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Foolishness of Arunachal politicians surfaces in New Delhi

[ Amar Sangno ]

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: The foolishness and ignorance of Arunachal’s politicians and wealthy businessmen have surfaced with the duping case of former minister Rajesh Tacho in which he filed a case against a man called ‘Ashu’ from Bihar with Chanakyapuri police station in New Delhi on Thursday.

Ashu, according to the FIR, cheated Tacho of Rs 5-6 lakhs with a promise to get a petrol pump license from the ministry. He was later apprehended by Delhi Police when he was about to flee from Delhi.

In a shocking revelation, Delhi Police today informed this daily on condition of anonymity that there are numerous duping and cheating cases filed by politicians and wealthy businessmen from the state. In most of the cases, politicians and businessmen had exhibited blind faith on middle men and imposters in Delhi who promise them of getting work done in various ministries, in lieu of huge amount of money.

Referring to the case of former minister Rajesh Tacho, who is also Anini MLA, a  police official said that huge amount of money is being doled out as bribes and commissions by the elected representatives of Arunachal to these middlemen.

However, few cases have been registered while most have not been reported to the police as these acts are most of the time “highly immoral”.

In any case, paying bribes is a crime but what is astonishing is that these politicians rarely ever do any background check on these people who show off their alleged connections with various ministries, the Police official further added.

There are also reports of many elected MLAs and businessmen being duped by the astrologers who promise to bring good luck for them.

Call it a height of foolishness or ignorance; the elected representatives from our state are often easily trapped by astrologers and religious donation seekers.

Now these imposters are swarming around Arunachal Bhawan and House in New Delhi in search of MLAs and the ministers.  

On many occasions, the securities of ministers and MLAs have been compromised because of these imposters.



Panyor River Festival from Nov 21

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: The much awaited 2nd edition of Panyor River Festival (PRF) will be held from November 21 to 25, 2014 at Yazali town. The festival will be organized by Arunachal Adventure Association (AAA) in collaboration with the Department of Tourism, Govt. of Arunachal involving locals of the area.

It is pertinent to mention here that the first edition of the festival was organized successfully without aid or assistance from the government. The organizers in an effort to promote tourism in the area and to create awareness among the locales on hospitality industry had to generate their own resources through various means including self contribution from the committee members.

During the first edition of the festival, the then secretary tourism had declared in presence of local MLA cum parliamentary secretary (home, sports and youths affairs) Likha Saaya that Panyor River Festival would be organized annually at Yazali and be made as a calendar event of the state.

The organizer through such festival, the first of its kind in Nyishi belt, aims to promote adventure sports, culture, and tourism and create awareness among the local population about the hospitality industry and generate revenue source for the local people by involving them in tourism activity.

To meet the needs of visitors and tourists, the home stay trainings would be provided to women groups by the organizer. Tented accommodation will also be made available during the 5 days festival. Other than the regular event of para-gliding, rafting, food courts and cultural shows, various new events will be introduced along with cultural and traditional participation of various tribes from all parts of the Arunachal. New talents will also be given opportunities. For more information on the events and festival one can log onto www.panyorriverfestival.com.



R&D wing of Horticulture Department introduces Zanthoxyllum cultivation

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: Showing the way for other government departments of Arunachal, the Research and Development wing of the Department of Horticulture has successfully introduced the domestic cultivation of local vegetable cum medicinal plant Zantho-xyllum oxyphyllum which is locally known as Onyor, Honyor, Hibe, Onger, etc. Trial cultivation has been initiated at Kamyir and Poma villages under Sangdupota circle of Papum Pare district involving women SHGs. Farmers were trained to raise nursery at the site itself and grow it in the jhum field along with field crops. Although the cultivation has been successful in the first year, the data validation will be made for 2-3 years and finally a package of practices for cultivation in local condition will be released.

A team of dedicated officials of Arunachal Pradesh Horticulture Research and Development Mission (APHRDM) led by mission director Egam Basar and ably supported by scientists Tape Gab and Dujum Kato along with research assistants Asunam Perme, Rebecca Eko, Tasso Yatung and Onam Jongkey is carrying out the research activities.

