September 21

Remote Vijaynagar hit by acute food crisis
[ Taba Ajum ]
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: The remote Vijaynagar circle under Changlang district is reeling under acute food shortage. For the last six months, ration supply including rice, wheat, iodized salt, cereals and SK oil to the circle has been stopped leading to massive crisis. The situation is so bad that if food items are not supplied to the area within this month, the locals will face starvation.
The situation is forcing many government officials including police to flee from the area.
The strategically located Vijaynagar shares international boundaries with China and Myanmar.
While talking to this daily, Philip Ngawazh, a local resident informed that whole problem started due to discontinuation of head-load system (HLS).
"HLS was discontinued in December 2015. After that, the ration was to be dropped by using aerial route. But there have been no air sorties in the last six months.  Because of deteriorating situation, local MLA Kamlung Mossang arranged a special sortie from his side in August this year. But that stock too is getting over and situation has reached a desperate point," said Philip.
In August itself the circle officer of Vijaynagar had written to deputy commissioner informing the gravity of situation.
The deputy commissioner Changlang and district food & civil supply officer on their part informed the higher authorities about the situation but so far no action has been initiated by the state government.
The situation in Vijaynagar is gross violation of National Food Security Act (NFSA) which has been implemented in the state from April, 2016 onwards. As per NFSA every households are entitled to receive foodgrains @ 5 kg per person per month at the issue prices of Rs. 3.00, Rs.2.00 and Rs. 1.00 for rice, wheat and coarse grains respectively.
At present the ration meant for Vijaynagara is lying in stock at Miao town. However, the distance between Miao and Vijaynagar is 157 KM. There is no road connection and it takes almost 5 days by foot march to reach Miao from Vijayanagar.
To make matter worse, there are no private shops selling ration item at Viajayanagar and people are totally dependent on government supply.
When contacted, the Directorate of Food and Civil Supplies Liyon Borang informed that department is aware of situation and are taking initiative to resolve the crisis.
"We are in touch with department of supply and transport. We have also informed the higher authorities and hopefully situation will be resolved at the earliest," said Director Borang.
He also added that department has repeatedly written to government of India in this regard.
"To avoid situation like Vijaynagar, we have submitted proposal for heavy lifting of ration. The proposal has been submitted on many occasion but till now government of India has not accepted it," he said.
The food crisis in a sensitive border area like Vijaynagar is a slap on the face of government of India. It is due to this kind of situation that the people from border areas are migrating to district headquarters and capital complex. When they leave the border area, it opens up opportunity for Chinese to incur into the Indian Territory.

Girls hostel closing for want of food
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: The headmaster of government girl's residential school, Sarkhahappa under Sagalee has written to Additional Deputy Commissioner informing that they are closing the boarding facilities due to non-payment of students' stipend and other maintenance fund.
The headmaster in his letter alleged that for the last eight months, the government has not released stipend and maintenance fund. In the meanwhile, the school authorities were running hostel mess on credit.
However, the shopkeepers have refused to give food items on credit because of the non-payment of dues. "We are facing tense time. The shopkeepers are repeatedly asking us to clear the dues. Left with no choice, we are closing hostel from 18th September onwards," the letter read. The headmaster has also informed the parents to take back their wards.

Juvenile centres, shelter homes for women: CM
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: The state govt would be opening more juvenile centres and shelter homes for women in the state.   
Chief Minister Pema Khandu informed this to the members of Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women (APSCW) who had called on him on Tuesday.   
Assuring to extend cooperation to all women's welfare activities being taken up by the APSCW, the CM said that the state government will take full measures to guarantee that women are assured equal right and freedom to pursue their dreams.
APSCW members led by its chairman Mitali Tingkhatra requested support of the state govt in carrying out welfare programmes for women across the state.
Acknowledging the important role played by women in tribal society, Khandu said that due to their pivotal role in contributing to the economy and well being of the family, they command high respect and honour in the society.
As measures to encourage women welfare activities, the Chief Minister promised to instruct the all district administrations and departments to extend full cooperation to the women commission in its programmes and activities wherever and whenever needed.
The CM also assured the support of the government to work out additional grant to the women commission for taking up issues of child rights and welfare activities for children.
To encourage marriage registration, Khandu, on suggestion from the Commission, assured to work out on reducing the marriage registration fee.
Further the women commission suggested the state government for legislation on marriage, which, it asserted, will enable the wives to seek maintenance cost.

Elite and their games
[ Tongam Rina ]
So the inevitable political drama happened with the shifting of loyalty, based on monetary requirement. One can't call it shifting of loyalty as the move was more need based. Yours truly maybe excused for not taking the names of the political parties because after a point when it gets too repetitive, it gets very confusing.
And it would be a sin to associate the word loyalty when we are talking about Arunachalee politicians as they have given an entirely different meaning to the word. We have seen how politicians not only make buffoons of themselves but the entire state, all in the name of funds for the state. The only good thing that seems to have come out of the entire farcical exercise is Chief Minister Pema Khandu's honest admission that cash strapped Arunachal need to keep the centre in good humour, hoping for funds.  It's a different thing that he contradicted himself by appointing a whopping number of Parliamentary Secretaries.
While all games are played in the name of the state and its people, the development paradigm has remained the same; no visible development or employment opportunities but creation of elite group of moneyed and the landed, consisting of politicians, contractors and many unbelievably rich government employees.
Policy makers have the ultimate luck on their side as Arunachalees are mute spectators because common citizens do not have the courage to ask for accountability.
The elite have literally muted the voice of the citizens because money and power intimidates.
Who talks about merit and accountability? Perhaps, those who have failed to get a job even when they could have topped the written examination for employment if it was not for the mobile phones allowed inside the exam halls. Rests are too busy making money in the form of extortion and by carrying out substandard contract works while a vast section of govt employees and politicians are literally looting the public exchequer. There are very few exceptions; the villagers who continue to toil in their Jhum fields day in and out, with no clue about govt subsidies. Jhum cultivation, practiced by majority of Arunachalees, based on traditional knowledge for centuries is not even acknowledged, forget about policies and programmes to make it more vibrant and economically viable.
But then the state needs cash, according to the politicians and bureaucrats, not policies or programmes.
Tourism could have been an option to generate employment. But the state policy is limited to roping in a certain John Abraham and building wayside amenities, which can't be found by a normal tourist.  
As if the joke played in our name was not enough, came the news of appointment of parliamentary secretaries. Apart from procuring more cars, building offices, illegal appointment of support staffs, one wonders what good these people will do for the state. Rs 3700 cr of debt is certainly not enough to make the govt see or make sense.  

