration, District Police and Security Forces seem to have made-up their mind not to allow this nuisance to go on any longer.  

Large quantity of liquor seized

TAWANG: Tawang District Administration conducted intensive surprise checking drives to detect illicit liquor selling to ensure free and fair election. Large quantity of illicit liquor was seized during the drive in the outskirt of Tawang township.

The monitoring teams of Model code of conduct and Sector Officers have also been pressed into service in the entire district to monitor and report on any violation by political parties in daily basis.  

The local police have started conducting regular motor vehicle and ILP checking drives in the district and a number of persons from outside the state were found staying in the district in violation of the ILP regulation. The violators were booked under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act and forwarded to local courts for penal action.

The daily sale of liquor in licensed wine shops in the district are also being monitored closely and the police stations have been directed to ensure the depositions of licensed arms by the licencee in the district as no exemption for such deposition of licensed fire arms have been received so far.

ECIL Engineers Test EVMs

SEPPA: A first level checking of the EVMs was conducted at Seppa Election office, by the highly skilled team of ECIL Engineers headed by S.C Sarkar from Hydrabad.

Out of total 347 checked control unit 30 were found defective. At least 3 EVMs have been issued to the AROs of the various circle of the district so far- one each to ARO Seijosa, ARO Pijirang, ARO Bameng.  Meanwhile a board has fixed Rs 200 per day for the porters.  

Election process goes high tech

BOMDILA: Keeping pace with the present day Information technology, the District Administration, in its official website of the district – west kameng. nic.in has opened a profile- ‘Assembly Elections 2009’ wherein one can find all the relevant in formations with regard to the ensuing polls.

Details of Administrative Sub-Divisions, Circles, Blocks, Police stations, WT net stations, Fire stations, Locations, Area, Number of towns and villages, AC segments, Polling stations, Electors, total voters, population, sex ration, literacy rate, EPIC coverage etc can be found under the General Information category.

Likewise, under the Elector Information, one could get to know the Gender, Elector population ration, State Age-Cohort wise Elector information, Inclusion and Deletion, EPIC and photo coverage, Polling Station locations, Migrated Electors and Service Voters of the district.

Meanwhile the first level checking of the 330 EVMs meant for the 152 (including 02 auxilary ones) Polling Stations of the district is being carried out by the Engineers of ECIL Hydrabad and the EVM awareness campaign is being carried out in the respective AC segments by the AROs and AEROs concerned.

Earlier in the morning, a meeting of the Nodal Officers, responsible for the smooth, free and fair conduct of the state Assembly elections, was held under the chairmanship of the District Election Officer Swati Sharma, where matters related to the safe custody of the EVMs and election documents, MCC violation, District Communication Plan, Movement of men and materials to the Polling Stations, EVM preparation and awareness campaign, Monitoring of Election expenditures, Dispatch of polling materials and polling parties, Media Cell, Poll Day arrangement and arrangements for dispatch of Postal Ballot Papers to officers and officials on election duty etc were taken up and reviewed for the successful conduct of the forthcoming Assembly Elections. (DIPRO)


Politics of Nomination

Dr. Nani Bath

There can be little doubt that nomination constitutes an important component of electoral politics. A political scientist remarked: “It is at the stage of nomination that the electoral battle is half won once candidates are sponsored with political imagination”. Thus, the selection process has considerable bearing on the quality of leaders to be chosen for political positions, on the fortunes of political parties as well as on individuals, on the nature of the electoral process, and on the character of the leadership and the orientation of the political system and hence the process is important for failure and success of political party in an election.

The Legislative Assembly of Arunachal Pradesh has 60 seats, out of which 59 seats are reserved for scheduled tribes and one seat (49 Bordumsa-Diyum) remains unreserved. In the First Assembly Election in 1978, 105 candidates filed nominations. In the subsequent election in 1980, the total number of candidates who filed nominations was 106. 115 candidates filed nominations in 1984 elections. The number of candidates increased to 249 in 1990 Assembly Elections. In 1995 and 1999 elections, the numbers of candidates were 226 and 205 respectively. There were 193 candidates in the last elections in 2004.

The people of Arunachal Pradesh entered into the electoral politics without adequate training in the art of politics. The competitive politics did not dictate the contests for the Panchayati bodies as election to these bodies followed customary laws of the tribal communities. At the initial stage of the introduction of Panchayati Raj institution, election did not take place in many areas as there were fewer contestants and the contests were not on the party lines.  In many instances the traditional leaders- members of Village Councils, and Gaon Buras were nominated to represent the villagers in this Institution.