The Zanthoxyllum plant is principally consumed as vegetables. Eating Zantho-xyllum oxyphyllum tender shoots purifies the blood and reduces incidence of leucoderma. The plant has various medicinal properties against skin disease, rheumatism, varicose ulcers, leg pains, inflammations, fever, hypotension, dyspepsia and diarrhea. It also acts as stimulant, stringent and digestive properties. As per the survey conducted by scientists of R&D wing of Horticulture Department, about 19 local vegetables are sold in local markets at Capital Complex with 73.8 tons consumption per month. Zanthoxyllum oxyphyllum is consumed at the rate of 6 tons per month and sold at the rate of Rs. 400 per kg. All the local vegetables are collected from forest by wild extraction as farmers do not know the cultivation technology.  At the present rate of wild extraction, very soon the natural stock will be exhausted and valuable traditional vegetables will get extinct. And, that why the R&D wing under Mini Mission-II of Arunachal Pradesh Horticulture Research and Development Mission (APHRDM) has begun the research work to develop cultivation technology for local vegetables one by one based on the threat perception.

APHRDM has also initiated research on cultivation technology of Paris polyphylla, a highly priced medicinal plant of the state which is now being illegally extracted in huge quantity. If the present rate of wild extraction is not stopped, many valuable species of Paris polyphylla will get extinct from the state which will be a huge loss to the State, the APHRDM Mission Director said and appealed to the people to have patience as very soon proper cultivation technology in local conditions will be developed and farmers will be able to cultivate the plant and start legal trading instead of wild extraction which is banned and punishable.



Murkongselek-Pasighat BG Railway faces roadblock

[ Prafulla Kaman ]

RUKSIN, Sept 14: The much-hyped Broad gauge (BG) railway in upper- Arunachal passing through East Siang district is facing a roadblock from the local people as the project affected people have opposed the recent railway alignment.

The Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) conducted survey for construction of BG track linking Murkongselek and Pasighat during September 2011. The project engineer of the extended BG railway project during November last year informed that they would execute the work as per the new alignment. But the work, which was scheduled to complete last year  remained a non starter due to stiff opposition from the local people.

The people earlier opposed passing of the proposed railway on the recent alignment and urged railway authority to construct BG rail as per survey conducted in 1968 or 1974. It is said that the common people have no complaint to execute the project along the routes indicated in the earlier years.

They said that the proposed railway is likely to affect hundreds of poor farmers of Ruksin, Siile-Oyan and Pasighat circles of the district. The latest survey for construction of BG rail carried out by NF Railways covers a large portion of WRC field and horticulture gardens belonging to indigenous farmers of the district.

The Railway Affected Land Owners Committee (RALOC) of Ruksin and Pasighat separately conducted a series of meetings during the last two years and discussed the impact of the railway and compensation against their acquisitioned land. The farmers alleged that the authority has fixed the land value for payment of compensation in minimal rate, which according to them is too inadequate to compensate their affected croplands and other properties.

In the subsequent period, many organizations including RALOC, CoSAAP, Bar Association, Doctors Association and others assembled in a consultative meeting to discuss the railway issue. There are some sections, who voiced against railway connectivity to Pasighat citing various reasons like influx of illegal migrants, impact of ILP mechanism and probable change in the demographic pattern in the region.

On the other hand, some government officers and elected leaders of the district support the railway project reasoning that railway is the cheapest means of traveling and transportation of goods and will help growth in development of industry sector.

The extended BG railway running from Mukongselek (Assam) is supposed to be proceeding on to Roing, Parsuramkund, Rupai, Anjaw and other places of Indo-China border.



Land owners have no objection to extension of firing range’

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: The Land Affected Committee in a release claimed that the ‘actual’ land owners did not have any objection to government notification for acquisition of land for extension of the existing firing range of 10th ITBP and RTC Kimin,

A meeting of the ‘actual’ land owners was held at Durpa-I village yesterday under the chairmanship of Kimin ASM and discussed the proposed extension of firing range and land acquisition issue thoroughly. The meeting welcomed the move and urged the authority to conduct hearing for acquisition of land at the earliest as the land owners were ready to offer their lands on payment of proper compensation, informed the Land Affected Committee in a release.

