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Balanced Regional Development to be NCP’s mantra

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: The Nationalist Congress party will ensure continued implementation of the Inner Line Permit and Protected Area Permit initiative developed by the Government so that the culture and security of the indigenous tribes are not left vulnerable said Nationalist Congress Party President, Arunachal Pradesh Unit President L Wanglet while releasing the party manifesto at its head Office here today.

He further highlighting the various developmental steps projected by NCP, AP Unit in its manifesto said that effort shall be made to amend the Protection of Indigenous Faith Bill 1994 and priority shall be given to the traditional border trade routes with China, Burma Bhutan, and others, so that the public of the remote and backward areas, particularity the unemployed youth and the business community see an era of opportunity and development.

While assuring to work for Promotion of Social Equality, Communal Harmony and balanced Regional Development in the state Wanglet informed that NCP will voice for the voiceless and bridge the gap between the rich and the poor irrespective of tribe, religion and region while distributing the fruits of development.

The party will carry forward the education to achieve 100% literacy by 2015, attempts will be made to fully equip all schools with the required number of teaching fraternity, infrastructure and regularization of the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan teachers will be given priority. Similarly the Rashtriya Madyamik Siksha Abhiyan Project will be transparently implemented and monitored he added.

NCP will Herald a revolution in Agriculture, horticulture, fishery and veterinary and allied sectors while it will pursue for increasing the quota allotment of ration commodities on special and exceptional grounds of extreme backwardness,  remoteness and almost zero level local productions. It will be further endeavored to ensure that the poor publics get their due share from various government schemes such as Annapurna, AAY, BPL, and APL side by side checking the unmonitored price rise of all essential commodities in Arunachal Pradesh.

The Party shall give due attention and rights to the affected land owners and the village community while link the villages / Circles Road and also ensure speedy setting up of municipalities in all the urban areas of the state.

Further the party shall press for re-examination of all power projects MOU/Agreements.

He further lamenting over the present uncountable appointments said that party will check rampant corruptions and misuse of public exchequer and unnecessary expenditure incurred on uncountable appointment of advisors, PROs and OSDS to the Chief Ministers.

Besides these NCP further assured to work for separation of the Executive and the Judiciary; immediate implementation of the 6th Pay commission recommendation, Regularization of all grades of medical professionals working under the National Rural Health Mission and the Public Private Partnerships with NGOs like VHAI, Karuna Trust, Future Generations, deliver justice to the increasing unemployed educated youths of the state and to solve the problems of acute shortage of teachers in all schools of the state, ensure timely and adequate issue of stipends, midday meal, study materials and equip all administrative outposts with necessary infrastructural backup including creation of police outpost along with WT facilities for maintaining law and order, advocate nationally and globally to make Arunacichal Pradesh, a tourist hub.

Empowerment of women and youth of the state shall be a priority through active policy initiatives while sincere effort shall be made to revitalize the age old tradition, covering of the age group of 60 years and above under Old Age Pension scheme, Extension of family benefit scheme to needy widows, relief to handicapped, timely disbursement of honorarium to the Anganwadi workers and helpers and other government approved benefits and schemes to targeted population.


Analysis of Implications

History of Un-contested Elections in Arunachal Pradesh

Nani Bath

A Good Time

Elections in Arunachal Pradesh are always a good time, when everybody gets almost everything. It’s like a ‘Saturday Party’ for the youngster and for the elders, who do not have much to do; it is a ‘Time Pass’. Tongum Rina’s Ringside View (The Arunachal Times) gives detail accounts of how election time is a party time. My idea of giving this brief reference is to make readers guess: what will happen to those ‘Party goers’ when all of a sudden elections stop? Constitutionally elections cannot stop unless there are certain compelling reasons.  One of the reasons may be when a candidate is elected uncontested without any opposition. Influential and powerful candidates may be interested to get elected with no opposition but the fact of the matter is that everybody likes elections.

 I am reminded of a story (true) here. When a cash-poor candidate wanted to contest against a very powerful incumbent Cabinet Minister, he was asked to explain his idea of contesting against such a powerful and cash-rich Minister. His gave a simple and straight forward reply saying that he wanted the Minister, whom he considered as ‘trustee’ of public money, to distribute his accumulated public money back to the public. Surprisingly, he did not say anything about his likely ‘price’ to withdraw from the contest. In some instances, group of ‘concerned’ citizens would put up a potential candidate only to withdraw from the contest after hard negotiations. Terms of settlement, surprisingly again, are kept dark until next election.