Additional portfolios for ministers, PS given charges
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: Chief Minister Pema Khandu has made some changes in portfolios of ministry. Minister for RWD Kumar Waii has been given additional charge of Home, WRD, Geology and Mining minister Kamlung Mossang will handle additional charge of Food and Civil Supplies.
Animal husbandry, veterinary and dairy development minister Rajesh Tacho will handle additional portfolio of Sports and Youth Affairs. Jomde Kena has been made new health and family welfare minister.
Transport, Supply and Transport, Legal Metrology & Consumer Affairs which was earlier allocated to Kena has been reverted to Chief Minister.
Portfolios were  allocated to the newly inducted 25 Parliamentary Secretaries.
Earlier on September 18, Pema had inducted 26 Parliamentary Secretaries to his two-month-old Government.
Pani Taram got the important Home Department while Chow Tewa Mein was allocated the Environment & Forest.
Bamang Felix, who was the Education Parliamentary Secretary during then Nabam Tuki Government, was again allocated the same (Education) department.
Other Parliamentary Secretaries, who were allocated portfolios, are Punji Mara (Horticulture), Phosum Khimhun (Hydro Power), Thangwang Wangham (Power-Elect), Gojen Gadi (WCD, SJETA & Land Management), Phurpa Tsering (Health Services), Jambey Tashi (RWD), Passang Dorjee Sona (Tourism), Markio Tado (Food & Civil Supply), Likha Saaya (Transport, Supply & Transport), Gum Tayeng (WRD), Tapuk Taku (Tax & Excise), Kumsi Sidisow (PHED), Karya Bagang (Industries, Textiles Handlooms & Handicrafts), Nikh Kamin (Disaster Management), Techi Kaso (UD, Housing, Town Planning & Municipal Affairs), Tirong Aboh (Geology & Mining), Mutchu Mithi (PWD), Mama Natung (Rural Development & Panchayati Raj), Tatung Jamoh (Agriculture), Nyamar Karbak (Sport & Youth Affairs), Dikto Yekar (Art & Culture) and Zingnu Namchoom (Planning).
Portfolio(s) to Jarkar Gamlin has not been allocated.
Parliamentary Secretaries are attached to the concerned Ministers/ DCM. However, Parliamentary Secretaries whose departments have not been allotted to any Minister/ DCM shall be attached to the CM, according to official release.

CM intervenes after students lock up college
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: Taking strong exception to the report that students locked up their college in protest against alleged collection of exorbitant fees by the authorities, Chief Minister Pema Khandu requested the Education Minister to enquire the matter and take appropriate steps to address the issue.
"The matter appears to be very serious in nature and requires immediate Government intervention," Pema wrote in his letter to the Minister Education.
According to report, the students of Arunachal Community College here locked up the entire college premises on Monday protesting against the college authority for allegedly charging Rs 400 as stipend processing fees. They claimed that only Rs 20 is being collected from students by other colleges for the same purpose.
The Chief Minister also expressed serious concern over the claims made by the students that the college authorities were not paying heed to their genuine demand for basic facilities in the college premises.
The Arunachal Community College is a private college affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University.
Meanwhile, Arunachal Pradesh Colleges Forum (APCF) has also strongly reacted to the matter and considered it as the violation of the government guidelines.
The APCF demanded the state government to take appropriate action immediately against the authority of the college.

IIIrd Northeast Butterfly Meet-2016
112 species, very rare ones also documented
ZIRO, Sep 20: The IIIrd Northeast Butterfly Meet was organised by the Butterflies of Northeastern India Group in collaboration with Ngunu Ziro in Ziro Valley of Lower Subansiri District from Sep 16 to 19.
A total of 112 species of butterflies were documented in the Talle Valley Wildlife Sanctuary during the meet. Some of the significant species recorded during the meet were the very rare- Scarce Evening Brown, which has been photographed for the second time from India, Bhutan Glory, Brown Gorgon, Confusing Threering, Yellow Owl, Manipur Jungle Queen.
Further, a Zygaenid moth which is possibly new to science was documented by the team.
A total of 46 participants from Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Karnataka, Kerala, Sikkim and West Bengal participated in the meet. Hong Kong Lepidopterist Society, chairperson, James Young and Finance Secretary, Shong Chong also participated in the meet.
Ngunu Ziro, Chairperson, Hibu Tatu informed that the Ziro Butterfly Meet was being organised for the past two years at Ziro and this year we were able to host the IIIrd Northeast Butterfly meet.
"Such meets are important to bring together butterfly enthusiasts and experts from around the region and this will benefit Lepidoptera studies and conservation in the region. We will have the IVth meet in Sikkim" shared Monsoon J. Gogoi, a well known Butterfly researcher and expert from Assam.
Chairperson of Hong Kong Lepidopteran Society, James Young said that the significant diversity of butterflies can be attributed to the large altitudinal range in the region. However the study of butterflies in NE India is still in a nascent stage and it requires more effort. The first step is to do an inventory of butterfly diversity and richness.
The key objectives of this meet were to provide a common platform to butterfly enthusiasts, and wildlife professionals to discuss, interact and exchange knowledge and ideas on butterfly diversity, range distribution and conservation, to explore lesser known protected areas with rich butterfly diversity and to document the butterflies of the area and to introduce technical tools for wildlife related work for young enthusiasts who want to develop a career in ecology and wildlife conservation.
The supporters of the meet were the District Administration Ziro, District Tourism Office, Department of Environment and Forest Arunachal Pradesh, Aaranyak, Apatani Youth Association(AYA), ATREE, BAMOS Nature Conservation Society, flutters.org, Help Tourism and WWF India.
Northeast India is one of the richest areas of butterfly diversity in the world. A total of 962 species of butterflies have been reported from this region, but recent reports indicate that the actual number could be above 1,000 species. Although Northeast represents only 7.7 % of Indian landmass, it has 66.85% of butterfly diversity of Indian region.
'Butterflies of Northeastern India' is a group created in 2013 with a vision of increasing the knowledge of butterflies in NE India by creating a network of individuals across all the eight states of the region. The focus of the group is to document the butterfly diversity and to identify hotspots for butterflies. The group also aims to motivate young students in their academic research by guiding them in identification techniques and other tools necessary for research on Lepidoptera.