The meeting dismissed the apprehension of Durpa Development Committee that extension of firing range would endanger the life of 500 public and their domestic animals.

Firing practices have been carried out in the firing range since 1966 but no untoward incident has been reported till date, the release claimed.

“ITBP will erect permanent boundary wall around its area after acquisition of the proposed area and there will be no scope for any accident,” the release said.

The Committee hoped that ITBP would arrange a safe passage for public movement for collection of bamboo and firewood etc as well as cultivation after proper acquisition and demarcation of land.



Day 3 results: 2nd D K Memorial State Open Badminton Championship

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: Results of the semifinal matches in various categories of the on-going Second Dorjee Khandu Memorial State Open Badminton Championship held here today.

Women Singles (Open)

Laa Yajum beat Taring Yanya  (21-16 21-10)

Pinky Karki beat Tania Yasap ( 21-7, 21- 10)

Women’s Double (Open)

Pinky Karki -Taring Yanya beat Taw Anya -Pema Laden (21- 08 21- 08); Laa Yajum -Tania Yasap beat the pair of Bimpi Lendo-Taring Yarang  21-10,  21-18

U-19 Boys Single

Jokom Ribya beat Rahul Thapa 21- 19 19-21 21- 10; Akshay Raito beat Laa Tukum 21- 18 21- 07

U-19 Boys Double

K.Takki -Akshay Raito got walk over; Laa Tukum-Jokom Ribya beat Rahul Thapa and Amit Kr  Singh 16-21, 21-11 21 17

U-19 Girls Single

Laa Yajum beat Taring Yania 21- 17  21- 07

Pinki Karki beat Ajija Umpey (Roing) 21- 04 21- 03

U-19 Girls double

Pinki Karki-Taring Yania beat Tago Yasa-Danyi Yakang  (L/S)  21- 01 21 -00’; Laa Yajum -Nabum Yapo beat Marry Zida -Apali Mepo (Lohit) 21- 16  21-14

U-17 Boys single

Akshay Raito beat Lonku Sih 21- 15 21- 10; Laa Tukum beat Sonam Tamang 15-21 21- 12  21- 09

U-17 Boys double

K,Takki-Akshay Raito got bye to reach final; Rahul Thapa -Amit Kumar Singh beat Biki Lakai -Amit Pradhan 21- 15  09 -21, 21- 11.

U-17 Girls Single

 Pinki Karki beat Taring Yania 21- 10, 21 -13; Laa Yajum beat Kalung  Mamu 21- 02 21 08.

U-15 Boys single

Laa Tukum beat Samir Khan 21- 08 21 -12; Sonam Tamang beat Lunku Sih 21 12 21 -07

U-15 Boys Double

Lunku Sih-Laa Tikum beat Peter Tato-Anthony Koyu 21 -10  21-14; Biki Lakia-Amit Pradah beat Asif Khan-Samir Khan 21- 18 21 19

U-15 Girls single

Yumlam Mopi (SLSA) beat Kapu Rumi (SLSA)  21- 14, 18 -21, 21 -14; Ingam Potom (SLSA) beat Nadek Nabum (EK) 21 23, 21 -17  21 -15.

U-13 Boys single

Laa Tukum beat Bamang Penko 21- 4 21 12; Gumto Mengnia (SLSA) beat Kenith Tamin 17 -21 21 -19 21 -15

U- 13 Boys double

Laa Tukum-Robin Laa beat Kaikap Mengia -Gumto Mengia (SLSA) 21 -18 21 07; Bamang Penko-Kenith Taming beat Mosess Yomsa-Kuru Camdir Tok 21 -09 21 09

U-13 Girls single

Yumlam Mopi (SLSA) (walk-over); Kapu Rumi (SLSA) beat Ingam Potom 21-16 21-11

U-13 Girls Double

Yumlam Mopi-Kapu Rumi (SLSA) beat Taring Yapi -Licha Zenia 21- 10 21 06; Sonia Laa-Nisha Upadhayai beat Kenbi Riram-Kenbom Riram 21 -07 21-13

U-10 Boys single

Laa Robin beat Moses Yomcha 21 -15 21- 16; Nikil Tatung beat Hari Hina Nabum 21 -06  21 -01

The finals will be played tomorrow.