Apparently it looks that uncontested elections in Arunachal Pradesh are hard to come, but in every election at least one candidate was elected without any contest. The only exception was in 1995 General Election. So far, 11 M.L.A.s and 1 M.P. have been elected unopposed since 1977.


The first Parliamentary election in Arunachal Pradesh was held in the year 1977, 25 years after the first Indian General election. The Union Territory then was divided into two parliamentary constituencies - Arunachal West (1) and Arunachal East (2). The Congress (I) candidate R.K. Khirmey was the lone candidate from the Arunachal West Constituency and hence was elected unopposed.  He remains the first and only Member of Parliament in the State to have been elected uncontested. In the Arunachal East Constituency, two independent candidates Aken Lego and Bakin Pertin contested election besides the Congress candidate Nyodek Yongam.

As per as Assembly elections are concerned, two candidates were elected unopposed in the first ever General election to the Legislative Assembly in 1978. The candidates were P.K Thungon from Dirang-Kalaktang and Nokeong Boham from Niausa-Kanubari, both representing Janata Party.

In 1980 election, Wangnam Wangshu of Peoples’ Party of Arunachal (PPA) was elected un-contested from Niausa-Kanubari Assembly segment. Chera Talo was elected with no contest from Koloriang constituency in the next election in 1984. He represented Indian National Congress. He won un-opposed again in 1990 from the same constituency and representing same party.

The present Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Dorjee Khandu and Thupten Tempa- both Indian National Congress candidates- were elected un-opposed from Tawang and Mukto constituencies respectively in General Election to the fourth Legislative Assembly in 1990.

The General Election to the fifth Legislative Assembly in 1995 witnessed contests in all 60 Assembly constituencies.

In total four candidates (highest in the electoral history of the state) were elected un-opposed in 1999 Vidhan Sabha election. All four candidates were from Congress party. The candidates were: Thupten Tempa, Tawang Assembly segment, Rajesh Tacho, Anini, Mukhut Mithi, Roing, and T.L. Rajkumar from Khonsa(East) assembly segment.

The last Assembly election (2004) saw three Congress candidates getting elected un-contested. The present Chief Minister, Dorjee Khandu was elected from Mukto Assembly constituency. The other two candidates are Tsering Gurme and Nabam Tuki from Dirang and Sagalee Assembly constituencies respectively.


At the first glance any un-contested election seems to have no significant meaning in itself. However, a closer analysis of it provides a meaningful insight into a part of practical politics.

All the Chief Ministers (present and past) had been elected un-opposed once or more than once, the only exception being the former Chief Minister, Gegong Apang. Surprisingly, Apang was never elected un-opposed throughout his political career.  Our Chief Ministers were elected un-contested perhaps knowingly to enable them to concentrate on other constituencies so that they make no mistake in calculating correct ‘political arithmetic’. Such calculation is necessary in order to ensure smooth and clear road straight to Chief Minister’s chair.

Un-contested elections also can have indirect influence over the voting percentage of those constituencies, which are close to the constituency where no election is taking place. In Arunachal Pradesh, almost every tribal voter gets himself registered in more than one place. In many cases registration is done in three places- Itanagar, district headquarters and voter’s native village. Hence, when there is no election, say in Sagalee Constituency, voters from this particular constituency have the option to vote either in Doimukh or Itanagar Assembly constituency.   

Looking from the positive perspective, it can be said that un-contested election is a means to ensure accountability of the leader. A leader elected without contest can devote more time for the development of the constituency as he becomes an MLA without spending much energy and his ‘hard-earned’ money. It could well be other way round. A candidate may spend more energy and money than actual election in the process of appeasing his potential opponents.

Some critics may say that an un-contested election is nothing more than a symbolic triumph- the victory of a powerful leader. Many would agree with me if I consider it as a way to show one’s economic strength. As the voters become more and more ‘money conscious’, un-contested elections may be reduced to the thing of past.  As such, I do not expect un-contested elections in more than two constituencies in this coming Assembly election of 2009.

