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Rajdhani train ticket to replace ILP

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Sept 25: The Indian Railways has decided to start the elite Rajdhani train service between New Delhi and Naharlagun from November this year. As per the report published in English daily, The Indian Express, the government of Arunachal has agreed to relax the inner line permit norms. As an outcome of the series of meeting held between railway officials and state government authorities at Prime Minister's office recently, they came up with an idea that the passengers who get reservation ticket to travel to Itanagar will not require ILP to enter the state. At present it is mandatory for any non-APST citizens visiting state to obtain ILP beforehand.  

Earlier this year the train service between Naharlagun and Harmuti was stopped after various NGOs opposed the service expressing deep concern over sudden increase in influx of outsiders. Even though Rajdhani service will be welcomed by the people of Arunachal, this new decision to do away with ILP will surely raise the ante. Many Arunachalees see this move as the long term policy of the government of India to remove ILP system and ensure the gradual migration of mainland Indians into Arunachal to counter the Chinese claim over the state. "Development at the cost of our identity is not acceptable to us.  We will not accept this move of letting non-APST enter state without ILP. How can a train reservation ticket replace ILP?" questioned president of All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) Byabang Joram. It was due to the vociferous opposition of ANSU and All Papum Pare District Students Union, the train service between Naharlagun-Harmuti was stopped. Noted scholar, Dr Nani Bath, stated that if indeed this new system is introduced it will go against the spirit of Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873. "This act does not exempt any particular group or national. Therefore on what basis government is planning to offer ILP exemption to those entering state simply by getting reservation ticket of Rajdhani express? ILP relaxation can always be offered but it has to be implemented after following proper policy and procedure," said Dr Bath.

Also the proposed train service between Murkongselek(Assam) near Ruksin town and the historic Pasighat town has so far received muted response. Pasighat already has massive non-APST population and locals fear that train service may reduce them to minority due to large scale migration of mainland Indians.  "Murkongselek has train connection with rest of the country. This town is barely 30 KM from Pasighat town. Adding to it, the Ruksin-Pasighat stretch of highway is one of the best in the state. Therefore we don't feel the need of this train service," shared a citizen of Pasighat.

Both central and state government is playing with the fire by planning to start Rajdhani service san ILP system. This wrong decision may have serious ramification in years to come.



Stalemate continues in NERIST, students suffer

ITANAGAR, Sep 25: Uncertainty looms large over the fate of nearly 2,000 students pursuing various degrees in the North East Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST), a deemed university, following the ongoing strike called by the employees union which entered 23rd day today.

The NERIST Employees Association (NEA) has ruled out any possibility of back-tracking from their ongoing strike against the institute's authorities, saying it would continue its agitation till its demands are fulfilled including removal of the institute's director Dipankar Pal. Talking to reporters here yesterday, NEA advisor S Gao expressed concern over the letter issued by Students' Union of NERIST (SUN) where they have alleged of hampering curricular and co-curricular affairs of the students following the strike. Association president Mai Ranjit, who is also the Deputy registrar of the deemed university, alleged that since Pal joined the institute as its director the condition and environment of the institute deteriorated.

"We are demanding his removal as head of the institution for his alleged failure to run the institute smoothly," he said. He further alleged that during Pal's tenure, there were many irregularities including, financial mismanagement. Concerned over their academic losses, the Students' Union of NERIST (SUN) had resorted to mass movement against the employees association in the form of dharna, rally and black out. As part of their protests, the union yesterday observed 'Black Day' to protest against non-functioning of the institute, SUN president Longpo Cheda said here today. Pal has denied all the allegations levelled against him. PTI



East Siang bandh cripples normal life but ends peacefully

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Sept 25: The 12-hour East Siang district bandh called by Adi Students’ Union (AdiSU) with the support of Adi Baane Kebang (ABK) and other student organizations of district ended peacefully this evening. No untoward incident has been reported from any part of the district during the bandh hours. The bandh was called for alleged negligence on the part of state government over the appeal of Adi community to exclude Adi lands/territory from the proposed Lower Siang district.