Nyishi-Apatani Summit 2015 completes one year
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: The completion of one year of Nyishi-Apatani Summit 2015 (NAS-15) has been celebrated on Tuesday at Nyikum Nyia Complex, Nyirubjolli.
The Nyishi and the Apatani, the two prominent neighboring communities with a strong legacy of social bonding through barter trade economy, had formally entered into signing of historic Nyishi-Apatani Summit, popularly known as 'NAS-2015' on September 20, 2015 at Ziro.
The Nyishi Elite Society (NES) and the Tanw Supuñ Dukuñ (TSD) have been mandated to carry forward the spirit of the NAS-2015 as enshrined in the documents.
In the last one year, some efforts were made to strengthen the ties between the two communities through social interactions and  reciprocal participations in the socio-cultural and festival occasions.
Special emphasis is being put on the need for a tangible outcome on the spirit of NAS-2015 on the expansion of District Headquarters of Lower Subansiri District.  
The first formal review meeting of NAS-2015 was held on June 8, 2016 at Circuit House, Hapoli chaired by NES president Bengia Tolum and attended by President Tanw Supuñ Dukuñ along with his executive members and the NES executives.
The meeting expressed optimism in carrying forward the various clauses of the joint declaration signed on September 20, 2015 at Hapoli and the ardent need for  more confidence building measures by way of working together, living together and even through social relationship and inter-marriages.
The members, who participated in the discussion, reaffirmed their commitment for implementation of the summit declarations in letter and spirit.
On the burial spot of Late Kapu Tajam, the meeting unanimously decided to maintain status-quo till such time an alternative memorial place/structure is put in place in his memory in the extended district headquarter.
The meeting also unanimously decided to have a consultative meeting of the elected representatives of both the communities of Lower Subansiri district for which the general secretary of NES and TSD would coordinate and convene the meeting from time to time.
TSD president Hage Lodar reiterated the commitment of adhering to the joint declarations and urged both the members of the communities to be vigil for peaceful co-existence.
Later, in the afternoon, the team interacted with the Deputy Commissioner Kemo Lollen at his office chamber to apprise him about the summit declarations wherein, both the president of NES and TSD reiterated the issue of expansion of District Headquarters and urged the Deputy Commissioner for his effective role as a facilitator of the agenda as the present district headquarter has already saturated in terms of space.  
The NES-TSD delegation team also raised the issue of inordinate delay of Trans- Arunachal High Way from Potin onwards coupled with very bad road conditions between Potin and Ziro and requested the DC to expedite the process for its early execution and meanwhile, ensuring maintenance and repair immediately in view of deplorable road conditions.
The Deputy Commissioner positively reciprocated and assured to take up the issue of expansion of District Headquarters with the state Government and he in turn, sought cooperation from both the apex organizations of Nyishi and Apatani for all round development of the district.
A joint consultative meeting of NES TSD with MLAs, Zilla Parishad Members with Zilla Chairperson and Anchal Chairpersons of Lower Subansiri District was held on August 27, 2016 near Circuit House Yachuli, wherein several resolutions were adopted, which included expansion of district headquarters to Yachuli in view of non availability of notified government land in the district headquarters of Lower Subansiri; Ziro - Hapoli township  and adjoining areas.
All the new developmental activities and establishment of new infrastructure including district Head of Office (HOO) residential and non-residential buildings would be built at Yachuli based on feasibility and land availability, the meeting resolved,
The NES-TSD would impress upon the Government to facilitate immediate functioning of Divisional Commissioner, DIGP  and other Western Zone Divisional establishments within a given timeframe and Yachuli would be built as the satellite town of the twin state capital; Itanagar-Naharlagun as per the earlier policy decision of the Government.
Other resolutions were confidence building measures between two communities through social interaction programmes, through  encouraging inter-tribe marriage on mutual consent, organizing intellectual discourses through seminar, symposia, workshop on various issues and problems of the society pertaining to socio-economy, cultural, education, etc, encouragement of traditional Subu Luth/Gyotu system etc.