Dr. Bath teaches in the Department of Political Science, Rajiv Gandhi University. (The author can be contacted at nanibath@rediffmail.com).


Perform or perish

Raju Mimi

ROING, Sept 15: Unlike the past, the coming October election will not be determined on the basis of ruling party. Laeta Umbrey who every time fails to get Congress party ticket despite his immense zeal to join the party is good at proving the point. The long drama and speculations made over Congress party ticket has finally ended. Before, while one party would claim their 100% chance, the other would make it 110%. Amidst the uncertainty, the confusion however played to the advantage of Umbrey. It is now being deftly rumored that Mukut Mithi is loosing his say in the Congress party as party opposed to him knows that such impression to the people will determine the course of electoral battle.

With the announcement of Mrs Pomoya Mithi as the Congress candidate for Roing 43rd constituency, the dynasty rule which is quite significant with the party has been formally launched. The party opposed to her however will find it hard to disapprove of the dynasty rule since both the candidate had aspired for Gandhi family led Congress party thereby accepting the dynasty factor in the party with honor. So any attempt to criticize Mithi for bringing dynasty rule would be a sheer hypocrisy. The only chance then they have is to first join either BJP or CPI (M), the two party that is purely governed by its ideology.

As campaign heats up now, the youth factor seems favorably on the side of Umbrey as majority of college students and the young people aspiring for a change has chosen him as an ‘alternative’. It is however a quirk of fate that in his two years of tenure he had to confront with the youth activists of the students union which had then emerged as a powerful pressure group questioning the credibility of both Mithi and Umbrey. Despite Umbrey’s initiative on development he failed to bring in youth specific developmental agenda. Even his own 2004 election manifesto of a college in Roing had been simply abandoned. May be for both Mithi and Umbrey, college is not the preferred choice for obvious reasons.    

Now merely in the name of youth by counting on the basis of age and amassing strength can prove counter productive as has been witnessed from Umbrey’s defeat in 2004 elections. Often many youths tend to get reckless and excited as is evident from late night shouting of slogans which violates the model code of conduct. As campaign goes on, harping on change by bringing in the achievement of renovating the look of town and empowering the ‘voiceless’ people image has to be played carefully since the voter knows that if Umbrey can Mrs Mithi also will. And taking due credit for communal harmony and law and order can also be deceiving since it’s the combined effort by the media and most importantly, the transparency in the role of district administration that has contributed to peace in the town.   

So the time is not to get deceived in the false promises and claims of the politicians but to enjoy the beauty of democracy of how today both the aspiring leaders are struggling for their survival in the arena. And in that struggle, it’s the wisdom of people that is making them increasingly realize that it is now the era of ‘Perform or perish’.  (The contributor is Editor Roing Times)


Fire at Munna Camp

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: At least 30 houses are reported brunt down in Munna Camp, six kilometers away from Dirang Town in West Kameng. The fire is reported to have started at 10 pm and within no time spread to the entire town.

An eye witness informed that the fire was so devastating that flame could be seen from Dirang Area.

Youths of Dirang and other nearby areas rushed to the spot but could not do much as the fire had already engulfed the area.

The fire survivors were being evacuated to the other side of the Mihing River, along which the village is located. The government authorities had reached the spot.

Munna camp, a picturesque village is one of the favorite hunts of the tourists in the district.

Details are being awaited.


A festival with a difference

Tongam Rina

Festival of election is here.  It’s a huge, almost overwhelming affair.

To think of, this is just the beginning of the fair where everything is tagged. Off course with time, prices and brand tags change even before you could think and decide. Citizens can’t be even brand loyal because the label keeps changing even if the material is the same.

With elections due in some weeks, loyalty is out on sale. Switches in loyalty are something so typical of the state when it comes to power politics, it’s almost embarrassing.

Save them and yourselves the embarrassment and don’t ask because by noon loyalties would have changed.

Though we may refuse to accept it, but we have been made to realize over the time that loyalties are not something for keeps in Arunachal politics.

Well, one can’t do much apart from dancing along a popular tune lest you should be tagged out of style and fashion.

Off course the trend setter is Capital Region, the seat of the government. Apart from being the mini Arunachal or for that matter mini India, Capital of Arunachal is a curios case.

Come Oct 13, it will be deserted. You don’t have to jostle for space like you do on a regular day. Roads will be so empty that you will see more people walking on the road then vehicles, which otherwise is not the everyday scene.

