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INC opens its account with Khandu creating an enviable record

ITANAGAR, Sept 25: With no one to contest the candidature of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, sitting MLA Tsewang Dondhup and debutant Jambey Tashi, INC opened its account today being the last date of filing of nominations, provided they did not mess up with the their nominations papers.

All three belong to Tawang district.

This was the third time elected uncontested for the incumbent chief minister Dorjee Khandu, setting an enviable record in the history of electoral politics in the state. He was sent to the legislative assembly elected unopposed in 1999 and 2004.

Meanwhile today 55 more candidates have also filed their nominations. NCP led the pack with 14, followed by Congress, BJP, AITC with 11 each, Independents 8 each and PPA six.

The total number has reached 181. However the picture will be clearer on Sept 29 as it is the last date of the withdrawal.

Congress has fielded in 63 including three dummies followed by Nationalist Congress party with 39, Independent 14, BJP-22, Arunachal Pradesh Trinamool Congress -28, People’s Party of Arunachal -12 while Janata Dal United has put up candidates in 3 seats.

When asked about the lesser number of candidates than expected, BJP General Secretary Tai Tagak said that party did not wanted to put up candidates just for the sake of filling up the numbers. He said of the total, ten would come out as winners.

Though party is one of the front runners demanding representation of women in politics, the party did not field a single women candidate.

Arunachal Pradesh Trinamool Congress that accommodated ten MLAs who were denied Congress ticket and five former ministers as its candidates expect at least 15 to come out as winners.

Expectations in NCP camp which managed to put up 39 candidates are high. The party expects at least 18 to make it the legislative assembly. L Wanglet, former home minster and Party chief said that political scenario would change this time with the coming of major political parties’ to Arunachal for the first time.

The NCP party chief who is not trying his electoral luck this time did not rule out any post poll arrangements with Congress, if it manages to come to power.

Though the big picture is yet to emerge, political parties are trying all tactics possible to ensure that power belongs to them.

The state is going to the elections on Oct 13. For the first time in the history of the state, major political parties are trying their electoral luck. Apart from the candidates belonging Congress and its bitter opponent BJP, most of the candidates have chosen, predictably, UPA constituents.


Boli takes yet another turn

AT News Service

ITANAGAR, Sept 25: Refuting all the allegations leveled by a group of ‘women victims’ of the Boli game,  another group of investors/collectors of the much talked Boli today  appealed to the administration to set up an enquiry committee to find out the actual victims and to bring an end to the problem as early as possible.

Interacting with the media persons on behalf of around 50 investors/collectors of the Boli,  one  investor Tadar Mekia said that  all the allegations leveled against the collectors are false and fabricated.  

Claiming that they are the actual victims, Mekia said they respect the order of the district administration and accordingly no Boli is played and no one is threatened, she said.

Boli is money rotation game.  Some interested women members have already collected huge money through bidding system. But when it was the time of other bidders, the members who had already collected huge money as bidders refused to return the money as members of the Boli game, Mekia said and added that this has created problems for those collectors who had invested huge money, even from GP Fund.

“We are the actual victims as we have been facing the wrath of the family guardians for investing huge money in Boli without returns, she said.”

Even some of the members took part in Boli bid in the names of one to five other persons and collected in lakhs. But when it was our turn to receive the money through bidding, they refused to pay, Mekia rued. We want our invested money returned and the district administration should intervene in the matter to give us justice, she said.

Another investor Toko Shanti, who claims herself to be a victim, said that many women have benefited by the Boli, but due to ill-motive of the some members Boli is now running into controversy, she said. Members who have collected huge money through bidding should return their due amount honestly, she added.  The collector group also said that former NCP leader who had talked in favour of Boli through media earlier should clear his stance on Boli.

Meanwhile the investors’ groups in a letter to the Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women (SCW) sought their intervention in the matter and help the ‘honest investors’ in recovering their money from the defaulters.

The group also decided to meet Capital DC soon  for  justice.