This trend got reflected in early general elections held in the state. Political parties did not have much difficulty in nominating candidates as it was not easy to find sufficient ‘qualified’ candidates to contest the elections. The panchayat leaders ‘naturally’ became the contestants in both Parliamentary and Assembly elections. They were mostly the first educated leaders among the tribals and were traditionally respected. The respected leaders were very few in number as a result of which those leaders considered their selection by the political parties ‘as a matter of right’.

During those days party structure was not organized and hence no party did follow a set procedure of selection of candidate.

Political activities got momentum with the spread of education. Some politically conscious leaders felt the necessity of forming Regional Parties to safeguard the interests of the locals. Units of National political parties were also formed thereby making politics, particularly electoral politics very competitive. The competitive nature of politics has in turn made the process and criteria of selection of candidates more complex and competitive.

A candidate without any exception is nominated by the political party only if he belongs to a tribal community, which constitutes majority in that constituency. A tribal voter invariably prefers to vote in favour of a candidate of his own community/tribe coming from his locality. In all the assembly election held so far, no non-local candidate was sponsored by any political party from any of the constituencies. The only deviation was the case of former Chief Minister, Shri Gegong Apang, who was also nominated by Arunachal Congress from Liromoba Constituency for which he was an outsider.

In Arunachal Pradesh support and loyalty to the party leadership constitute an important criterion of candidate selection. The Telegraph reports that the incumbent Chief Minister not only handpicked many candidates loyal to him but also ensured exclusion of some candidates who might not toe his political line.

Enduring loyalty of a candidate to the party also cannot be ignored. In the last 2004 election all the supporters of Mukut Mithi, who remained as Congress loyalists by not joining BJP along with Gegong Apang were rewarded with party tickets. There were sixteen legislators, called as “Super Sixteen’’ in Mithi’s camp. It was reported that Mithi threatened to resign from the party if any member of his team is denied party ticket.

 It is almost a known fact that the only candidate capable of bearing the expenses of the party is nominated. Many politicians and office-bearers of the parties expressed that in many constituencies tickets are bought and no candidate can be hopeful of being selected by any political party without spending handsome amount. The author was told privately that majority of the tickets seekers have to camp in Delhi for many days, waiting for the final result from the party ‘high command’. It is supposedly one of the most expensive camps for many leaders with huge financial involvement.

Candidate’s ability to win is not often the decisive criterion as the ruling party ticket almost assures election to the selected candidate. The voters in the state do not judge the value of the candidate by his performance inside the legislature. Therefore, the least significance is attached to the value of the candidate in the legislature when selection is made.

Interestingly, in Arunachal Pradesh, the contestants of political parties other than ruling party are mostly the rejected and rebel candidates, who have been denied party ticket of the ruling party or the candidates who are not hopeful of getting nomination as ruling party nominees. History tells us that such candidates enter in the fray just to extract certain materials benefits from the sponsoring party or from the potential winning candidate.

Situation in this election may slightly be different with the entry of nationalist Congress Party and Trinamool Congress. Political complexities may further increase once Naga Peoples Front becomes operational after getting green signal from the Election Commission of India.

To conclude, present Congress was thought to be different from the tradition of previous Indian National Congress as it is in the complete command of Rahul Gandhi and his mother, Sonia. Many expected that dynastic politics would be ruled out and role of ‘material influence’ would be reduced to zero. But unfortunately these expectations were dashed with the nominations of large number of kiths and kins of heavy-weight politicians in the state.

However, optimists would still think that nomination of Likha Saya and active consideration of the candidatures of other youth leaders like Nymar Karbak and Hanifa Yongfo is an indication of an attitudinal change of Congress leadership at the centre. Will it bring an ideological politics in the state? Will merit remain the sole criterion of candidates’ selection in future elections?

(Dr. Bath teaches in the Department of Political Science, Rajiv Gandhi University and can be contacted at nanibath@ rediffmail.com.)


University teachers on Dharna

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: Rajiv Gandhi University Teachers’ Association today joined Federation of Central Universities Teachers’ Association (FEDCUTA) and staged a Dharna in protest against the failure of the University Grants Commission (UGC) in consulting FEDCUTA before finalization of Regulations of service conditions of teachers. Protests was marked by wearing Black Badges by all the members of RGUTA. All the teaching faculties took out a procession carrying placards, shouting slogans and observed Dharna in front of the Vice-Chancellor’s Secretariat.