We all go back home and vote. For one day, in five years, home is not where heart is.

But that one day decides the fate.

We can’t even blame our politicians for not taking care of our roads and other basic infrastructure. Why would they waste their time and energy when they know, at the end of the day we don’t decide their political fortune.

It’s as simple as that.

Our names might be enrolled here but we all go back home to vote. Apart from few thousand indigenous voters, rest is business community who are not natives of the state. We don’t have to say much about the non indigenous voters. Even today they have to go to Assam to give a decent funeral to their loved one. It is that pathetic.

Off course we all will come back and lodge our share of complaints.  Bad and congested roads, irregular power and water supply.

When we don’t vote do we really have the right to complaint? Not perhaps.

Unless we as citizens decide where our loyalty lies, Capital region will continue to be in the situation it is. Retarded and neglected.

Hoping for change over night is asking for the impossible. But perhaps, it’s about time we get our priorities right. To start with, may be we should not have our names enrolled in two different places.  This practice will save the administration a lot of money and time. Forget about illegalities. By now we know, we all get away with it.


Doordarshan turns 50

ITANAGAR, Sep 15: A prograame was organized to mark the golden Jubilee celebration of Doordarshan here at Banquet Hall.

Swami Viswatmananada Maharaj, secretary RK Mission Hospital today said that the TV viewers were still attracted towards quality programmes with high moral values as was amply proved by mega tele-serials like Ramayan and Mahabharat, which were not only entertaining but also educative.

He said unlike other private channels, DD should continue to produce programmes to justify its motto Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram as it has a greater responsibility as a public broadcaster.

He said the television is fast turning omnipresent having great influence on the people, particularly the young minds, and called for a strong control by the governments worldwide to check programmes presented by the private channels full of sex, violence and negativism.

The swamiji appreciated the DD for not being influenced by commercialism which would have devalued Indian culture, saying attracting viewers with negativities is easier than producing quality programmes.  

He advised the parents and teachers to explain the young minds the adverse impact of negative programmes of the commercial TVs. Today’s children are very intelligent and they can distinguish easily the differences if they are left to choose independently in today’s information age. But first the parents and teachers should practice what they preach. They should give up watching late night films, he advised.

Noted social activist Tony Koyu lauded DD for being the symbol of unity, integrity and for its various development and culture oriented programmes. But he strongly called for a mechanism to check negative programmes, products of western culture.  

However, senior journalist Pradeep Kumar said control will not help in this age of IT revolution. If one controls TV, what about new media like, mobile and internet which help easy access to negative programmes, he questioned. The need of the hour is to change the mindset, he said.

The quality DD footage of Kutch (Gujarat) earthquake on Republic Day 2001 that had killed 20,000 people including 183 children had won a national award while the grotesque pictures of the dead shown by the competing private channels had evoked nationwide protests.

Local DDK programmes head SN Singh said the DD which once had won every hearts has been sidelined now by the viewers who are attracted to the new glamorous private channels. The viewers should know that the new channels may have glamour but they cannot match with the wisdom of the DD, he said and sought the cooperation and suggestions to meet the people’s aspirations.

Joint director of field publicity Rajkumar called for introspection by the DD staff and said they should try to give their best despite the fact that they lacked facilities in comparison to the private TV channels. He said the new private channels should be indebted to DD as some how or the other they owe their evolution to the contributions of people trained by the DD.

The DDK also felicitated former Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission member P Potom for his various contributions to the society as an educationist and an advocator of indigenous culture.

A documentary on DDK’s last year’s activities was screened on the occasion.


FGA Review Meeting

PASIGHAT, Sept 15: It is our combined duty to strengthen our own institutions, said Okyam Gao, Zilla Parishad Member (ZPM), Sille-Oyan. She was speaking in the review meeting of the Primary Health Center (PHC), Sille being managed by Future Generations Arunachal (FGA) under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) program of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh. Gao regretted that the PHC is losing two dedicated Medical Officers who have been working since the beginning of the project in January 2006. Both the doctors have been recruited by NRHM on contract basis. She said that every member of the community should help recruit equally dedicated workers to man the center. She appreciated the management of FGA and the PHC staff for improving the services of the center. The works of the staff and the way the neatness of the center is maintained is exemplary, she said.