Forum rues delay in road work
[ Karda Natam ]
DAPORIJO, Sep 20: Giba Circle Peoples' Forum has expressed its strong resentment over delay in construction of the Menga-Giba Road, which was started three decades ago.
Since road communication holds key to all round development of a place, the tardy progress of the road construction works has badly impacted in the development of the concern areas, the Forum opined in a meeting at Syngik Hall on Wednesday last.
According to Forum, the Menga Giba road has been shown as completed with black topping in papers whereas the truth is, in reality, rather the opposite.
The Forum informed that so far several meetings and representation demanding improvement of the road were submitted to the concern authority but to no avail.
It was also disclosed in the meeting that there are many villages still awaiting even for kutcha link roads where electricity is a distant dream. People of those villages are suffering a lot in transportation of food and other items due to lack of road communication. They have to carry food and other items from Daporijo in their own, which take them not less than three days. Some of those villages are Marging and Markia, the Forum said.
In contrast, there are many roads in other circles of the district, which were started some four to five years back only, have already been completed and made motorable, the Forum said.
While extending its full cooperation to the authority for early completion of the PMGSY road of the circle, the Forum urged the people of the circle to remain vigilant to ensure quality of the work.
During the meeting, the forum formed a vigilance committee comprising representatives from all walks of life, including doctors, engineers, public, students, business community and PRI leaders to monitor the construction of the upcoming PMGSY road in the circle.
The meeting was attended by intellectuals, PRI members, officers, general public, students and representatives of various NGOs and organizations.

Community Mithun conservation centre opens
ITANAGAR, Sep 20:  A Community Mithun Conservation Centre (CMCC) was inaugurated at Ompuli under Toru circle, Papum Pare district by former Chief Minister Nabam Tuki on Friday last.
Tuki said that considering the enormous values of mithuns, the Conservation Centre was established with the aim to create livelihood opportunities for the mithun farmers.
Tuki further exhorted the local farmers to avail maximum benefit from the initiatives undertaken by the ACMYC Mission of the department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary. While informing that such community mithun rearing will be beneficial to the farmers as it will check mithun tress-passing in crop fields, he further requested all the beneficiary farmers to maintain the assets created in the project site on self help and community basis.
While giving an over view of the community Mithun conservation Centre, Ompuli ACMYC, Mission Director, Dr. Taba Heli informed the participants that an amount of Rs 2 Crores was sanctioned under TFC Grant of Department of Environment and Forests and allocated to Arunachal Community Mithun and Yak Conservation Mission (ACMYC), department of animal husbandry and veterinary during 2014-15 for assets creation and other developmental activities of the project.
He further informed that community forest area of 1000 hectares of undulating mountains belonging to Depo, Mumtang, Pepso, Ompuli and Tamang village has been barricaded by boundary fencing covering a distance of 10 km for rearing of mithun.
He further informed the participants that department is regularly organizing mithun health-cum-microchipping camps to address issue of mithun diseases and ownership disputes. He further informed that vaccination against infectious diseases and microchip implantation are mandatory in the said Mithun conservation centre thereby Mithun owners are issued identity cards.
He said that the different species of wild life are also conserved along with mithun with strict ban on hunting and timber operation within the project area.
Earlier, Anchal Samiti Chairperson, Gollo Tukia informed that a total of 81 mithun farmers of Tamang, Pepso, Mumtang, Ompuli and Depo village are beneficiaries of the said Mithun conservation centre.  He further requested the department for additional funding supports for carrying out maintenance works.
Joint Director-cum-Mission team member, Dr.Tachi Taku also spoke on the occasion.
The programme concluded with a drone display for mapping of the project area conducted by the Mission team member, Dr. M. Riba besides, mithun vaccination-cum-microchip implantation followed by distribution of Mithun identity cards.
DC and SP of Yupia, Sagalee ADC and Director AHV, Chief Conservator Forest, Divisional Forest Officers of Banderdewa and Sagalee and senior officers from Agri-allied and other departments attended the programme.

Vendor Development Programme
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: A daylong state level 'Vendor Development Programme' was organised by MSME Development Institute branch, Ministry of MSME, GoI Itanagar in association with NEEPCO on Tuesday at Administrative Training Institute (ATI), Naharlagun.
Addressing the inaugural session, Minister Industries, Tapang Taloh emphasized the need of development of MSME sector in the state to generate self employment for educated unemployed youth. He assured to the entrepreneurs participating in the programme of taking all policy and programme measures for development of MSME sector. He also directed the Industries department to take the advantage of the schemes of the MSME Ministry, GoI for development of Northeast region.  
Commissioner Industries, Marnya Ete also emphasized for development of MSME sector in the state with the help of public procurement policy of Central Govt, Ministry of MSME. He advised the entrepreneurs to produce quality products so that they can compete in the local market as well as the global level.
GM NEEPCO, Debotosh Chattarjee and DGM, NEEPCO, Bijit Kumar Goswami explained in detail about the procurement policy of NEEPCO and to achieve the target of 20% procurement as per the public procurement policy, their requirements and scope, potential of MSME in Arunachal Pradesh.
Earlier, Deputy Manager NSIC Ghy, G.S. Khandelwal explained the objective of the programme and also described the importance of Public Procurement Policy, 2012 to the industrialists, prospective entrepreneurs attending the programme.
The programme focused on buyer-seller interaction which extends marketing assistance to MSME sector. The objective of the programme is to provide a common platform to MSMEs to know about the vendor's participation in procurement of goods and services by the central PSUs specially for NEEPCO.