Prof. A.K.Das, President RGUTA, while addressing the gathering showed strong sentiments against MHRD and UGC for not taking up the genuine demands of FEDCUTA seriously. While addressing, Secretary, RGUTA said that teachers are the souls of the nation and nation survives if souls exists. He further added that old Pension Scheme should also be given to teachers appointed after 01.01.2004.

Later on President, RGUTA submitted a memorandum to Chairman, UGC, New Delhi, enlisting the demands of FEDCUTA to Vice-Chancellor, which was received by the Registrar RGU.


Training on MIS

NAHARLAGUN, Sept 24: Three days training for entry operators and monitoring personal of Tawang district for Operationalization of MIS (Management information system) software developed by Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India under NREGA was conducted at Tawang from Sep 22. Tawang district is covered under NREGA from April 2008 in the third phase district.

The training was inaugurated by Lobsang Phunchu, the ADC Tawang.

The training conducted by the DRDA in collaboration with NIC was attended by all the BDOs and their staff with CIC operators and DRDA staff of Tawang.

Manish Verma, DIO Tawang and Karma Leki, PD DRDA Tawang were the main resource parson for the training.


19 Kumaon’s free school health check-up

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: Troops of 19 KUMAON Regiment organized a free school health check-up at Good Shepherd School, Deomali yesterday. Remote area of Deomali is socially and economically backward and till date basic medical facilities and health centre are a distant dream. The locals frequently requested for a Medical Check-up to be organized in the area, stated an official from the Regiment.

Medical Officer from the Battalion carried out medical check-up of 120 school children ranging from age 04 to 10 years. Skin infections, dental caries and ear infections were the most common ailments among the children. One case each of inguinal hernia and adenoids was diagnosed and referred to civil hospital. For minor illnesses medicines were dispensed on the spot.

This camp was utilized to interact with the school children, their guardians and local villagers and create awareness about malaria, water borne diseases and skin infections.


College election after fresh order from admin

PASIGHAT, Sept 24: The Principal JNC Pasighat T. Talom in a press release informed today that the College election have been deferred till further order. This decision was taken at a coordination meeting held on Sept 20 which was attended by administrative officers, senior citizens and public leaders.

While reacting to news published in a local daily, Talom said that one Daniel Jamoh, who claimed to be Chairman of JNC students Union, is not student of the college. Jamoh had demanded holding of early College elections.

The Principal also informed through the release that according to Lyngdoh Commission recommendation the democratic rights of the students will be honoured and election will be conducted within a short period of time but after receiving a fresh order from the Deputy Commissioner East Siang. (DIPRO)



NERIST, Sept 24: The National Service Scheme Cell of NERIST observed the NSS day this morning. The occasion was marked by a function followed by plantation camp and awareness campaign. The ceremony was attended by Program Officers, Security Guards and staff of NERIST, Police Personnel from Nirjuli Police out Post and Shopkeepers of Nirjuli.

Speaking on the occasion the Co-ordinator of the NSS Cell NERIST emphasized on the role of the NSS to the society.

He also stated that horizon of NSS needs to be enlarged keeping in mind the changes taking place around the world.

Program Officer, Dr. Awadesh Kumar speaking on topic “Us and Them: Who is responsible? highlighted the adverse effect of global warming on human and wildlife.

Program Officer, Dinamani Singh said that wide participation is needed to fulfill the aims of NSS.

Around 50 saplings of Ashoka plants were planted around the main gate of NERIST. Places surrounding the Main Gate were cleaned and a sensitization campaign about market waste management was carried out by Program Officers.


Delayed restoration of road link draws public flak


ROING, Sept 24: The blockage on NH 52 at the Mayudia point on Sept 18 to 19 due to heavy landslide has been cleared but not before the intervention of the DC Y W Ringu.

The restoration work was delayed at the much inconvenient of public due to scuffle between the GREF and Wild Life Department over the road as it falls under the area of Mihao Wild Life Sanctuary.

Lambasting the delayed in the restoration of road, Buke Miso Head Gam Hunli said that the people have to bear the brunt because of the dispute the two agencies. The GREF should be given free hand for the maintenance and clearance of the road, he advocated.       

The Wild Life Department issued a complete restriction of heavy earth cutting works/widening of road at Mayudia point since the road comes under the area of Mihao Wild Life Sanctuary while the GREF personnel planned to develop a transit camp at the point for the convenient of the Army personnel.  We are here for both public and defense personnel to maintain the road but such kind of interruption discourage us to continue the work, expressed Kuldeep Raj OC 62 RCC.