Tajing Jonnom, Circle Officer who presided over the meeting said that PHC, Sille must be one of the best anywhere in the state by any standard. A sea-change has been brought about in the last four years, he said. He exhorted the Panchayat leaders, Gaon Buras and other village leaders who participated in the deliberations to continue to extend their cooperation to FGA.

Earlier, Dr. Tage Kanno, Executive Director, FGA reminded the participants about the objectives with which FGA has been participating in the PPP program. The three main objectives, he pointed out has been to improve the health service, to build the capacity of the community to meet their own health care needs and involve the communities actively in the management of the health center.  He thanked the leaders for the solidarity they have shown in transition phases like this when key personnel are being changed.

Byabang Rocket, Chairperson, Master Coordinating Committee, FGA, who also attended the meeting congratulated the people of Sille-Oyan circle for getting FGA to manage the PHC in the area. He cited the example of Palin CHC, which has been running without a single doctor for many years. It is only recently that a doctor recruited under NRHM has been posted, he said.

Others who attended the meeting included Nalo Tasing, Anchal Samiti Chairperson, Panchayat leaders, Gaon Buras and other senior leaders. FGA has been conducting such review meetings periodically to get the feedback and participation of the people in managing the health center.  


Tawang gears up to receive more tourists

TAWANG, Sept 15: The first District Level Tourism Development Committee meeting was held here today.

The Committee will identify tourism potential of the district, prepare and identify tourism infrastructure requirement of the district recommend project proposals to the Department of Tourism based on the actual requirement, identify land for creating infrastructure and recommend for transfer in the name of Department of Tourism; monitor implementation of tourism projects; and any other duties assigned from time to time.

“Transportation, accommodation, and information are the three basic requirements for any tourist and we should be able to provide these to the tourists coming to our district”, said Gamli Padu, the Deputy Commissioner while addressing meet.

The DC asked the private parties to come forward and establish a private information center, which should have links even in the aviation sector. To do away with the lodging problems which many of the Tawang tourists face at the peak of season, the DC short listed the numbers of hotels and inns and it capacities.

To overcome such problems he asked the private individuals to emphasize on ‘home-stays’ or paying-guests accommodation.

Maintaining of a register in every hotel came jointly from the DC and the SP, Tawang. In this way the internal grading of tourists could be maintained and security problems could also be meted up.

The DTO requested the concerned authorities to divert some funds from District Development Fund for the electrification and water supply of the government lodges located at the various sub-divisions of the district. (DIPRO)


IMC to be organized

ITANAGAR Sep 15: Industrial Motivation Campaign (IMC) will be organized to create awareness and scope for educated unemployed youth to take up self employment ventures and income generating activities in the state at Sangay’s Hair Spa and Beauty Parlour, Ganga market, Itanagar on September 25 next.

The programmed is being organized by Branch MSME Development Institute under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

20 women candidates will be selected from the Industrial Motivation Campaign for the forth coming Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programme (ESDP) for women only on ‘Beauty parlour and Herbal Cosmetics’.

The ESDP will also be organized at Sangay’s Hair Spa and Beauty Parlour, Ganga market, Itanagar from September 26 to November 11.


Reports from district on election preparedness

Tirap gears up for assembly polls

KHONSA, Sept 15: With Assembly elections round the corner, Tirap district is all geared up with all the paper work and other arrangements in place. As a part of the poll preparedness exercise, Tirap DC and DEO, Ankur Garg convened a meeting of administrative officers, AROs, AEROs, EROs, and HoDs on Sept 14 in the newly- constructed conference hall with all state of the art facilities here.

Deputy Commissioner asked the officers to build on the experiences they had gained during the last successful Parliamentary elections adding that success of election depends upon proper planning and execution by the poll officials. He told them to be pro-active and be sensitive to all poll-related problems and asked them to be well-versed with the instructions and guidelines. He further said that availability of mobile service and satellite phones in most of the polling stations in the district would make the job of poll personnel easier.

The Superintendent of Police, Anil Shukla in his briefing on security asked the AROs and administrative officers to be careful while granting permission to political parties for holding rallies adding that permission should be on first come, first serve basis. He further said that 4 companies of CRPF are likely to be deployed in Tirap district in addition to state Police and paramilitary forces.

