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CEO designates ROs, Tawang, Upper Siang prepares for elections

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: The Chief Electoral Officer, Nirvachan Bhawan, Itanagar has notified Deputy Commissioner Capital Complex as   Returning Officer for 13 – Itanagar Assembly Constituency and Deputy Commissioner Papum Pare as Returning Officer for 14 – Doimukh and 15 –Sagalee Assembly Constituencies.

The Office of Returning Officer of 13 – Itanagar AC will be at the Office of the DC [Capital], Naharlagun.

The Office of Returning Officer of 14- Doimukh AC and 15 – Sagalee AC will be at the Office of the DEO’s Camp Office at Sidhartha Hall, Itanagar.

District Election Officer, Papum pare district has requested all the Political Parties and Candidates of these 3 Assembly Constituencies to take note of the above arrangements.

TAWANG: The Tawang Deputy Commissioner cum District Election Officer Gamli Padu called a meeting with all works department on Sept 14 here at DC office chamber Tawang to assess and review the facilities for smooth conduct of elections.

While reviewing the road connectivity, he stressed upon the maintenance of porter track to the interior places and said that the porter track to Mago, Thingbu, Luguthang and Kobleteng should be taken special care of since the same is damaged due to ongoing road construction works and landslides.

He directed respective works department to immediately start the restoration works and said that all these porter tracks shall be physically inspected by him shortly.

DC further said that the accommodations for police and polling personnel should be kept ready. Necessary water supply and electricity connection should be made available at all polling stations in the district, he further added. He also informed that the training of sector magistrate shall be done shortly and sought their full cooperation for smooth conduct of the election in the district.

YINGKIONG: Training cum briefing to the core/master trainers for the ensuing Assembly election of the district was held under the chairmanship of Rajesh Panyang, ADC Cum Nodal Officer (training), Upper Siang District, at Yingkiong on Sept 14.

Panyang appreciated the training imparted by the trainers in the last Parliamentary Election because of which the election could be conducted smoothly. He hoped that they will impart training to the election official with the same sincerity and dedication this time as well.

Other aspects of elections and the ground problems were also discussed in detail. He informed that training process has been decentralized but he wanted that uniformity in procedures have to be maintained strictly. (DIPRO)


Hattrick for SAI at state Karate-Do championship

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: For the third consecutive term, Sports Authority of India Naharlagun lifted the State Level Karate-Do Championship trophy while Sangey Laden Sports Academy (SLSA) was adjudged the runner up team and Lohit claimed the third position. Altogether 120 players from 11 districts participated in the 15th state level karate tournament at Nikum Niya Hall, Nirjuli.

Games and sports is very important today to keep oneself fit, healthy and positively focused said Naharlagun Market Welfare Committee chairman and former ZPM Techi Kaso while attending the valedictory function as the chief guest of the championship.

He said that sporting events provides a platform for young players to not only showcase their talents but also an opportunity to bring laurels for the state and the country as whole.

PWD executive engineer Tage Taki attending the programme as the guest of honour urged upon the players to seriously pursue the game and bring laurels for the state in future.

Young minds today need to use their energy for positive development of both the mind and body. Children should be encouraged to take more interest in games and sports so as to keep them away from falling into bad vices, Taki added.

Arunachal Karate–Do Association president Sensei Likha Tara expressed satisfaction over the success of the tournament. He hoped that all districts will participate in the next state level championship.

Sensei Tara said that those who failed to win any medal should not be disheartened but learn from one’s experience and put more time and effort into practice.

Winning is not important rather participating in the game with sportsman spirit is what matters, AKA president added.

Sensei Tara further urged the young budding talents to follow the footsteps of senior players who have represented the country in various international events.


Sub Junior Boys Kumite below 11 Yrs

a)      Samual Dolo of East Kameng  –       Gold,

b)      Thojo Saya of SLSA, P/Pare    –       Silver,

c)      Meta Menjo of SLSA P/Pare    –       Bronze,

d)      Vinod Dejo of P/Pare – Bronze.