According to wildlife sources, the GREF can carried on the normal maintenance and clearance work but the complete cutting of hills side for parking Army convoy would hampered the sanctity of the Mayudia. Heavy human interference at this point could spoil the natural beauty and its fragile environment, asserted the wild life  authority.

J Riba DFO Wildlife said that any further cutting and widening of the road under the sanctuary has to be taken permission from the union ministry of forest and environment. He also rules out any use of explosive and blasting under the sanctuary.

When contacted to Epra Mechola member of the State Advisory Board Wild Life said that the Mayudia Point falls under restricted wild life sanctuary owing to habitat of rear and endangered animal species. Any explosive and blasting activities at this point may affect the wild life directlyâ, Mechola says.


AAPWU demands arrear and bonus

ITANAGAR Sep 24: All Arunachal Pradesh Worker’s Union, Upper Subansiri District Unit appealed the PWD Division and APEDA Department of Upper Subansiri District to release the 15 months arrears of WC Staff and also appealed the other concerned department to pay the casual bonus of the workers within September.


Donations towards fire victims

ITANAGAR Sep 24: Upper Siang District Galo Welfare Society donated thirty five thousand towards the fire victims’ relief fund of Nyigam village through the Basar Additional deputy Commissioner.

The society further donated ten thousand to fire victim Tami Bam, a driver serving under Yingkiong PWD. Bam’s government quarter was engulfed in a fire accident on September 16 last.


Tawang road open

Tawang: Several inquiries regarding restriction of traffic movement on Bhalukpong-Tawang road are pouring in from various quarters to the District Administration of Tawang. The District Administration has clarified that no such restriction has been imposed on the movement of traffic.

In fact the month beginning from October to November is the peak tourist season in Tawang and the inflow of tourists has already gained momentum.

There is hectic booking of hotels by tourists and the District is expecting visit of large number of tourists during this season. (DIPRO)


Richo resigns

ITANAGAR: INC candidate for 17-Ziro-Hapoli Constituency Padi Richo has resigned from the chairmanship of Arunachal Pradesh Building & Other Constructions Welfare Board, Arunachal Pradesh Man Power and Project Consultancy Limited and Arunachal Pradesh Minimum Wages Advisory Board.


INC responds

ITANAGAR: 36 Nari-Koyu Assembly Constituency Block Congress Committee president Ranya Doye said that the allegation leveled against ZPM Kenyom Dabi and his supporters of forcefully entering ADC Office and manhandling the staff, officers besides clashing with supporters of NCP workers while on hearing for deletion of double entries and claims & objections for additional in electoral roll is false, fabricated and is an attempt to tarnish his image.

He further said that NCP’s demand to declare Nari-Koyu Assembly Constituency as hypersensitive has no base.

Doye further said that on September 21, Nari AERO, called for claims and objections for double entries electoral roll and additional electoral roll.

He further claimed that the AERO has also lodged an FIR against the culprits.









(Readers’ Forum)







Politics versus People


Election time is on and D day is fast approaching and I can’t help myself but to go back to the memory lane which reminds of a wave which had engulfed the entire populace of Arunachal especially West Siang district. Kiren or ‘Kiran’ as the masses pronounced it, literally means ‘light’. It symbolizes hope, a new beginning…Kiren ko vote nai dene wala to ‘pagol’ hai, the patriotism in their voices was running high and was quiet laudable. Now I realize how pagol indeed I had been to have voted for him. It was the 16th of April, I vividly remember. After an early breakfast and having cast my vote I had taken my two months pregnant wife all the way to Taba Sora, a remote village located up hills somewhere 28 kilometers from Aalo town against all the medical advice not to travel. But determined as I was not to let a vote go waste and since she was having the voters ID card issued against the village address, I took the risk. Its a bumpy, nerve wrecking  roller coaster ride, driving through which I often wonder about these much hyped Yojanas like PMGSY which only makes a good reading in the newspaper and gives us a false impression of ‘ARUNACHAL PROGRESSING’ when they are announced with much fanfair but the ground reality remains the same and the deplorable road condition with potholes alone is such that bullock carts seems more fit than the Scorpios and its lesser brother Maruti 800s struggling its way up to different constituencies located faraway in the countryside.  For the first time in the history of Arunachal politics, we thought, the election battle was going to be fought not on the basis of party affiliations or monetary inducements but on the basis of a personality  and credibility of an individual, which was a significant paradigm shift. He came as a breeze of fresh air, a new lease of life, as a messiah of the masses who could relate to him, his charismatic personality hypnotized the people.