Pasighat Township and Ruksin market wore a deserted look as vehicles remained off the road. The financial banks, shops, daily markets and other business establishment also remained closed, while government offices recorded thin attendance. The protesters blocked the National Highway-52 at Ruksin gate and Pasighat area. Further report from Pangin, Mebo and other areas also confirmed that all the shops down the shutter as a mark of solidarity with AdiSu and ABK. Meanwhile, East Siang district ABK President cum ZPM Bogong-II Okom Yosung appealed to the state government to look into the matter and give immediate assurance on the demands put forwarded by AdiSU and ABK East Siang district unit. He also informed that regarding the next phase of agitation, the ABK district unit is looking forward for its apex body’s suggestion and comment. He however, hope that the proposed September 27 and 28 bandh is likely to be postponed due to the proposed cabinet meeting to be held at Pasighat for the first time and added that the message in this regard will be notified in a day or two.

Meanwhile AdiSU General Secretary, Obuk Gao in a statement claimed that bandh call was success throughout the district and various student bodies also extended solidarity to the AdiSU’s demand. He further informed that large scale movement will be launched if the government fails to fulfill their demands.



In the realm of violence and wisdom

[ Amar Sangno ]

The learning institutes, be it schools, colleges or the lone university in the state are ostensibly turning out to be a "battle ground" where students draw sword among themselves instead of pen. If we exaggerate it, the battles are being fiercely fought, for instance students versus teachers, non-teaching staffs versus authority and at times teachers versus teachers. Literally   these institutes are turning out to be epicenter of "unrest" rather than the house of wisdom.

Statistics revealed that, Dera Natung Government College Itanagar, being the most sought after Government College in the state has witnessed highest number of student-related violence. Recently, a car belonging to Assistant Professor was allegedly burnt down over election feud. Few year ago an audacious assault on a lady teacher occurred at the same college during the annual university examination, leading to widespread protest from the teaching community.

Noticeably the teachers whom we consider as father figure to a student in terms of shaping their future with their knowledge and wisdom are facing wrath of its own students' every now and then over petty issues in the realm of wisdom. It is said that every day the teaching community have to cope with altercations, frequent physical assault, and face abusive languages from the students in the so called temple of learning.

For some students, discipline is not at all the soul of student; rather it is a crumbling shibboleth, with no taste in it. Whoever gives lecture on 'discipline' would often be showered with boos terming the deliberation as soporific.

The record also shows that the teacher-student related violence and altercations usually occur during the students' union election or in the annual examination. Teachers  often get entangled in the  cross-firing of rival groups during election.

Indeed the students' union election in  colleges and schools often come with disruptive forces. Group clashes and ransacking of  infrastructure are common tell tale which erupts after every election as the institutes have to face anger unleashed by supporters of rival party who gets edged out in the race.

However when any violence erupts in learning institute, blame often goes to  students for creating such situation, doesn't matter if the teachers and authority kicked off the controversy first. If we drag argument on the reasons for students' aggressive behaviour towards its own teachers during election and examination, it is evident that most students' union election involves huge amount of money.

Evasive and growing tendency of absenteeism among teaching community  thereby depriving the students from quality education could be another reason that students get agitated which widens the crack of age old teacher-student relation, shared an Associate Professor.  

In fact when we flip other side of the coin, there are some teachers who prefer to stay more on leave than teach. On many occasions classes  remain open for whole day with barely any teacher present to take the class.

Such irresponsible attitude of few teachers invite  trouble as it irritates student and deprive them of quality education.

However frequent assault on teaching community across the state especially in the government colleges is not at all good sign rather it casts serious doubt on Guru-Shishya relation. It should be highly condemned from  all quarters.

The ongoing agitation of NERIST Employees Association (NEA) and subsequent series of peaceful dharnas staged by the Students Union of NERIST (SUN) are chilling messages to educational institutions.  It ominously threatens to rip apart the institution where it should have a conducive atmosphere for students to build their future.

 The impact of agitation could be rumbling and far reaching for premier educational institution like NERIST where career of its students are at stake.



National seminar on topic ‘Arunachal Pradesh in the 21st  century: An Emerging Dimension’ held

ITANAGAR, Sept 25: A one day national seminar on the topic "Arunachal Pradesh in the 21st  century: An Emerging Dimension" was held today in the conference hall of Rajiv Gandhi University(RGU). Large number of research scholars participated in the meeting. The seminar was organized by Rajiv Gandhi University Research Scholars' Forum (RGURSF) in collaboration with All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU).