(East Kameng district was mistakenly omitted from the participating teams’ list in a news item published in this daily earlier. The mistake is regretted)

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Veterans Cup football tournament

MLA XI, Panyor FC win

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: United Yazali lost by solitary goal to MLA XI in the first match of the Veterans Cup Football Tournament played at Yazali today.

The all important goal was scored in the second half by Nending Omo taking a pass from Yumlam Tana.

United Yazali dominated the proceeding until their captain Bengia Takar was red carded.

In another match of the day, Panyor FC beat Eastern Yazali Dodo 3-1.

ZPM XI Yazali will take on Super XI Pistana in the first match tomorrow while Yachuli United XI will face PWD XI in the second match.



MLA asked to appear before court

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: Tali MLA Markio Tado has been called to appear before the Gauhati High Court on October 29 in a case filed against him by a petitioner.

It further warned that if the respondent fails to appear before the court, election petition will proceed ex parte.


AHiSU, AHYA conduct mass social service

ZIRO, Sept 14: All Hija Students Union (AHiSU) in collaboration with All Hija Youth Association (AHYA) yesterday conducted a mass cleanliness drive at Hija village in which a large number of students and youths of the village took active part.

Nada Chada, AHYA president told that the motive behind conduction of the social service was to make villagers aware about the importance of keeping their surroundings clean and hygienic to prevent vector borne diseases like Japanese Encephalitis (JE) and other communicable diseases.

Besides the members of AHiSU and AHYA the cleanliness drive was actively participated by officers, GBs, Panchayat members, women groups, senior citizens and general public of the village.

Later, the organizer and the villagers have decided to conduct cleanliness drive on every second Saturday of the month.


ASHAs trained on diagnosis and treatment of malaria

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: Thirty ASHAs have been trained on diagnosis and treatment of malaria cases in a two days training organized by Itanagar Diocesan Empowerment Association (IDEA) and Caritas India, an NGO, in collaboration with District Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (DVBDCP) Papum Pare at Mengio.

The training mainly aimed at building capacity of ASHAs for early diagnosis and prompt treatment of all malaria cases in abid control and prevent malaria.  

IDEA in partnership with the NGO has been supporting the DVBDCP in terms of organizing training for the ASHAs of whole PHCs and CHCs of Papum Pare district.

As of today, 174 ASHAs from Balijan, Doimukh, Basarnallo, Kimin, Sagalee, Leporinag and Mengio PHCs/CHCs have been trained.


PHC boundary wall inaugurated

ITANAGAR Sept 14: The newly constructed boundary wall around Bhalukpong Primary Health Centre (PHC) was inaugurated by local MLA and Parliamentary Secretary Kumsi Sidisow today.

The inauguration function was followed by plantation programme in the PHC compound initiated by Apatani Welfare Society, Bhalukpong in collaboration with forest department.

Panchayat leaders, West Kameng DMO, Bhalukpong EAC and all HoDs of Bhalukpong were present on the occasion.


Social service conducted

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: A mass social work was conducted from Gohpur Doni Polo Gas agency area to the Directorate of Economic and Statistics yesterday.

The drive which was conducted under the banner of Senki Valley Woman Group in association with IMC Ward no 2 members cleared the jungle of the area, accumulated garbage from the drains and repaired the road.

Meanwhile, the public and the ward members have requested the concern department to renovate the WRSP Bridge of the colony.


Pham-Kho concludes

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: Pham Kho- the festival of Bugun tribe of West Kameng district concluded at MPCC ground, Singchung under West Kameng district yesterday.