 But sadly his saga of heroism could barely last 3 months which was evident after the declaration of result on May 16th, it was so short-lived ! Indeed he is a dream merchant as pointed by one of your esteemed readers. He showed us a  way, made us believe in his dream of a new Arunachal for which the people will never forgive him, no matter how vociferously he defends his stand and justifies himself for  jump gunning to Congress. At least, he should come out with a more logical reasoning and spare the innocent people from those empty rhetoric which is a bygone escapade, of which people are so used to and are not going to be convinced.  If I am not mistaken, it didn’t matter to people to which party he belonged to, we voted for Kiren, the person, as everybody thought finally there is a person all can look up to. Seeing the recent step taken by him he has proved that he is no different from  those bunch of cookie-pushers, shamelessly claiming themselves to be ‘Leaders’, the loftiness of which they are not even an inch nearer. How is he going to explain to an aged lady in a remote village of West Siang district who gave away all her earnings from the sell of vegetables , the weight of which she had carried on her back the  whole day going door to door, for a noble cause- Kiran’s cause. She truly symbolized a voiceless commoner in the society today, yearning for a change. But can he even understand one tenth of how she has to struggle to make her living, whereby she has to wake up at the crack of the dawn at 3 am and after cooking for the family, hurriedly bundles up the vegetables collected the previous day from the jungles in the (igin) basket and runs towards the market for an early sale. On the way running down through the difficult terrains towards the market which is miles away from the village she hopes for any available means of transportation which is purely  a luck factor at that wee hours, or else she makes it all the way to the market on foot.. a politician  would probably never understand…How would he pacify the agony of those right thinking citizens who feels totally betrayed and taken for a ride? And they think rightly so, as all of them did their bit in this bygone election which was more of a people’s fight. Common population in a way symbolizing true Populism, was involved in arranging vehicles, transporting voters to their respective polling booths away from the town at their own expense. Such was the love and craze for Kiren. A friend of mine telephoned me to tell how his grandfather carried his sick grandma on his back to the nearest polling booth, just to make sure that even one vote should not go waste. It was obvious that people were craving for a change, craving for freedom out of this hegemonic control, change for a better future, change for a respite…a hope grew within each one of us. But alas…... that hope has died an untimely death !

I remember my father in law who had pasted Kiren’s poster all over his traditional house in Taba Sora village, even to the extent of keeping his portrait in the Nakum (a small bamboo made hut in the paddy field). I could see my ato’s face would lighten up at the glance of that poster, where Kiren stood beaming, looking confident in a bespectacled posture and the caption written below boldly displaying itself-‘Arunachal of my Dream’. He brought democracy literally to people’s doorsteps, reaching the remotest villages of AP through his CD campaign. People could see the performance and feel his aura as an MP in the Parliament through the visual medium which was no doubt praiseworthy. Basically it was a good marketing gimmick and he marketed himself well both in rural and urban market as a household name. My ato today is a disillusioned man after hearing the news of his coveted leader whom he revered so much.

With his U turn, a tragedy of different nature has struck the youths.

How would he explain the plight of parents looking askance at the youths who had mindlessly let the entire village  reverberated with the slogan of Kiren. As is known, in the rural areas of AP where the dissemination of knowledge or information is minimal, these youths actually act as the bridge and whatever they tell their illiterate parents is readily accepted and obliged by the parents, taking pride in the wisdom of college returned sons and daughters.

 Such is the tragedy today, people fear even to hope, to dream. No one is going to believe a candidate howsoever clean or sincere his intentions might be. He will be penalized citing  Kiren’s example. Hope has died a tragic death. His saga of heroism proved to be of temporary nature which has left thousands of his workers and well wishers high and dry. But for a common man nothing much has changed and have come to the terms with the reality. Probably the wound inflicted upon them  won’t be forgotten so easily but one thing is for sure, the masses have resolved or perhaps learned a lesson not to let anybody play with their emotions anymore….

Yours Truly

K K  Raja Jini

People’s Union for Progressive Arunachal (PUPA)

495 Top Flr, Punjabi Bagh Club Road, New Delhi-63.







Request for itemized billing  


Through this esteemed daily, I would like to draw the attention of the BSNL authority towards the problems mentioned as under.

I am an esteemed BSNL customer having a post paid no-9436896142 based at Itanagar. For some reasons or others my mobile bills for the last few months have been shooting too high which is not in tune with the amount of calls I normally make. So to ascertain the facts and figures up to my satisfaction, I request the BSNL SDE(Commercial) to provide  me the itemized bills for the  months of July &August 2009.


Raja Jini

September - 25