Proper coordination during scheme execution stressed
YINGKIONG, Sep 20:  Proper coordination and better communication during the execution of schemes is necessary for creating durable utility infrastructures, said Yingkiong ADC, Tapik Pertin during the 12th District Level Monitoring Committee (DLMC) review meeting held in the DC's conference hall here on Tuesday.
He further exhorted the HoDs to prepare realistic schemes in consultation with the PRI members following bottom to top planning system.
During the meeting physical and financial achievement of various CSS Projects under RIDF, NLCPR, SPA, NEC, BADP, MSDP, MLADS, MLALAD etc, in the district was reviewed.
DPO, Sangha Babung said that the meeting aimed at sorting out of problem areas with concrete strategy, coordination between implementing agency and beneficiary departments with corrective steps. He further informed that photographs are mandatory at three stages and Geo-tagging for passing of bills.
DDSE, Tanom Tapak urged the executing agencies to inform him before and after implementation of schemes meant for education departments.
ZPMs Bading Teng and Nyokgon Nitik, UPO, Olom Apang, AE, Aban Komboh, EE, RWD, DTO, DAO, DHO also spoke on the occasion. (DIPRO)

PGSO seeks fund for road re-alignment
SEPPA, Sep 20: The Pipu-Gyawepurang Social Organisation (PGSO) in a representation  submitted to local MLA cum parliamentary secretary Karya Bagang has appealed for necessary funds for re-alignment of road from Pachi Bridge point to Pipu.
Stating that the twin circles of Pipu and Gyawepurang are lagging behind in all fronts and especially the road connectivity is at its worst, the members of the organization led by its chairman Raya Flago apprised the MLA that the said stretch of road is neither motor able or has any provisions for further expansion and widening.  
The entire stretch of said road is not at par to any of the working guidelines of the Central or State government norms. While this road is the lifeline of the entire people of Pipu and Gyawepurang as on date, so without re-alignment of this road no future development can be occurred at entire Pipu circle and at some parts of Gyawepurang. Moreover, this is the only road which will connect Chayang Tajo and other districts of the state in the future, the PGSO wrote in its letter.
Also adding that the entire populace of the two circles wants a re-alignment of the said road, the organization also appealed the MLA to earmark Rs 5 crore out of Rs 10 crore for the road's alignment out the funds announced by the chief minister under SIDF for the constituency.  
Meanwhile, it was informed that Bagang after a patient hearing has assured the organization to look into its demands on priority. The MLA on the occasion also appealed all to support her in developing the region.  

Sustainable Mountain Development Summit begins in Leh
ITANAGAR, Sept 20: The Sustainable Mountain Development Summit (SMDS) has started at Leh organized by Integrated Mountain Initiative (IMI), a civil society organisation of 11 Himalayan States including Darjeeling in West Bengal and two hill districts of Assam. Its vision is "Making people of India proud of our mountains".
IMI has been organizing the SMDS annually for the last 5 years. This year, the fifth annual Summit is being held in Leh, Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir in association with Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council and Snow Leopard Conservancy from Sept 20-22.
Over the years, these Summits have deliberated on various thematic areas relevant to the mountain ecosystems. They are Disaster Risk Reduction in Mountain areas, Mountain Agriculture, Forests, water and Livelihoods. This year, the Summit in its fifth edition, delegates from all the mountain States, will be discussing the issue of Water Security and Skills for Development. Given the challenge of climate change and growing population, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure efficient and reduced consumption of water to ensure food security, availability of energy and bio diversity, said Chairperson, Sustainable Development Forum, Arunachal Pradesh Fantry Mein Jaswal.
A rapid shift from an agricultural economy to tourism has also pressurized the limited resources of the Mountain regions. Economic and social development of the region is greatly dependent of developing resilient skills appropriate to the region. The Summit therefore will also focus on entrepreneurial ventures such as crafts, eco-tourism, agriculture and allied skills which are appropriate for sustainable development of the mountain communities and ecosystem, she said.
Given the vulnerability of Ladakh as a region, Leh-Ladakh, the themes have been selected by the organizers to provide high visibility of the growing concerns of the mountain states.
The Summit will be attended by Parliamentarians; Ministers and MLAs from various States, the Council Members of the Leh Autonomous Council, Central and State Government officials, policy makers from region, civil society participants and a host of delegates from bilateral and multilateral organizations like the UNDP, SDC, WWF, ICIMOD amongst others.  Having a vision based in holistic and sustainable development, the effort would be to draw upon reliable praxis and scholarly inputs, meaningful experiences with the involvement of leaders so that the summit will add actionable value to mountain states in their development efforts.
Major understanding of differences in developmental paradigms between plains and mountains will be a key learning, especially for policy makers.

Strengthen health care system, create Public Health Cadre, Symposium says
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: National Health Mission Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh in collaboration with Indian Public Health Association (IPHA), Arunachal Pradesh Branch & Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), New Delhi organized a symposium on the 'Health System Improvement of Arunachal Pradesh' at Banquet  Hall, Itanagar on Tuesday.
Parliamentary Secretary P. D Sona, while launching the IPHA- Arunachal Pradesh Branch emphasized the need   to strengthen the health care system and initiatives.
Advocating for holistic, collective and comprehensive  effort,   he urged to involve all the stake holders who can contribute in improving the public health care. Emphasizing the need to bring visible changes in health sector, he endorsed the need for creation of Public Health Cadre in the state,  to achieve the health care target.
Further, he assured to give all his support for the creation of Public Health Cadre in the state.  
Senior Advisor, HSSU division PHFI Dr. Subhash Salunke underscored the need for robust planning   and effective designing of policy.
Further, he added a separate wing is required for handling public health to manage public health programmes and crises effectively.
Mission Director (National Health Mission), P.N Thungon emphasized the need to strengthen the health care system with the creation of Public Health Cadre in the state. He cited the example of Tamil Nadu Health System where the health indicators were one of the best in the country only because of the presence of structured Public Health Cadre with public health professionals in the system.
Secretary General -IPHA, India Dr. Sangamitra Ghosh emphasized on the formation of Public Health Cadre in the state where all the health programmes and policies could be effectively managed by the public health professionals.
President IPHA Arunachal Pradesh Branch Dr. Riken Rina, MD (PSM) presented multiple evidences which reiterated the importance of formation of Public Health Cadre in our state. The recommendations for the Public Health cadre formation in the states are clearly mentioned in various reports of Govt. of India, such as Niti Ayog 2015-16, National Health Policy 2015 and previous Planning Commissions.
Director of Health Services, Dr. Moji Jini lauded the efforts put for the creation of Public Health Cadre in the state and he fully supported for the same saying the right time has arrived.   
Other resource persons from PHFI included Dr.Gaurang Nazar, Dr Arun P Jose and Dr. Prisicilla C Ngaihte.  
Meanwhile, NHM officials along with the members of IPHA and PHFI met the CM in his office along with the Mission Director (NHM) and briefed him about the importance of creation of Public Health Cadre in the state.
CM advised all the members to prepare a robust plan for creation of Public Health Cadre in the State and submit the proposal for the cabinet meeting.