It is a harvest festival in which people pray various spirits and offer sacrifices to propitiate the god.


BCYA seeks local MLA’s intervention

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: Balijan Circle Youth Association (BCYA) has sought the intervention of their local MLA, Education Department and Panchayat leaders in solving problem being faced by the Government Middle School Patila-Hollongi under Balijan circle due to delay in completion of the school building.

BCYA in a release informed that their local MLA had sanctioned Rs. 10 lakh for construction of 5-room new building as the school was devastated in a fire on January nine, 2013. Subsequently, Rs. five lakh was released as first instalment and the construction was supposed to be completed before the start of the current academic session. But, the construction work was allegedly stalled due to unknown reason, the release informed.


National painting competition

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: Indian Council for Child Welfare –Arunachal Pradesh under the aegis of Indian Council for Child Welfare New Delhi, a non-profit organization working primarily for children in India since 1958, is organizing the National Painting Competition for children of age between 5 to 16 years including a special group for differently   abled children of age between 5- 8 years here on September 30.

The sit and draw competition will be organised at Don Bosco Youth Centre, Vivek Vihar. It is open to all the schools of twin capital city of Itanagar, Naharlagun and Nirjuli,

The winners of the competition will be eligible for monthly scholarships until the child attains the age of 18 years or complete class XII, whichever is earlier, during their schooling years. Scholarship will be given to only those winners whose family income does not exceed Rs 5000 per month.

School Principal, Head mistress, Headmaster of respective schools can be contacted for details.

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A case of stone pelting

Dear Editor,

A few days back, on the evening of 9th of this month, I was travelling from Itanagar to Shillong on the APST night super bus when I encountered a case of stone pelting.

It was around 11.30 pm when the bus was travelling between Balipara and Tezpur when the incident occurred. A stone was thrown at the bus which shattered a window glass. The shattered glass pieces fell all over us, though fortunately for us, no passenger was injured.   

However, the sudden cracking noise of the window shocked all the passengers on board which included children and females too. Later, while conversing with the conductor and the driver, they casually said, “Yeh Sab toh hota rehta hai”.

Now, I want to know why nothing has been done to check such types of incidents. I admit that to completely prevent such stone pelting cases during night hours is not possible, but still there can be steps taken to keep safe the passengers on board.

Metal/steel cages or Jhali as we call, can be installed along the windows which can stop the stones from breaking the glass.

Through this letter, I would like to draw the attention of the General Manager, APST and all concerned officials and urge them to take necessary steps with urgency as such incidents can have grave effects on the passengers.


Dani Dukang




Expectation from Health Minister

Dear Editor,

After 15 years of expectations, it has been finally announced by the Health Minister Kalikho Pul that along with other medical staffs, posts for Laboratory Technician have been created too. The Contractual Laboratory Technician under NRHM thank the Health Minister and Chief Minister for considering our case even though the Technician who have been serving since 1999 (RCH-I Programme) won't be enjoying the regularisation benefits as most of them are above the age limits.

Further, working under NRHM, without our jobs being regularized for the last 15 years with no increment has been a punishment for us.

However, we are genuinely grateful to our Heath Minister and Chief Minister for their support and consideration.

We would like to request them to kindly continue supporting us in the further regularization process and regularize all of us in one go  as we have been given a single such opportunity in 15 years span.

We hope that regularization process would not be hindered at bureaucrat or financial levels.


Bolet Litin, President

Koj Rinyo, General Secretary




In appreciation of health minister

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily, I would like to convey a deep sense of appreciation to our Health & Family Welfare Minister, Kalikho Pul, for his concern and valuable steps taken to renovate the medical institutions, thereby, improving the health status of this state.

Initiation of the massive reforms in the bid to eradicate poor health of the state is a commendable move on the part of our health minister. It is heartening to learn that the minister has personally gone all the way to assess the health centers in the capital whereby he was disappointed to find how unhealthy and devoid of basic amenities was the dispensary in the health institutions. It is indeed a matter of grave concern that the entire dispensary should be cut short of essential services and supplies like water connectivity, gloves, BP apparatus, disposal syringe, life saving drugs, most of which have to be managed by doctors and patients themselves. Having encountered all such shortcomings, the minister was left aghast at such careless look-after of the state health otherwise supposed to be the top priority of the state govt.