Meanwhile, the Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women, (APSCW) said that although the money bidding game/ Boli had started as an unorganized self help economic activity among small women groups, it slowly turned uncontrollable because, the amount of investment made by people in the group was perhaps not consummate with income that materialized on equal terms. While appreciating the steps taken by the Deputy Commissioner Capital for the efforts put in to curb the unscrupulous amounting of money by few peoples at the cost of others under guise of the game, the APSCW noted that the serving of many poor / middle class families have also been unwillingly caught in the web of money bidding.

The Vice Chairperson Ms Tadar Mepung, on behalf of the APSCW, requested the government to devise a mechanism so that, all the groups, who are yet to round up their investment collection within the period specified by the District Administration may be registered with a Nodal Officer under the control of the District Administration, so that while existing Boli organizers can peacefully finish the economic activity within scheduled period under the knowledge of the Govt. new groups are also prevented from sprouting. Such a step would also help in stalling fear of the people already caught in the web of losing their money and thus ease the tension among families regarding sinking of their savings, the APSCW felt.

It further informed that although till date no case has come before the APSCW specifically regarding any injustice experienced on account of Boli phenomena, it has been interacting with women groups affected by the money game and that its doors are open to any women who have faced injustice, the Vice-Chairperson Tadar Mepung said.


AITC spell out its policies for the state

ITANAGAR, Sept 25: All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) has lot to offer to the citizens of the state provided they come to power.

While releasing the party manifesto for the ensuing assembly elections, State Unit President Kito Sora rolled out its 100 days commitment if voted to power.

The Party assures establishment of full-fledged Inter-State Boundary department, ADC (Independent) HQ at Poma, black topping of Doimukh to Putin Road, abolition of admission fee in all government schools, setting up of Municipalities in the Capital city of Itanagar and Naharlagun besides checking the unmonitored price Index of all essential commodities.

The manifesto also includes a comprehensive tourism policy to generate employment and revenue. Low cost Tourist Lodges will be constructed across the state which shall be funded by centre with 100% grant and to be managed by local unemployed youth on private public partnership (PPP) basis to generate self-employment.

The Party promises that all wild life sanctuary of State would be modernized while Tawang, Mechuka, Tuting, Kibito and others would be made hottest tourist destiny with ultra-modern infrastructure.

Road communication is high on the agenda of the party. It promises to have Railway line from Ledo to Miao, Parsuram Khund, Namsai and Bordumsa-Diyun, extension of Murkong-Selek railway line upto Mebo Via Pasighat and start of proposed railway line to the Capital.

In the education sector, recruitment of teaching staff and others administrative post under education department will be streamlined in order to accommodate qualitative human resources while mid-day meal schemes will be closely monitored to benefit poor school children. Stipend and book grants for all school children up to college and university level both technical and non technical will be enhanced by 25%.

To encourage girls education, TMC is committed to initiate and establish Girls Secondary and Higher secondary school in every District headquarters within five years.

In the health sector, modernization of existing General hospitals, District hospitals and CHCs, PHCs and Sub-Center with quality equipments and availability of medicines will be AITC’s priority to ensure that poor citizen reaps the benefits.

In the Agriculture and Horticulture sector massive commercial and cash-crop cultivation will be encouraged to generate income and employment, beside revenue for state exchequer. Large scale Tea and Coffee plantation will be promoted besides introducing a strong marketing network.

AITC assured to review all MOUs and MOAs signed to ensure the equal participation of the real owners of land, forest and rivers in the process and to see that affected masses are benefited. The party will encourage Run-off river hydro power project rather than large scale and mega projects to avoid calamities. Present programme under Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yozna will be expedited to make Arunachal Pradesh self-sufficient in power sector.

It assured to see that the traditional border trade routes with China, Burma, Bhutan and others are open up to promote the remote and backward areas.

Meanwhile Sora informed that all the union ministers of the party would come to the state to campaign besides senior MPs would camp at the district headquarters where the party is putting up its candidates to oversee the electioneering process.