Digital India workshop at RGU
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: One day awareness workshop on Digital India was organized at Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) on Sept 20 in collaboration with National e-Governance Division, an independent division of Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Department of Youth Affairs in association with RGU National Service Scheme (NSS) Unit.  Five affiliated colleges; Government Women College, DeraNatung Government College, Don Bosco College and Vivekananda Kendra College of Teacher Education and RGU NSS volunteers,  participated in the event.
The main objective of these workshops was to engage, educate and empower university students about the Digital India program, and to build the capacity of NSS participants as Digital India volunteers and Brand Ambassadors.
Approximately 270 students, faculties and staffs were the direct recipients of Digital India information via these workshops. The workshop sessions were mix of audio, video, quiz, presentation, Q&A, as well as skit show performed by the NSS volunteers on the themes of Digital India workshop.
The Workshop was also attended by Vice Chancellor of RGU Prof. Tamo Mibang and Registrar Prof. Rachob Taba.
The prizes were distributed by Deputy Registrar David Pertin. The workshop was coordinated by RGU NSS unit programme officers Gomar Basar and John G Gangmei.

Dorjee Khandu All India Senior Ranking Badminton Tournament
Qualifying rounds begins
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: The qualifying rounds of the Dorjee Khandu All India Senior Ranking Badminton Tournament, 2016 began at MLA Cottage Badminton Hall here on Tuesday.
There were a total of 278 players from all the states and union territories competing in the qualifying rounds for a place in the main draw.
Laa Talar, who is seeded 9th, got direct entry into main draw in men’s single. He is lone player from Arunachal Pradesh and North East to get direct entry into the main draw.
Jokom Ribya, Aksay Raito, Rahul Thapa and Ambita Sonam from Arunachal Pradesh were offered wild cards into main draw in men’s single while in women’s single, Laa Yajum and Pinki Karki were awarded wild cards into main draw.
In men’s double, the pairs of Ambita Sonam-Rahul Thapa and Jaji Charu-Tok Bing Charu ware awarded wild cards.
In mixed double, the pairs of Dilip Gurung-Pinki Karki and Aksay Raitu-Taring Yanya were given wild cards into the main draw.
Chief Minister Pema Khandu will inaugurate the final rounds of the tournament on September 22 at Raj Bhawan Badminton Stadium.
Minister Kumar Waii, Parliamentary Secretaries Jambey Tashi, Dikto Yekar, Nyamar Karbak, Mama Natung, MLAs Laisam Simai, Dr. Mahesh Chai were present and witnessed few matches.

Vishwakarma Football Trophy
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: Polo City United defeated Gohpur FC 5-2 in a 9th day match in the Vishwakarma Football Trophy being held at KV No 2 playground here on Tuesday.
Scorers of Polo City United FC were Nikter Bhai (1) Heri Teli (2), Paney (1) and Kaki Yarda (1).
T Lucky and Giogi Taklo scored one goal each for Gohpur FC.
The 2nd match was played between Vivek Vihar and Bhaijaan FC, where Vivek Vihar defeated Bhaijaan FC by 3-1 goal.
Keham Jamoh, Kana Rai and Yukar Takar scored one goal each for Vivek Vihar FC while the lone goal for Bhaijaan FC was scored by Tamchi Kasung.

SAA chairman assures to take up grievances of sports fraternity with CM
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: Sports Authority of Arunachal (SAA) Chairman Gora Makik assured Arunachal Olympic Association and sports bodies in the state to take up the various problems and issues that are hindering the development of sports in Arunachal Pradesh.
The SSA chairman assured this during a joint coordination meeting of SAA, AOA and all the registered state level sports associations in the state at a town hotel at Papunallah, Naharl-agun on September 20.
The meeting discussed issues mainly on lack of sports infrastructure, acute shortage of coaches, instructors, meager allocation of fund, development of sports at grassroots level.
The representatives of the associations were of the opinion that over the last few decades, sports in Arunachal Pradesh could not be developed to the desired level because of some basic problems, mainly because of meagre allocation of fund and lack of coordination among the Directorate of Sports & Youth Affairs, Sports Authority of Arunachal and registered State Level Sports Associations.
The members present during the meeting, however, appreciated the initiatives taken by SAA to bring out a pragmatic grant-in-aid rule which needs certain modification as per the actual need for judicious utilization for the welfare of sports persons with proper evaluation and monitoring system.
It was also emphasized for adopting structure plan/mechanism for giving more competition, exposure to players and coaching, creation of required sports infrastructures, appointment of more coaches and instructors with a common agenda to bring development.
AOA Secretary General Abrahram K Techi, former SAA Vice-Chairman Likha Tara and all the Presidents/ Secretaries of State Sports Association attended the meeting and shared their valuable suggestions.
SAA Chairman assured to put forward grievances to Chief Minister who is also the President of the Sports Authority of Arunachal to look into the matter and for allotting more fund for SAA to develop and promote Sports culture in the state.

Body of missing boy found
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: The body of Kegam Doye was recovered from Mishing Gaon area around three km away from Harmoti Railway Station, Assam on Monday.
Doye remained missing while two boys were rescued by the State police with the NDRF team from Dikrong River at Midpu on Sunday afternoon.
According to SP Papum Pare, Tumme Amo, the body was first located by his relatives who were involved in search operation.  
After conducting post mortem at Tomo Riba State Hospital, Naharlagun, the body was handed over to the parents.