The AROs and AEROs put forth their problems and suggestions in the meeting. In-depth discussion was made on all poll-related matters including arrangement of vehicle, poll party movement plan etc. On the same day the Deputy Commissioner held another meeting in which officers and representatives of different political parties attended. The Deputy Commissioner in his speech explained to the participants the onerous responsibility of political parties in smooth conduct of polls and asked them to follow the instructions issued from time to time. The SP, Anil Shukla sought cooperation from all political parties and assured to deploy adequate security forces at all polling stations. While appealing to political parties to maintain peace, the SP warned that law-breakers would be booked under relevant laws.  

Six hypersensitive

booths in D/Valley

Anini: Six polling stations were declared hypersensitive and 12 sensitive in Dibang Valley district, informed District Election Officer, Tayor Jempen here today.

Anini, Alinye, Brango, Etalin, New Anaya and Kano polling stations have been identified as hypersensitive.

Special security measures would be placed in sensitive areas of Dibang Valley District, he said while informing that in a meeting held recently with the SP, Anini to review security scenario, he was instructed to place a proposal to the state government for adequate deployment of security forces to thwart any untoward incidents throughout the electioneering process.

DC takes stock of


YINGKIONG: Co-ordination meeting with the administrative officers, Police and HODs, regarding the ensuing LA election was held under the chairmanship of Pawan Kumar Sain, DC Upper Siang today.

Pawan Kumar Sain, reiterated the importance of free and fair election for which all the officials involved in the election process have to render their services sincerely and dedicatedly. They have to be well versed in the rules and procedures so that any kind of error is avoided. He instructed all the Govt. servants and the Gaon Burrahs to restrain themselves from participating in active politics.

Problems faced in the last elections and their remedies were also discussed.

Rajesh Panyang, ADC Cum Nodal Officer briefed about the duties and responsibilities of the sector magistrates.

SP Maipak Singh with his WT. staffs imparted training regarding the handling and proper use of the Walkie Talkies to the probable sector magistrates.

The Deputy Commissioner, also wanted that the power supply in Tuting Sub-division be restored immediately to which the SE(HPD) assured that restoration works will be completed before election.

The Deputy Commissioner, also wanted that all administrative officers to be more active and monitor the PDS and ensure regular supply PDS items.

Training of EVMS, procedures of filling up the documents, sealing etc. were imparted on the occasion. (DIPROs)


3rd module ASHA training concludes

TEZU, Sept 15: The IIIrd Module Training of Lohit District concluded on Sept 10 at Conference Hall of District Hospital Tezu.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr N.Ninu, District Medical Officer emphasized on Accredited Social Health Activities (ASHA) to serve as link between the community and the Rural Health System.

She said that the AWW under ICDS is engaged to organize supplementary nutrition programme and other supportive activities to take up the responsibility of health in a Village. The GoI has approved the new band of ASHAs.

Earlier Dr. N. Geiyi , DRCHO, District Health  Society Lohit briefed about role & responsibilities of ASHA as a community Health activities. He stressed on Village Health and Nutrition Day meeting at village level at least once a month and also utilization of Village Health and Sanitation Committee fund as per guidelines.

He asked the ASHA to be a link between Govt Health system and the Community. He also asked ASHA’s to keep close liaison with the Panchayat Members.

Dr. N. Geiyi also informed that, ASHA will get a compensation packages as per rate under various Vertical Programme like RNTCP, NLEP, NUBDCP and NPCB

Altogether 212 ASHA’s of Lohit District has been trained on Ist ,IInd and IIIrd Modules. (DIPRO)


Governor’s relief Fund for Nyigam village

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh, has donated an amount of Rs.50,000.00 (Rupees Fifty Thousand) only from Governor’s relief fund to the victims of Nyigam Village fire accident. While calling for utmost precautions against such incidences in the future, Gen Singh commended the bravery shown by Ipi Basar, who showed exemplary courage.

As a token of appreciation and recognition for her exemplary bravery, State First Lady Anupama Singh, Chairperson, Muskan Welfare Society has awarded a sum of Rs. 5000.00 only to Ipi Basar on behalf of the society.

The amounts have been sent to Additional Deputy Commissioner, Basar for immediate disbursement.