Speaking on the occasion Prof. Tamo Mibang, Vice-Chancellor, RGU, stressed that the real objective of doing research is to have systematic study which benefits humanity and which comes through genuine research.  Talking about the North-East, he said there are numerous issues which need to be addressed and looked upon by research point of view which includes the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873. In this regard, a serious study is needed to analyze the presence of the existing system and to what extent the system has helped in the development of the state and what is the future of the system or should it be abolished? He further added that the issues like the emerging demographic changes at border areas and endangered language are also other areas which seriously need research studies.

Prof. Mibang addressing the scholars said the onus is on them to bring solutions to all those issues which are yet to be addressed through their research works. He also suggested, "Let us see the issues analytically and find-out the solution. The solution lies with the people, therefore let us see the issues realistically".     

Delivering the keynote address, Prof. Nani Bath presented his paper titled 'Arunachal Pradesh: A case of multiple identities'. The paper mainly dealt with various issues divided into sub-topics like the historical background about birth of the state, the politics of identity and society, autonomy and the question of unity, the future of Political Parties, ownership of land, refugee question and development.

 Dr. Tashi Kaye, Dean Students Welfare (DSW), gave a brief introduction of the topic for the seminar. Danghi Mangam, Secretary Education and Chaling Yangfo, Asst.Info.Secretary (AAPSU) representing the apex student body also attended the inaugural programme.

Sanjay Hiri, Chairman and Joba Riba, General Secretary (RGURSF) also spoke on the occasion.

Later Prof. A.K.Thakur and Prof.R.C.Parida chaired the technical sessions where total 24 papers were presented. (With inputs from Mass Com. Department)



Former MLA Laeta Umbrey joins BJP


ROING, Sept 25: Former PPA legislator Laeta Umbrey today joined BJP with all his party workers in presence of party's state president Tai Tagak and ex BJP MP Tapir Gao at a function held here to celebrate the 'Antyodaya Diwas' to mark the birth anniversary of BJP icon Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya.

Umbrey soon after joining was appointed as the member of the BJP's state vigilance and monitoring committee. He was also appointed as the spokesperson of the BJP's state unit. "My joining BJP is not out of compulsion or out of personal interest but it's with conviction," said Umbrey. He further added, "It is our conviction that we can free Arunachal from Congress misrule and corruption that has deeply entrenched the minds and hearts of the people." Projected as the PPA's Chief Ministerial candidate during the assembly polls held in April last, Umbrey at that time had called for an end to high command culture of Congress and BJP and to promote regional political party in the interest of the state.

"In Arunachal, there is no scope for regional party and also there's no time to experiment," said the former legislator. "Whether one may like it or not, Narendra Modi is today one of the world's most popular leader, and it is time we all walk in his step," he said.

Having lost the Roing assembly seat to Congress candidate Mutchu Mithi in the April poll, Umbrey said victory and defeat is two face of the same coin and the defeat has made him stronger. "The more you try to crush, the stronger we will emerge," he said expressing his determination to keep fighting.

Alleging misdeed of the ruling Congress government, former MP Tapir Gao said over Rs3500 crore has been looted from state treasury without any work, and Rs 220 crore meant for PMGSY project spent during last election. "Modi is ready to give money to the state government. But the state's pocket is full of empty holes that all money will go waste," he said.

"It is high time we need right leader with right attitude, and Umbrey perfectly fits into it. For a leader like Umbrey, BJP is the right party. With one step of his, the party is ready to push him two steps ahead," Gao added.

The function also witnessed the joining of state PPA Vice President Toko Sheetal into the party. To achieve the common goal to root out Congress from Arunachal, she said "we cannot do it alone. We need blessings from powers in New Delhi." Toko appealed the party to induct more number of women leaders to strengthen the root of the party at all levels.

Earlier in his welcome address, Lower Dibang Valley district BJP President Tapak Pertin equated corruption with terrorism. "Corruption in our state has high cost on our development and impedes the growth. Today is a historic day that people of Lower Dibang Valley and Dibang Valley has taken upon themselves to fight the corruption menace affecting our state by joining BJP," he said.



Non-functional of SBI branch irks public

From our correspondent

MECHUKHA, Sep 25: The lone SBI branch of Mechukha is reportedly not functioning for the last couple of days causing numerous hardships to the general public. Informing about this, Gebu Sona, a local businessman, said that the non-functioning of branch is making life miserable for the citizen of this remote town.