Court vacation
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: The Itanagar Permanent bench of the Gauhati High Court will remain closed from October 6 to October 21 next on account of Puja vacation.
During the vacation, the office of the Court will function as per roster arrangement, informed an official release.

Funds released for natural calamities hit districts  
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: The state government has released Rs.30 lakhs each for DC Kra Daadi, Tirap and ADC Basar as funds for immediate relief and restoration works.
Minister Disaster Management Takam Pario on Tuesday released the funds in response to natural calamities that occurred at different places across the state over the past few months.
In a release, Minister Disaster Management, Takam Pario stated that the funds were released considering the urgent immediate relief and restoration works in various sectors like roads, bridges infrastructures, restoration of drinking water supply at Darang circle and fire accident at Lower Chinhan Village under Lazu circle on August 26, where in 32 houses were devoured by fire and 18 houses were partially damaged. The Deputy Commissioner of Tirap district had sought a relief assistance fund from the department on August 30, 2016.
Similarly Rs 30.00 lakhs has also been released in favour of the ADC Basar for restoration works where irrigation channels, WRC fields, water supply, power supply and road etc. were completely damaged by the cyclone and flash flood triggered by heavy rainfall recently.  
Further, the release stated that in response to the flashflood news items published in 'The Arunachal Times' on Sep 20, Rs.30 lakhs were released to DC Kra Daadi for immediate restoration works of the disruption of road, buildings and other communication.
Report from the district administration also informed that roads in most of the circle headquarters like Tarak Lengdi, Chambang, Gangte and Palin were disrupted.  The department is in constant touch with the district administration to assess the damages caused by the flood.

Special Summary Revision from Oct 1
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: The Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls with theme "No voter will be left behind" will start in Arunachal Pradesh on October 1, according to State Chief Electoral Officer (CEO).
In this connection, the Chief Electoral Officer of Arunachal Pradesh on Tuesday convened a meeting of the District Electoral Officers (DEOs) and directed them to launch the programme as per schedule involving all the stakeholders.
Two special campaigns will be held on October 9 and 23, wherein emphasis will be given for enrolment of new electors, who attain 18 years of age on January 1, 2017, women and persons with disability. Focus also will be on replacement of black and white EPIC cards with colour PVC cards, the CEO informed.
Election Commission of India will also appoint Electoral Roll Observers to oversee the entire process of revision.
The Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls with reference to 1st January, as qualifying date will be completed on January 11, 2017 for final publication of electoral rolls.

BJP pays homage to martyrs of Uri attack
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: The State BJP leaders, workers and cadres on Tuesday paid homage to the martyrs of Uri attack and observed two minutes silence as a mark of respect to the braved soldiers.
While vehemently condemning the brutal assault, the state BJP demanded a befitting reply to the attackers, allegedly sponsored by Pakistan.

Labour union submits memo, seeks early release of salaries
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: The All Arunachal Pradesh Labour Union (AAPLU) has on Tuesday submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister seeking early release of funds for payment of staffs salary and labour wages of Arunachal Pradesh Forest Corporation Ltd.(APFCL) and the Arunachal Pradesh  Bamboo Resource and Development Agency.
In its memorandum to the CM, the Union claimed that the staffs and laborers of the said departments have not received their salaries for the last three months and appealed to him to initiate steps for early release of LOC to the concern departments for release of salaries.
It further claimed that the laborers of the APFCL have not received their bonus for the current year.   

ITANAGAR, Sep 20: Arunachal Pradesh Agriculture Officers' Association (APAOA) expressed profound grief and sorrow at the untimely demise of Nabom Tado Hina on September 19.
He was serving as the Assistant Director of Agriculture (Training) in the Department of Agriculture, Naharlagun since 2015.
Nabom served as Extension Officer (Agri)/ADO at Koloriang, Kimin, Sagalee and Doimukh before being promoted as Assistant Director of Agriculture (Training) in 2015.
He left behind his wife and three children.
While conveying condolence to the bereaved family, the members of the association prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.

Sensitisation training programme for school heads
[ Maksam Tayeng ]
PASIGHAT, Sep 20: The three days sensitization training programme for principals and headmasters of East Siang District concluded on Monday.
Attending the valedictory function, Director Elementary Education, Tapi Gao informed that the education department has already recommended for "No Detention Policy" upto class IV and express hoped that some major changes may come in the New Education Policy. He further informed that the expected minimum performance level as per norms is 90% quality as well as quantity.
Speaking in the function, Prof K. C. Kapoor expressed his satisfaction over the active participation of all the participants. He advised the participants to enhance their performance with the enhanced capacities. He also advised the DDSE, Pasighat, Jongge Yirang to develop innovative ways and means for improving the performance by implementing a system of check in the form an external examination at Class V stage and Class VIII stage.
Principal, DIET, Daporijo Biren Dutta, and DDSE Jongge Yirang also spoke in the function.
Many participants also took part in the deliberation and expressed satisfaction on the training.

DEC meeting held
SEPPA, Sep 20: The second DEC (FDR) meeting under the chairmanship of East Kameng DC Rajeev Takuk was held on Tuesday at Seppa.
All the proposals, applications and damaged reports of the district were reviewed and discussed in the meeting.
In order to streamline the process of FDR scheme, the DC suggested for a standard chain of procedure. He suggested that the application or proposal should be submitted to the DC through DDMO first and then after thorough scrutiny it should be forwarded to the engineering department for spot verification and estimates preparation. And then, it should be placed before the DEC for final selection. Further, he suggested that forwarding of application to the engineering department should be based on relative criteria such as type and subject matter of the proposal, scope of work of the department, etc.  
Further, the DC directed that no individual proposal prepared personally and placed directly in the DEC meeting will be entertained. However, in some unavoidable circumstances and the matter is of urgent demand then some proposals could be accepted only if, submitted by the concerned department, he added. In this regard, he has directed the DDMO to issue an order.
EE (PHE&WSD), DDMO incharge, AE (RWD), AE (WRD), JE (PWD) and RFO took part in the discussion.