AALO, DIPRO adds that Arunachal Vikas Parishad in collaboration with Kargu-Gamgi Basar extended reliefs to the fire victims of Nyigam village on September 14, 2009. They have distributed clothes and stationeries for students sponsored by Seva Baharati Arunachal. Kargu-Gamgi donated Rs. 20,000/- to the fire victims.

Epi Basar who saved 2 lives was awarded Rs. 2,000/- for bravery act.

Earlier, the Department of Agriculture, Aalo also donated 10 quintals of rice for the fire victims.

Pen down, tool down strike

ITANAGAR, Sep 15: Contract Employees and Worker Union of Dibang Multipurpose Project, NHPC Ltd. Roing requested the DMP chief Engineer for grant of full payment of salary to contract employees within September 15 to 19 next.

If the NHPC authority fails to pay the contract employees in the next four days, the union said that tool down and pen down strike will be launched.


Swine Flu

YINGKIONG, Sept 15: An awareness generation programme on Swine Flu was held. Dr. India Modi, District Surveillance Officer (DSO) informed that it is a pandemic disease. Through power point presentation, he informed about the preparedness against the swine flu.

He said that human beings do not have natural immunity against it. The symptoms/mode of transmission/prevention at individual, community, national and international level were briefed by the DSO. He informed that treatments are available at selected hospitals. There are criteria for collection of sample and the district Hospital Yingkiong is also one of the sample collection centers.

He appealed all not to panic but remain alert. (DIPRO)


NSS programme held

ITANAGAR, Sep 15: Orientation cum Induction programme of NSS volunteers of Dera Natung Government College unit was conducted at the college auditorium today.  NSS programme officers Joram Muthu and Dr T Tatak conducted the programmes.

Dr M Q Khan speaking as resources person dealt on the importance of being NSS volunteers. He also focused on the contribution of volunteers towards the society and emphasized on character building.

Dr A K Pandey pointed out the responsibilities of NSS volunteers towards society and the nation.


Rupa eye camp benefits more than thousand

RUPA, Sept 15: The Women’s Welfare Association, Rupa in collaboration with Rama Krishna Mission Hospital, Itanagar, BSNL Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar and District Blindness Control Society, West Kameng District, Bomdila supported by Light for the World has organized a Free Mega Eye Camp at CHC Rupa, West Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh from Sept 10-13.

People from far flung areas also attended the camp.

Over all 1250 patients were screened which includes 83 school children.

81 cataract operations were performed and 9 other minor surgeries were done during the 4 days Free Mega Eye camp at Rupa. There was free distribution of goggles to operated patients and spectacles were given in subsidized rate.

The camp was attended by Dr. R. Doye, Senior Eye Specialist (SG) from General Hospital, Naharlagun and Dr. L Tsetem, Eye Specialist from RKM Hospital, Itanagar and their team.

Officers, Officials, Gaon Burah’s and public leaders of Rupa attended the valedictory function on Sept 13

SDO Rupa was the Chief Guest while the District Medical Officer, Bomdila Dr. Dani Duri was Guest of Honour and Rev. Swami Viswatmananda, Secretary Maharaj of RKM Hospital, Itanagar attended the programe as special guest.

Secretary Maharaj of RKM Hospital, Itanagar informed that the camp was conducted for the service of needy people.

The DMO, Bomdila expressed his happiness and satisfaction on the successful completion of the camp and giving service to the poor and needy people of this area.

He also requested the team to organize second round of such eye camp after assembly election. The chairperson of Women’s Welfare Association, Rupa Y. D. Thondok requested the medical team to help in future as well.


Pen down, tool down strike

ITANAGAR, Sep 15: Contract Employees and Worker Union of Dibang Multipurpose Project, NHPC Ltd. Roing requested the DMP chief Engineer for grant of full payment of salary to contract employees within September 15 to 19 next.

If the NHPC authority fails to pay the contract employees in the next four days, the union said that tool down and pen down strike will be launched.


Engineers Day cum Foundation Day

ITANAGAR, Sep 15: Engineers Day cum Foundation Day of Arunachal Pradesh Junior Engineers Welfare Association was celebrated today at it’s headquarter office Itanagar.

The association president Er Heri Robin and executive members paid floral tribute to M Visveswaraya whose birthday is celebrated as Engineers Day throughout the country.