INC party workers demand relief

ITANAGAR, Sept 25: District Congress Committee, Block Congress Committee, Rumgong, other frontal wings and congress workers of West Siang District informed that ASM Chairperson, Bogne village Yapet Tadeng andTagi Bodung of Kerang-I village died in a tragic road accident while on a INC campaign party near Rumgong on their way to Mopung-Molom village on September 15.Appealing the state government to ensure relief package to the deceased person and injured patients immediately, it added that six other injured party workers were shifted to Dibrugarh medical for further treatment.

Meanwhile, INC Party workers, 32 Rumgong prayed for the eternal peace of the departed souls and extended their condolence to the family members.


85 arms license issued  against three persons

ITANAGAR, Sept 25: On one hand Election Commission of India make it mandatory to deposit arms with the Police while on the others the government has issued 85 new gun licenses under special quota against three individuals. Education minister Tater Kipa requested for 50 gun licenses, sitting MLA Lokam Tassar asked for 10 while former minister Kapa bengia had 25 issued against his name. The government orders are dated Aug 24 barely a week before Model Code of Conduct was enforced.

Arunachal Pradesh Trinamool Congress in a letter to chief secretary wanted to know why surplus arms license was being issued under special quota to individuals. While demanding action against the issuing authority, it said that such precedent should be stopped.

On the other hand ASM Patting Anchal segment Bamang Tala in a letter to the Chief Secretary said that guns are being randomly distributed. He further said that an arms license which was issued by the District Magistrate of Kurung Kumey was purchased on Sept 15 when the model code of conduct was already enforced.

He said that such rampant issue of gun licenses will create law and order problem in the district which is already infamous because of it.


Global Metal

ITANAGAR, Sept 25: In CCRD’s attempt to present films exploring various cultures across the globe, the Saturday Cinemaghar will screen ‘Global Metal’ (released in 2008), at 17oo hrs, in E & K’s Restaurant on Saturday Sept 26.

The film travels across the globe capturing the essence of heavy metal including the ‘metal’ culture that is evolving in India.

In the film, directors Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn set out to discover how the West’s most maligned musical genre – heavy metal – has impacted the world’s cultures beyond Europe and North America. The film follows metal fan and anthropologist Sam Dunn on a whirlwind journey through Asia, South America and the Middle East as he explores the underbelly of the world’s emerging extreme music scenes — from Indonesian death metal to Israeli Oriental metal and Chinese black metal to Iranian thrash metal, etc. The film reveals a worldwide community of metalheads who aren’t just absorbing metal from the West – they’re transforming it, and creating a new form of cultural expression in societies dominated by conflict, corruption and mass-consumerism.

It is a follow up to their successful 2005 documentary, Metal: A Headbanger's Journey. The film's international premiere took place at the Bergen International Film Festival on 17 October 2007. Global Metal aims to show the impact of globalization on the heavy metal underground as well as how different people from different cultures are transforming heavy metal music.

Arunachal Pradesh too is not untouched by this influence and the presence of bands such as Auction Peak, Hell Gates, Alien Gods, Monopoly Syndrome, proves it further. The recently held ‘GIG 2’ and other festivals as Roots, Hornbill Festival also makes it apparent how cultures adapt and transform.

The performance by Alien Gods at a previous issue of Saturday Cinemaghar, singing the Bari as interpreted by them as follower of heavy metal, can be set as an example of what the film calls “……transforming it, and creating a new form of cultural expression.”


Grassroots leaders against “autocratic decision”

ITANAGAR, Sept 25: As a reaction against the “autocratic decision” of the Congress party high command to issue the party INC ticket to the new aspirant, Pasang Dorjee Sona, and not to the 2-time sitting M.L.A, Tadik Chije, in spite of having been recommended from the block party organizations, a meeting was held at Aalo recently by the supporters of Tadik Chije to analyze the trend that has emerged as a result of this decision.

It was resolved that in order to register the grass root workers resentment and to protest against the denial of party ticket to Chije and his subsequent extension of support to INC candidate without having any consultation with the party workers, the party functionaries of the area have formed an organization called ‘The United People’s Democratic Forum’ (UPDF).

The Forum has deiced to extent full support to the candidature of Tsering Naksang, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). The signatories to the Forum include Former ZPMs Maling Koje, Tajen Bunyi, President, BCCI Mechukha Komim Ride.