"Festive season is on the corner and people do lot of transaction at this time of the year. However, non-functioning of SBI branch for the last couple of days is causing lot of inconvenience to the public particularly tourist coming from various parts of state and country," said Sona.

He further informed that the green channel counter installed at the same branch is also not functioning for the past few weeks. In the absence of ATM counter, green channel is the only means for withdrawal of cash in Mechukha. Expressing dismay over the poor service, public has appealed to the bank authorities to immediately make it functional before the start of festival holiday.

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VVFC and GHFC reach final in VR Football Tournament

ITANAGAR, Sept 25: VV FC beat BN FC in a penalty shootout in the first semi final match of 20th Vishwakarma Running football tournament today. In the second match also Gangte Hari FC beat Sartam Brothers FC in a penalty shot out. The final match will be played on September 28 between VV FC and GHFC.


New DoNER secretary

ITANAGAR, Sept 25: Tamil Nadu cadre IAS officer R Vijaykumar will take charge as the new DoNER Secretary. Earlier he was posted as Secretary, National Commission for Scheduled Tribes. He replaces long term serving secretary UK Sangma.


Four injured in car accident at Kurung Kumey

ITANAGAR, Sept 25:  At least four persons including a minor reportedly sustained serious injury in a car accident which took place near Koloriang in Kurung Kumey district on 22nd September last. This was informed by Gichik Tanang of ASSATA Parsi Parlo Block Unit of Kurung Kumey.

The injured persons were identified as Sangha Takam, Junior Teacher, Lindum Tahe AT of Govt Sec School Parsi-Parlo, Sangha Mapchi W/O Sangha Takam, and four month old baby boy. The accident reportedly occurred when ill-fated car plunged into deep gorge after skidding off from the road while coming from Parsi-Parlo to Koloriang on official work.  Injured person were immediately evacuated from Koloriang to RK Mission Hospital here the release added.


District Legal Service Authority meeting held

KOLORIANG, Sept 25: Kurung Kumey District Legal Service Authority conducted the first meeting of the session yesterday at Koloriang. Deputy Commissioner, Deepak Shinde briefed about the importance of DLSA and advised the members to actively participate in achieving set targets.

EAC (J) C Chukhu briefed about the activities undertaken by DLSA in the district and highlighted the status of cases both criminal and civil pending in the District.

During the meeting, it was decided to organize legal awareness campaign in Koloriang, Palin, Nyapin and Sangram in November next.


Association donates relief materials

ITANAGAR, Sept 25: In a bid to extend its helping hand, the Siang Aao Welfare Association (SAWA) on Tuesday paid visit to the fire victims at old Market area of Basar in West Siang district and donated relief materials to the victims. It said that 9th September fire accident at Basar town caused loss of properties. Ego Riba, ASM Basar Old Market also took part in the relief distribution, the release added.


APPDSU demands ouster of the principal of Doimukh JNV

ITANAGAR, Sept 25: Claiming that certain section of students and their parents are allegedly creating law and order problem in JNV School Doimukh thereby deteriorating the study atmosphere, the All Papum Pare District Students Union (APPDSU) today squarely blamed JNV authority for negligence in selecting the candidates during the joint entrance exam.

The union claimed that most of the students creating problem inside the school are from the other districts. In a representation submitted to the deputy commissioner who is also chairman of JNV Doimukh, APPDSU demanded immediate replacement of current principal, stating that he has failed to restore conducive atmosphere for the students to study.


Forum urges Govt to re-measure

ITANAGAR, Sept 25: The Itanagar to Banderdewa Land Affected People's Forum today urged the state government to instruct the land department for re-measurement and conduct re-survey of the land belonging to the affected people which fall under the proposed four lane Highway.  Forum claimed that the land department has measured the lands in casual manner without proper verification of actual cost of the land.

It alleged that affected land owners of Hollongi to Itanagar road have been paid compensation handsomely by the government, however, similar amount is not being given to land affected people of Itanagar to Banderdewa.


Sanitation Mission Rally held at Aalo

ITANAGAR, Sept 25: A massive sanitation rally was today held at Aalo town. It saw participation of HODs, PHED officials, public, students of SFS College, St. Xavier School and representatives from various sectors/colonies of Aalo Township. The rally was flagged off from Donyi Polo Dere by Tamik Talom ADC.