The step taken by the State Cabinet towards creation of 2492 posts in the Health Department should narrow down the health problems. I express my heartfelt appreciation to the state govt, especially the Health Minister for the massive drive he has taken up.

I urge all the other ministers to make your time count before it ticks away and gets belated.


Kipa Punung




Improve communication network

Dear Editor,

The People of Daporijo, Upper Subansiri District have been facing myriads of problems for years but most of their burning issues have not been sorted out despite several representations.  

One such problem that people of Daporijo have been facing is insufficient BSNL Network.

People have to try more than 20-30 times to reach a particular destination.

Most of the time the customer are told that the “number you have called is not reachable at the moment. Please call again later”.

Even the messages are not delivered on time. Sometimes it is delivered after two days and sometimes not delivered at all.

ATM also does not work due to network failure.

Therefore, I request the concern authority to look into the matter very sympathetically and improve BSNL services or any other network service as soon as Possible.


Tabu Nilling

DST Colony, Daporijo



An open letter to the Chief Electoral Officer

Dear Editor,

Through the column of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw the kind attention of the Chief Electoral officer, Arunachal Pradesh.

My Tata winger  vide Regd no.AR-09-1353, a commercial passenger  vehicle playing from Pasighat to Itanagar along with driver was requisitioned by election office for election duty vide order no. TPT(c) 96/2014 dated Itanagar, the 16th March 2014 and no EN/OP-06/2014 dated Itanagar, the 29th March 2014.

The vehicle along with driver D. Borah was directed to report to the District Election Officer, Daporijo. In compliance of the Govt. order my driver along with vehicle reached DEO Daporijo on the 7th April 2014 who was directed to proceed to Taliha with the polling team and personnel.  

While performing the election duty, the vehicle met with an accident in between Daporijo and Taliha on 7/04/2014, where the vehicle rolled down about 200 feet from the road due to steering failure which completely damaged the vehicle and also the driver was seriously injured. Till today, the driver is under treatment at Assam medical college Dibrugarh.

I have petitioned several times to the chief election officer for reimbursement of cost of the damaged vehicle, loss caused to my business and recovery of vehicle and compensation for medical expenditure for injured driver but all my request have gone in vain. Despite several request made to the govt. for initiating action in terms of compensation, the govt have not done anything.

Now I want to know whether the cost of damaged vehicle and loss of business shall be borne by the govt. of Arunachal Pradesh or owner of the vehicle.

As per my knowledge it is the responsibility of the govt. of Arunachal Pradesh to reimburse the losses but if the owner is being held responsible,  private vehicle owners of the state will not lend their vehicles to the govt. in near future.


T Dabi

Lower Banskota Village




Bust the racket

Dear Editor,

I would like to request the home ministry to take note of the news item “deposited money siphoned off by fraudsters” which was published on 12th September in this daily.

I am one of the victims and also know many of my friends who have been victimised in the same way.

Even if we don't get back our money, the racket should be busted.   


A victim







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Self vigilance is must

Local media today carried extensive reports about twenty non-APST citizens being detected for entering state without carrying inner line permit (ILP) at Rajiv Gandhi University junction by the Papum Pare district administration. All the defaulters were later deported to other side of the border. As per the report most of the violators are labourers who have been brought in by the local Arunachalee citizens. It was also found that local guardians of the labourers despite being aware about Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act 1873 did not bother to obtain ILP for them.

This is a serious case of negligence. District administration should take strong action against those local Arunachalee citizens who fails to get proper ILP for their labourers. The coming of labourer without proper documents is like inviting trouble to the home. Information about involvement of migrant workers in criminal acts is being reported from various parts of state. In view of such development, it has become important for the local guardians to keep all the required documents of the migrant labourers. We can’t depend only on police and will have to contribute our bits to make Arunachal a peaceful place to live.