Restriction on plying of vehicle over Sigin Bridge

DAPORIJO, Sept 25: Heavy rains, landslides and snapping off of road communication for weeks on end is a common occurrence in this part of the state during monsoon season. People accept it as nature’s way. This monsoon too it was the same. The collapse of Sigin steel bridge on 12th august 2009 led to inconvenience in transportation and  loss of lakhs of rupees.

But now after a thorough investigation, it has come out that the collapse of the Sigin Bridge was probably due to stealing of iron/ steel materials by miscreants for which the sagging of the super structure took place and it could not bear the weight of the heavily loaded truck and resulted in the collapse. The second probable cause is due to over load carried by trucks and buses.

The Deputy Commissioner, H K shalla, after taking into consideration the causes of the collapse, has prohibited crossing of all overloaded trucks and vehicles including buses beyond 9 tones until further order. He further ordered that checking of all over loading vehicles should be done from time to time by the Police and Tax & Excise departments. The OC 77 RCC (GREF) has also been ordered to keep close vigilance on the bridges to avoid such occurrences in the future. (DIPRO)


Seva dal meeting

ITANAGAR, Sept 25: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Seva Dal conducted one day meeting to discuss about work plan and strategies for the ensuing assembly election today.

Altogether, 258 Pradesh, District and City congress seva dal office bearers and members including INC candidate Kipa Babu attended the meeting.


Eco-water literacy campaign

ITANAGAR, Sept 25: National Youth Project of Arunachal Pradesh kicked off the one month eco-water literacy campaign at government secondary school, Seijosa, East Kameng District on September 23.

On the occasion lectures, debates and demonstration on water conservation, testing, treatment, practices and management of safe disposal of wastes, low cost sanitation models and causes and prevention of water borne diseases were highlighted and discussed.

Teaching staff including school principal and students attended the programme. Later, prize were given to the winners of the debate competition

Meanwhile, ADC, Seijosa  Kento Riba and school community appreciated the organizing team .


Changlang creates tax record

Changlang: In the run up to the assembly elections, Department of tax is literally laughing all the way to the bank.  The department of Tax & Excise, Changlang total collection of tax in the district during last week alone was Rs. 1, 15, 14, 804! The record are being created as the  candidates standing for elections are clearing their dues.  

According to the Deputy Commissioner, Changlang, Dr S B Deepak Kumar, during the last financial year, the tax collected was Rs. 2, 31, 17, 146/-(Rupees two crore thirty one lakh seventeen thousand one hundred forty six) only.


Durga Puja wishes

Itanagar: Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu has greeted the people of the state on the occasion of Durga Puja. The Puja Message of CM said Durga Puja and Dussehra is celebrated in Arunachal Pradesh like other parts of India with much fervour and festivity since NEFA days.  He expressed the hope that Goddess Durga and Lord Rama would bless all with wisdom to follow the path of truth and righteousness.

Former MLA Karikho Kri has extended his greetings to the citizens. He expressed the hope that festive season would usher in prosperity, happiness and goodwill among the people.


Sanjoy in committee  

ITANAGAR: MP Takam Sanjoy has been nominated as a member of Committee on Government Assurances (2009-2010). The Committee will be headed by Maneka Gandhi.


Passing out Parade

ITANAGAR: Director General of Police Vimla Mehra would be the Chief Guest at the  Passing out parade of 36th batch of recruit constables at Police Training Centre, Banderdewa on September 30.


Padung extends support

ITANAGAR: Senior leader Tatong Padung along with his many supporters today vouched to ensure that INC official nominee and sitting MLA Omak Apang is returned to Legislative assembly with a thumping majority.

A one time contestant to the Legislative Assembly, Padung is one of the most respected leaders of the 37-Pasighat West constituency.









(Readers’ Forum)





Boli: Mind Game


Through your esteemed daily I on behalf of all collector and members of boli/bid game who have deposited and are deprived of their hard earned money drawn by the defaulters would like to draw the attention of authority concerned that after the order issued by the D.C. Capital complex for stopping the game and to complete the game process within three months have brought confusion, panic and harassment among the members who are yet to get back their deposited amount. We have not started any new game but instead started trying to shut down the game through recovery drive.  