Sub-Junior Girls Kumite below 11 Yrs

a)      Yapung Sonam of SLSA, P/Pare –     Gold,

b)      Roshanlu Kri of Lohit -  Silver,

c)      Tap Mema of SLSA, P/Pare –  Bronze

Sub Junior Boys Kumite below 14 yrs

a)      Likha Lege of SLSA, P/Pare –  Gold,

b)      David Rejiju of  SLSA, P/Pare  –  Silver,

c)      Lingdum Tagi of Shito-Ryn Itanagar P/Pare – Bronze,

d)      Gangte Pual of SLSA, P/Pare  –  Bronze.

Sub-Junior Girls Kumite below 14 yrs

a) Juna Dada of SLSA, P/Pare  –  Gold,

b) Riby Ialukri of Lohit –  Silver,

c) Yamik Hibu of East Siang –  Bronze.

Junior Boys Kumite below 15 yrs – 52 Kg.

a) Ajay Taku of East Kameng  –  Gold,

b) Sinne Mikhu of SLSA P/Pare  –  Silver,

c) Kofa Raje of West Kameng  –  Bronze.

Junior Boys Kumite below 15 yrs

a) Dangro Dodum of East Kameng  –  Gold,

b) Pramod Kamti of East Kameng  –  Silver,

c) Janam Dodum of SAI Nlg. P/Pare  –  Bronze.

Girls 14-15 yrs – below 47 Kg

a) Kambung Wancha of SLSA, P/Pare  –  Gold,

b) Leena Tallong of SAI Nlg. P/Pare  –  Silver,

c) Bindia Rani Devi of SAI Nlg. P/Pare  –  Bronze,

d) Sangha Yade of SLSA, P/Pare  –  Bronze.

Girls 14-15 yrs Kumite – 54 Kg

a) Dado Mema of Lower Subansiri  –  Gold,

b) Rei Yadi of SAI Nlg. P/Pare  –  Silver,

c) Sankari Shani of East Siang  –  Bronze.

Girls 16-17 yrs Kumite – 50 Kg

a) Sumpi Chege – Gold – Sai Nlg P/Pare

Boys Kata below 14 yrs

a) Arun Mega of SLSA, P/Pare  –  Gold,

b) Likha Lei of SLSA P/Pare  –  Silver,

c) David Rejaju of SLSA P/Pare  –  Bronze.

Girls Kata below 14 yrs

a) Ribyaialu Kri of Lohit  –  Gold,

b) Roshaula Kri of Anjaw  – Silver,

c) Syamailu Kri of Anjaw  –  Bronze,

d) Yamak Hibu of East Siang  –  Bronze.

Boys Kata below 15 yrs

a) Ashok Shani of East Siang  –  Gold,

b) Bengia Hare of Itanagar, P/Pare  –  Silver,

c) Mahindra Singh of East Siang  –  Bronze.

Girls Kata below 15 yrs

a) Sankari Shani of East Siang  –  Gold,

b) Rei Yadi of SAI Nlg – Silver,

c) Kambung Wangcha of SLSA P/Pare  –  Bronze.

Junior Kata Girls 16-17 yrs

a)  Sumpi Chege of SAI Nlg P/Pare  –  Gold.

Junior Boys Kata 16-17 yrs

a) John Bagang of East Kameng  –  Gold,

b) Hibu Gegong of P/Pare  –  Silver,

c) Tage Sah of SAI Nlg. P/Pare  –  Bronze,

d) Sabetso Kri of Lohit  –  Bronze.

Cadet boys Kumite (14-15 yrs) – 57 kg

a) Tama Bui of Upper Subansiri  –  Gold,

b) Ashok Shani of East Siang  –  Silver,

c) Lendang Tapin of P/Pare  –  Bronze,

d) Nabam Amo SAI, Nlg, P/Pare  –  Bronze.