APJEWA have decided to request the state government to provide space so that a statue of M Visveswaraya would be built to serve as an inspiration to the engineering fraternity of the state.  


School remembers student

ITANAGAR, Sep 15: The students, staffs and management authority of Holy Child School, Itanagar deeply mourned the sudden demise of a student late Ngakar Hete. The school management authority appealed to the civil societies not to be misled by rumors and let the law take its own course of action to unearth the facts and circumstances which led to the tragic incident.

A prayer service was held on September 14 for the departed soul. The management authority closed down the school for two days as a mark of respect for the departed soul.

Extending their deep condolences they also prayed to God Almighty that strength and solace be provided to the bereaved family members.







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Arunachalee students’ agony at the hands of the corrupted


Through your esteemed daily, we would like to draw the attention of the authorities concerned regarding the sufferings that our Engineering students are facing during counselling for colleges in Karnataka.

Ever year many students come to Director of Technical Education(DTE), Bangalore to get seat in Engineering colleges under Govt of India allotted quota. However, after reaching here, they go through series of torture and insults from the government officials here in DTE.

The concerned officials here are so corrupted that they expect money from all the students before allocate colleges to them. As a result, students have to visit department several times which allocates colleges and finally succumb to the circumstances, pay the govt. officials for the seats out of insecurity and frustration of not getting into any college.

Moreover,  these officials keep aside couple of seats of Govt. and reputed colleges for those who pay them good amount.

There is no value of merit or First Come First Serve basis as a criteria to allocate college. There has been cases of students bribing upto Rs 30,000 to get into a good college.

Think of those poor parents back home in Arunachal Pradesh who take out their life time savings for their children's study.

Some even sell off their property to meet the expenses. In my stay of 5 years here in Bangalore, I personally have seen the scenario many a times.

In helping the young aspirants to get into the college, I myself have faced frustration and desperation along with the students.

We, thereore, request Department of Higher Education, Arunachal Pradesh to consider the above mentioned points seriously and facilitate the counselling for Engineering College seats in our state itself like other neighbouring states like Manipiur, where students have counselling in their  respective states and get college allocations without having to bribe anyone outside. This will discourage corrupt clerks to take advantage of young    inexperienced students and parents.                          

This will save the students from the physical strain of repetitive visits to the DTE offices, and also the mental agony which the students face in such situations.


Bomken Basar

IBM, Bangalore

Makbul Siram

Sasken, Bangalore






Swine flu preventive measures


I really appreciate the article written by Techi Takang recently  in Readers’ Forum columns about  swine flu.

However, I would like to add some more precautions about swine flu as follows: 1) Do regular physical exercise to regulate the blood supply & take regular meal to increase the immune system. 2) Avoid cold drinks in winter season to avoid common cold & flu. Always take "chyawanprash" in morning & evening which increases immunity & strength. 3) Wash your hand regularly   before eating. Do not touch your mouth & nose after handshake & when you are in outside. Try to avoid crowded place. 4) Our people can use handkerchief & mask available in medical store & pharmacies for protection  in stead of expensive mask.

Most important thing is if you find symptoms of swine flu in your self, rush immediately to Govt. hospital for check up.

Life is yours, live life to your fullest.




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A request to APPSC


Through your esteemed columns I would like to express my deep happiness to all those deptts of Govt of Arunachal Pradesh who have linked themselves to the rest of the world by having launched websites helping all to access them, no matter how inaccessible the area is.

However, having said this I would like to draw the attention of the APPSC who has not been updating its website since the end of 2008 despite various requests through this daily.

Advertisement for the post of Lecturer who are now already in service for months are still seen afresh and the APPSCEE (mains) 2007-08 are still on notification.

I would like to request all authorities kindly to take necessary steps at the earliest and upload the recent APPSCCE-09 notification and some help aids for application and study materials please.


Anya, Roing

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Women sidelined


I do agree with the comment posted by Kasap Bagra, women have been sidelined in this ensuing election by the ruling Congress while issuing INC tickets. What I feel is that a lady like Jarjum Ete has been sidelined which reflected that the Congres is not committed to their promises.

So lets see what the women voters say in the coming assembly election. It is more than three times that INC fails to issue a ticket to a lady who has a vast knowledge and also a fittest candidate to be a good representative.


Kenbom Bagra


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September - 16