The members who have already drawn the amount (defaulters) are not returning the amount they have drawn and instead most of them are absconding from their places. Most of them are not traceable even. The defaulters think that by passing away the three months period would nullify them from giving back the money.

The order of D.C. came as a blessing in disguise for the defaulters as they are taking advantage of order which does not state that any action/penalty against the defaulter who does not return the amount which they have taken.

The time period of three month to complete the recovery process is so short that they are absconding and not traceable with lakhs of rupees.  

Most of the defaulters are even threatening back that they would not return back the amount drawn as the period of three month is approaching after which they think that they would be free from the game process.

Our only question to all the defaulters is that why on first place did they  take the money when they knew that they  have to return it back. We know that most of the defaulters are in good position to repay back but their ill intention is to give complaint and create confusion in the mind of public and administrative authority so that their easy earned money is safe with them and thus depriving all other genuine members’ money.

Our humble request to authority concerned is that action/penalty should be imposed to all the defaulters within a time frame and to authorize the collector/members to seize the property /items of all the defaulters of equivalent amount as agreed upon by all members before starting the game.

So it is our humble request to D.C. Capital complex to take action against the defaulters who have taken lakhs of rupees from all corner and spent it lavishly and thus depriving the rest who have only deposited and are waiting for their hard earned to be returned.

Yours sincerely


Model Village




Re deploy CRPF


The withdrawal of CRPF from Pasighat township causes concern for the common people of the 38th Pasighat East constituency.

Therefore, through this esteemed daily, I would like to request the East Siang deputy commissioner to re-deploy the CRPF and para-military forces to  look into the law and order situation. I also request the administration to deploy   police patrolling team in the nook and corner of the township to ensure peace and security of the citizens during the election time.


Lorem Taloh

President NCP

East Pasighat

Assembly segment




Grievances of a BSNL customer


Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to highlight some of the  problems faced by the BSNL mobile customers not only in Itanagar but also in other parts of   Arunachal Pradesh.

Since the mobile operators, namely Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone and Reliance are focusing their networks only in and around Itanagar,  the customers are compelled to depend only in BSNL network for communicating among their love ones, but they have to pay heavy price for availing this facility as retailer are selling the top-up vouchers more than the maximum retail  price. For example, a voucher of Rs 55 is sold at Rs 60 and that if  Rs 112 is sold at Rs 120, this kind of rampant blunder by retailer is happening not only in others parts of the  Arunachal Pradesh but also in Itanagar from where all the top-up vouchers are supplied,  below the nose of ministry of information and broadcasting.

Even though I know that the retailers can’t sell more than maximum retail price but when I ask for cash memo he  rather asks me return the top-up as he knows  that  other retailers will also sell the same top-up voucher at the higher rate and I will no other option but to purchase from same retailer.

Surprisingly, even though the great resentment among the customers, they don’t want to drag their feet  for the sake of Rs 5 and Rs 8.

Therefore,  I would like to request the metrological department and BSNL officials to investigate the matter.

I find this kind of problem nowhere in other parts of India but only in Arunachal Pradesh. Is someone listening !


Er Javon Samon

Itanagar, Bank Tiniali






Equitable division need of the hour


Through your esteemed  daily, I would like to draw your kind attention regarding demand of autonomous district council of Mon and Pathkoi region. In my opinion, their demand is not a division of state, but it is the demand of right to enjoy the freedom of equality. Everyone has right to enjoy every opportunity of government facilities.

However, some parts of our state people are neglected due to distance from the state capital. There is also very few even in government job when compared to the rest of state.

It might be due to the lack of strong back ground and less political power!  Inhabitants of Capital Complex are enjoying every opportunity and government facilities and  power and strength is seen and shown in every step of government work. If everything is not divided equally among all the stakeholders, a day will come when state is divided as the saying goes it is better to be a king in one own land than be a slave in others.

Daniel Hadu via email

village Hija

Old Ziro

September - 26