Junior Boys Kumite 16-17 yrs – 55 kg

a) Nabam Naga of SAI Nlg, P/Pare  –  Gold,

b) Matu Mugli of Shito-Ryo, Upper Subansiri –  Silver,

c) Ashi Sangno of Shito-Rhu, HQ, Chimpu, P/Pare – Bronze,

d) Hibu Gegong of P/Pare  –  Bronze.

Junior boys Kumite 16-17 yrs, below 68 kg

a) Tage Saa of SAI Nlg. –  Gold,

b) Sartam Tali of P/Pare –  Silver,

c) Pisa Nachung of P/Pare –  Bronze.

Junior boys Kumite 16-17 yrs – below 61 kg

a) Dongda Tapi of HQ, Naharlagun  –  Gold,

b) Vijoy Techi of East Kameng  –  Silver,

c) Runa Dade of West Kameng  –  Bronze.

Senior girls Kumite below 55 kg

a) Higi Yamum of Lower Subansiri  – Gold,

b) Mepung Tana of East Kameng  –  Silver.

Senior Girls Kumite below 59 kg

a) Chunnu Sangno of SAI Nlg P/Pare  –  Gold,

b) Yomken Noshi of HQ Chimpu, P/Pare  –  Silver.

Senior Boys Kumite below 75 kg

a) Yesenso Yun of Lohit district  –  Gold,

b) Tagru Tama of HQ, Naharlagun  –  Silver,

c) Nikter Taja of HQ, Naharlagun  –  Bronze.

Senior boys kumite below 67 kg

a) Usham Tarun Chand Sing  –  Gold,

b) Likha Rajen of SAI, P/Pare –  Silver,

c) Kili Nguri of Upper Subansiri –  Bronze,

d) Kano Digio of P/Pare  –  Bronze.

Senior Individual Girl’s Kata

a) Chunnu Sangno of SAI Nlg P/Pare  –  Gold,

b) Yomken Noshi of HQ Chimpu, P/Pare  –  Silver

Senior boys individual Kata

a) Tagri Raju of P/Pare  –  Gold,

b) I. B. Chetry of  P/Pare  –  Silver,

c) Richi Kagung of P/Pare  –  Bronze

d) Tadar Eba of P/Pare  –  Bronze

Senior girls team Kata

a) SAI Centre Naharlagun  –  Gold

1) Ms. Chunnu Sangno

2) Ms. Rei Yade

3) Ms. Sumpi Chege

b) SLSA Chimpu, Itanagar  –  Silver

1) Ms. Juna Dadda

2) Ms. Kumgbung Wangsa

3) Ms. Bagang Yakum

Senior boy’s team Kata

a) SAI Centre Naharlagun  –  Gold

1) Wangcha Lowang

2) Ellah Menjo

3) Choma Doka

b) HQ Itanagar SHIT-RYU  –  Silver

1) Tagri Raju

2) Tadar Eba

3) Richi Kagung

Senior Girls team Kumite

a) SAI Centre Naharlagun  -  Gold

1) Chunnu Sangno

2) Rei Yade

3) Sumpi Chege

b) Shit-RYO Itanagar  -  Silver

1) Sankari Sahani

2) Yomken Nashi

3) Higi Yamun

Senior boys Kumite below 60 kg

1) Talum Moya Nikam of P/Pare  –  Gold,

2) Anuradh Shani of East Siang  –  Silver,

3) Tadar Eba of P/Pare –  Bronze,

4) Arun Kumar Chaudry of East Kameng  –  Bronze.

Senior boy’s kumite below 55 kg

1) Indra Bahadur Chetry of P/Pare  –  Gold,

2) Wangcha Lowang of P/Pare –  Silver,

3) Rakum Dugi of Wodo kai Daporijo,

    Upper Subansiri  – Bronze.