Addressing the gathering, ADC Talom said that West Siang should emerge as model district in launching Mission Swachh Bharat and this will require coordinated effort and people's support at all level as the nodal PHE department alone cannot fulfill the mission. More awareness should be generated among the rural masses about this well conceived flagship programme of Govt. of India he said while exhorting the participants to pass on the sanitation message to people of the district.

In his key note address, Er. Tony Ete, EE PHED gave detail deliberations on National Sanitation Campaign launched today running up to 23rd October and said that the flagship programme of Govt. of India envisages eradicating the grim sanitation scenario in the country through a change in mindset of the people towards cleanliness. Efforts  are on to generate this awareness through IEC/IPC from the grass root level focusing on cleanliness in the village, safe sanitation, need to build and use toilets, safe disposal of child feces, safe handling and storage of drinking water. DIPRO


CHF Celebrates NSS Day

ITANAGAR, Sept 25:  The National Service Scheme (NSS) Unit of College of Horticulture and Forestry, Central Agricultural University, Pasighat celebrated NSS Day yesterday. Addressing the function Dr. A. K. Pandey, Dean, CHF Pasighat advised the youth to cooperate with the society in development programmes and also advised the volunteers to contribute a little bit for society through NSS activities.

On the occasion, a quiz competition among the NSS volunteers was also conducted in which B.Sc. Forestry 2nd Year team and B.Sc. Horticulture 2nd Year team bagged 1st and 2nd prize respectively.


Master trainers workshop held at VKV Jairampur

ITANAGAR, Sept 25: A  CCE master trainers' workshop was conducted at VKV Jairampur from 22nd to 24th September. Altogether 42  teachers selected from 29 middle, secondary and higher secondary VKV schools of Arunachal Pradesh participated in the three days workshop. Resource person from Vidya Institute of Training and Development, Meerut, an empanelled Agency by CBSE conducted the workshop which was organized by Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas Arunachal Pradesh.

Three important areas namely: Concept of CCE, Life Skills and Attitude and values were covered in the workshop. Many new techniques to assess and document co-scholastic areas were elucidated to the participants, which will help to streamline CCE activities in the schools.

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Post CO

Dear Editor,

There is no circle officer  in Mopom under Upper Siang district since 2009 and the CO Office has been lying unattended. It is painful and unfortunate that the administration has abruptly failed.

Therefore, it is requested that necessary directive may be issued for posting of Circle Officer at Mopom with immediate effect for proper and smooth functioning of the administration.


Ani Moyong

Ex- Anchal Chairperson

III-Mariyang Mopom Anchal Block




APRB services

Dear Editor,

Through you esteemed News Paper, I would like to highlight one of the major problems of Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank at Boleng. APRB at Boleng can become one of the best Bank of its kind in the area as there is no other Bank in the town. The SBI is located in Pangin which is more than 20 km from Boleng. As the Population of Govt. Staffs and public population of Boleng town is more than Pangin town almost 70% of account holder of SB1 Pangin) are from Boleng.

Further, there is only one (Branch Manager) and one cashier at APRB and opening a New Account is a difficult task for citizens. In such a circumstance, how a business organization can improve and win the good will of the people?

Therefore, I on behalf of the people of Pangin- Boleng would like to request the authority of APRB to post one good (BM) at Boleng at the earliest so that both the Public and APRB can work together for the better tomorrow.


Tabang Tatin


Yingku Village,

Boleng Town




Deteriorating education scenario

Dear Editor,

For the prosperity, security and development of a nation, it depends upon the three major sectors of health, education and defence. Among these education is the top priority. If the education system is refined and fulfil the real goal of education, any state will be progressive. The educated youth will be able to bear their responsibilities and can make the state free from any kind of unwanted activities like corruption, theft, robbery, murders which are inhuman activities. But, what would happen if the persons sitting on the chair to guide the education system in right way are not discharging their responsibilities.

As per RTE Act, a teacher has to spend 45 hours per week in teaching- learning including preparation hours. It indicates that a teacher must spent 6  hours daily for teaching-learning in school, but it is regretted that most of the elementary schools including secondary and higher secondary schools are running for maximum 4 hours daily. The conditions of primary and middle schools are worst. The schools open at 1000 hrs and closed by 1 PM. It indicates that schools are running for hardly three hours. The NCERT and CBSE has designed syllabus and divided periods in which the courses should be completed but the schools are not running for full time. One way we are talking about the quality of education and other way reduction of working hours is prevailing.