Senior boys team kumite

a) Kurung Kumey Team  –  Gold

1) Tarun Chandra Shing

2) Niktar Taja

3) Likha Rajen

4) I. B. Chetry

5) Dongda Tapi

6) Pisa Nachung

7) Tagru Tama

b) Papum Pare team  –  Silver

1) Sartam Tali

2) Anurudh Sahani

3) Raj Kumar Medak

4) Govind Thapa

5) Talom Moya Nekam

6) Tagri Raju

7) Tadar Eba




Second batch ASHA training begins at Seppa

Seppa, Sept 14:   The second batch training for the Accredited Social Health Activities(ASHAs) under NRHM, was organized by district Health society  at officer club Seppa today.

Addressing the trainees as Chief Guest, ADC Mige Kamki suggested the trainees to attend all the pregnant women in their respective villages for the safety of both the mother and the baby. He said that every woman wants to deliver their child in the Hospital, where all the facilities that ensure safe delivery are available.

While expressing his hope that the training would impart the much needed knowledge and skill to handle all the intricacies, he suggested the trainees to supervise the villager in  availing all the vaccine that prevent disease.While highlighting the function of the ASHAs, DMO, Dr. N. Singh asked the trainees to attend all the modules of the training as it would impart the knowledge to combat malaria, besides upholding the responsibilities of healthy and hygienic life of the villagers.

He said that the ASHAs would be remunerated on the basis of their performance- the numbers of pregnant women they bring to the Hospital else they would be not paid even in a year.

DRCH, Dr. K. Lapung, informed that the training consist of five modules which he assured would be over within two weeks. At least 72 trainees were present on the first module training. (DIPRO)


Farmer’s Calendar

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: Krishi Vigyan Kendra, East Kameng district, Pampoli has released a “Farmers Calendar” for the benefit of the farming communities of the District.

The release was done at Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat by the Deputy Director General (Agril. Extension), ICAR, New Delhi during the “Annual Zonal Workshop of KVKs, Zone-III” on Sept 6.

Meanwhile, the Kendra has brought out a pamphlet entitled “Cultivation of fruit and vegetable crops at different altitude in East Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh” which highlights the different agro-ecological situations (AES) of the district and the crops suited to each of this AES along with their period of cultivation.


AR organizes football tournament at Changlang

CHANGLANG, Sept 14: The DAH division of Assam Rifles in Changlang organized a football tournament at Changlang headquarter.

A total of 14 teams of Changlang District participated in the tournament which was played from 31 Aug  to 12 Sept.

Colonel H. B.Gramopadhye, Sena Medal, Commandant 25 Assam Rifles distributed the Prizes to the winning teams.

 Such activities have been organized from time to time by Assam rifles troops of the DAH division in Changlang.

The civil populace and student organizations appreciated this gesture of the security forces, reports DIPRO.


Congress hopeful of victory in 3 poll-going states

New Delhi, Sept 14: The Congress today said it would win the forthcoming Assembly elections in Maharashtra, Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh on the strength of the good governance provided by the incumbent governments of the party.

"The choice of the electorate in the three states is stark and clear," AICC Spokesman Abishek Manu Singhvi told mediapersons, pointing out that there was indeed a pro-incumbency factor in all the three states.

"We have given good governance at all levels," he said.

In this context, he claimed that the special Unique Selling Proposition of the Congress in the three states was its approach of inclusive governance and growth oriented and non-divisive approach.

During the Congress-led rule in Maharashtra, the state had achieved the rare distinction of retaining high per capita income which is higher than the national average.

Citing the state's achievement in education and literacy, Dr Singhvi said the government's rural electrification programme was a success story.

"The choice of the people of Maharashtra is stark - one between the parametres of a good governance and the other of the divisiveness of the parties which lived in middle and stone ages, whether it is BJP or Shiv Sena," he added.

On the party's poll prospects in Haryana, he said the Congress had turned the state into one with the second highest per capita.

"In a sense, it is Bangalore of the North," he said about Haryana, adding it was the third largest exporter of software.

Dr Singhvi said the Congress government at the Centre had announced one of the largest packages to Arunachal Pradesh to strengthen and augment the border areas. UNI



Platinum jubilee

ITANAGAR: Reserve Bank of India is in its 75th year of existence and is in the process of spreading awareness among common citizens about banking habit and banking facilities. As part of this, it would conduct financial literacy camps in Secondary School, Ganga, Itanagar on Sept 16 and D N Govt College, Itanagar, the next day, according to information received from Q J Naqvi Deputy General Manager, Reserve Bank of India.


Relief for victims

ITANAGAR: Naharlagun-Nirjuli Kargu Gamgi management committee handed over a sum of Rs. 15,000.00 towards the fire victims of Nyigam village, Basar, through Additional Deputy Commissioner, Basar.


Union calls for clean politics  

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Youth Democratic Forum called on the citizens not to be lured by money during the electioneering process while urging the leaders to avoid monetized politics. It said that deserving candidates should be sent to the Legislative assembly.


Teachers reiterate demands

ITANAGAR: Upper Subansiri CoSAAP unit and Arunachal teachers Association in a letter to the Chief Electoral Officer reiterated that teachers should not be deployed for duties during the forthcoming legislative assembly election. It said that Sept-Oct is cruicial time peak academic process. If teachers are engaged in non academic duties, this could adversely affect the teaching learning process, it stated.    








(Readers’ Forum)






INC's joke


The promise of Women's Reservation Bill in 100 days was clearly a hoax played by the INC and its allies.

Far from executing the bill within the promised time frame, the INC and its allies have not even tabled the bill.

The citizens had some hope that women would be given preferences as the Congress is headed by a woman. This is the same party that gave us a woman president and a Speaker. But this looks just symbolic gifts from the party.

Many instances have shown that INC does not actually believe in promoting women leadership.

In the recent Lok Sabha elections, out of the 443 candidates declared by the Congress, the party pitched only 40 women candidates.

And for the coming assembly election of our state, less said that better. INC has announced only two women as its candidates in the first list of 56 candidates. Of the four remaining seats, there is only one woman contender.

In the state like ours where people are extremely loyal to ruling Government, INC shouldn’t have had much difficulty in implementing policies and ideas they say they believe in.

Let us wait and watch what women voters got to say in the coming assembly election.


Kasap Bagra






An appeal for change


A change we need, a change we crave for, a change that was shown to us by some leaders quite some time ago, a change that would mould the future of every Arunachalee in days to come, a change that come only through the youth of the state, a change which every youth  should realize that they are the future torch bearer of the society. If they realize this, they are to come out of the shadow to show the paths  and lead the society.

We are tired of the fact, the society is now stranded and the politics is going on as usual. Though the change has already started, but in minute and too narrow to visualize.

The kind of change we crave for will come if the youth of the state are ready to take the charge, ready to motivate, guide the masses.

We are leaving the destiny of the Capital Complex in the hands of the youths to speed up the process of change, so that we can have a better capital and a better Arunachal.


Takio Mohan Tarh,VP

Nationalist Youth Congress

Arunachal Pradesh







The news item published in your esteemed daily on Sept 8 last regarding prohibitory order U/S 144 CrPC in Hapoli township by district magistrate following a group clashes between the supporters of two political parties was false and fabricated. In fact it was clash between the members of  32KM NLCPR Contractors Association, Ziro and the supporters of a prominent political leader  Padi Richo for objection to LOC demand as well as the payment of the contractors.  The Association requests the innocent peace loving people not to be misguided.

The Association in a meeting held on Sept 6 had adopted many important resolutions and done accordingly. All contractors resolved  to remain unified till payment/completion of above project.


Bullo Habung, ACP

Chairman, 32KM NLCPR

Contractors Association, Ziro

September - 15