It is reflected in the survey made by SSA Rajya Mission during the session 2008-09, but no action has been initiated by the department to run the schools from 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM.

I would like to know whether any guidelines has been issued by department to the i/c, headmaster, headmistress of Secondary Schools and Principal, of Hr. Secondary schools to run the schools as they fancy or follow the department rules. If there is no such guidelines, then why should schools be closed at 1 PM or 2 PM instead of 4.00 PM.

Second cause of declining of education in the state is teachers' absenteeism. In a survey made by SSA, Rajya Mission in 2008-9, it was found that 20% to 40% teachers are found everyday in schools. The number of casual leaves for a teacher is 12 days and 2 days restricted leave. But, it is astonishing to know that leave registers are not maintained properly in the schools. As there is no proper leave record, teachers take the advantage of that and remain absent from duty at their own will.

It has      been         observed       that      after the implementation of SSA, number of schools, infrastructural and other facilities were provided, but the teachers recruited under SSA and also by the Department of Education is not satisfactory. The applicants, whose parents are influential, are appointed as teachers whereas; the applicants who really deserved get deprived. When we are talking about the quality of education, only a quality teacher can bring quality education.

So it is my earnest appeal to the appointing authority to videograph viva-voice. Otherwise, it has been found that interview board is guided by others and interview is conducted for name sake only. If these practices are continued in future, then days are not far away when deserving candidates will acquire the path of violence and compel the authorities to do justice with them.

Indiscipline among students, overcrowded classrooms, lack of adequate teachers in remote areas, Private tuition by govt, teachers in head quarters are some of the problems of the education sector.

And  most of the trained and skilled teachers are appointed as BEO, BRCC, CRCC etc and their numbers are more than the required. So, department of Education should initiate suitable way for proper placement of these teachers so that students are not victimized in any way.


Chera Taring,

Sangri village

Po/Ps. Doimukh




Mind our interest too

Dear Editor,

Army personnel are acquiring land to setup a Firing Range at Durpa village under Kimin circle.

The Firing Range that is going to be setup will cause lots of problems and hardship to the general public and villagers.

The proposed range is close to government higher secondary school Kimin and noise may disturb the students.

Besides, the Villagers depends on non- timber Forest product near the range for their livelihood.

If, the land is acquired, the general public will not be adequately compensated and rehabilitation for the people will be difficult.

There is also fear that there may be human casualty because of the nearness of the range to forest where people frequent.

Therefore, I request the District Administration to take appropriate action with regard to my submission and hope that the interest and welfare of the people of Durpa village will be considered.


Takio Poha Tariang

Durpa village,

District PapumPare.




Look into our problems too

Dear Editor,

Multipurpose worker (MPW) were appointed 6 years ago under (NVBDCP) Programme with the salary package of Rs. 6,000 per month. We have been serving sincerely and tireless in rural areas.

Recently our jobs were discontinued but was later extended for the period of six months. Where should we go after serving for more than six years? Our age limits to compete for other exams is also over.  Moreover, we have become trained field workers after attending and completing various training programme conducted at national, state and district level.

CM Nabam Tuki and Minister of health  Kalikho Pul should kindly interfere to end the pain and sorrow of MPW.

After the 6 months extended period is over, god only knows what will happen to us.


Boken Mara MPW

Takan Pate, MPW







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Interesting judgment

Madras High Court recently said RTI applicants must give reasons for seeking information.  A division bench comprising Justices N. Paul Vasanthakumar and K. Ravichandrababu said an applicant must disclose the object for which information is sought and also satisfy that such object has a legal backing, a decision which may have far reaching implications on getting information under the RTI Act and which was decried by legal experts and activists.

However, the Legislature while passing the RTI Act has specially incorporated Section 6(2) which says an applicant making request for information “shall not” be required to give any reason for requesting the information. The Madras High Court order does not mention Section 6(2) of the Right to Information Act. The RTI seeker across the country may be seething with anger over this judgment, but people of Arunachal will partially welcome it.  Instead of becoming the weapon for fighting corruption, RTI, is being used to blackmail corrupt officials and contractors in our state.  The people of Arunachal should stop misusing  RTI and use it to improve the governance.