Enquiry report fabricated: ULTYF
ITANAGAR, Sept 20: Claiming that fabricated and concocted report was submitted on PMGSY road from Sangbia Camp to Paffa (Stage-II), United Leil Tara Youth Foundation (ULTYF) has sought investigation into the case.
In its complaint against the two-member enquiry committee members SE SQC T Paktung and EE RWD N L Kamin to the chief secretary, the foundation alleged that constituting the enquiry committee with the two members against EE RWD Seppa Division Techi Jobae had been wrong since beginning as the PMGSY road project from Sangbia to Paffa was recommended by Paktung while NL Kamin was the then Executive engineer from August 11, 2005 to August 20, 2010.
The length of the road became short (12.5kms) whereas the then EE RWD Seppa Division NL Kamin himself prepared the DPR, NIT and made payment for 16.11km for the said project in stage-1, it alleged.
The report of SQM MC Das who earlier reported on the said stretch of the road project during the incumbency of Techi Jobae was not reflected in the two member enquiry report with clear intention to victimize him, ULTYF wrote in its complaint letter.

Debing village gets mobile phone connectivity
[ Litem Eshi Ori ]
RUKSIN, Sep 20: Debing villages situated around 9 km from Ruksin circle of East Siang district has finally been brought under BSNL network coverage thanks to tireless effort by MP Ninong Ering.
The village established in 1962 was without telephone connectivity until recently when the BSNL activated the BTS.

SES for amicable solution
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: The executive members of Sajolang Elite Society (SES), Bhalukpong met APYC general secretary Kalley Rijuju in a private hospital at Bhalukpong and his family members in connection with the September 14 incident and assured them to amicably sort out the incident within 4-5 days.
SES claimed that the family members of the APYC general secretary have agreed to cooperate with the society in finding out an amicable solution to the incident.
The SES team was also scheduled to meet the West Kameng DSP and his family members in this connection to reach an early solution.
SES appealed both the parties to sit together and sort out the differences instead of issuing press statements.

Firing practice
PASIGHAT, Sep 20: The 186 Bn. CRPF based in Pasighat will conduct firing practice on September 20 and 21 from 7 am to 3 pm at Raneghat firing range, Pasighat.
While granting permission to the Officer Commanding of the CRPF battalion, the East Siang Deputy Commissioner has directed the people of Bogong area, head of departments, institutions not to allow cattle, other animals and human being to move within the firing range to avoid accident. DIPRO

ITANAGAR, Sept 20: The Borum Panchayat Youth Welfare Association has banned hunting, fishing, encroachment of land, collection of fire wood, cutting of trees and bamboos under Borum Panchayat.

Workshop on child rights and UNSDG
ITANAGAR, Sep 20:  A workshop on child rights and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) was organized by the Don Bosco School, Jullang here recently.
During the workshop which was conducted by the NINEISMINE campaign in collaboration with CHILDLINE Itanagar, Edward George, a young child rights advocate from the NINEISMINE spoke on various aspects of child rights. George said that the campaign believes that children are not the future citizens of this country rather they are citizens of today and their opinions need consideration and that the voices of the children can be more powerful than the votes of the adults.

Farmers' awareness prog by KVK
ITANAGAR, Sep 20: Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), West Siang following reports of various diseases in both plants and animals at Doje Jilly village of West Siang conducted a day-long awareness and training programme for farmers on September 19
The experts and scientists of the KVK, including Programme Coordinator Dr. CS Raghav explained on the benefits of scientific way of farming for better management of agriculture and allied sectors, diseases and pest management in winter vegetables using physical, mechanical, biological and chemical methods.
The experts also explained about scientific management of livestock, adoption of improved breeds of poultry, pigs and rabbits for their socio economic development.
As farmers are preparing nursery for Rabi vegetables, the sub matter specialists explained about the nursery raising techniques of Cole crops, maintenance of bed and plantation of seedlings in proper way maintaining appropriate space in between. The programme concluded with an interaction and feedback session between the farmers and resource persons.
All together, 47 farmers including 12 rural youths, 18 practicing farmers and 17 farm women participated in the training.

Papum Pare launches Website
Yupia, Sept 20: The new website of Papum Pare district was launched by Deputy Commissioner Tai Kaye at DC's Conference Hall, Yupia on Tuesday. The website was created and developed by National Informative Centre, Yupia. Launching the website, the DC lauded the e-governance team and called it a very good initiative.
Circle Officer, e-governance, Dolma Wangjom briefing about the website informed that it will give overall information of Papum Pare district. The website will be owned by district administration and content management will be taken care by NIC Papum Pare, Yupia.  She added that apart from basic information of the district, the website will give information on who's who, tourist places, programme and schemes, tender, advertisement results, news achievements etc of the district. DIPRO

BRO observes Hindi Pakhwara
YINGKIONG, Sep 20:  As part of the 761 BRTF of Border Roads Organization's Hindi Pakhwara celebrations which began from Sep 1 to 14 last as part of the GoI's policy to encourage use of Hindi language in official communications, various competitions such as typing in Hindi, essay writing and elocution in Hindi were organized and winners awarded cash prizes and certificates.
Speaking at the valedictory function, VSM, Commander 761 BRTF, SK Pradhan exhorted all to develop interest and skill to use Hindi language in official communication for the benefit of common man and reminded that Hindi is a symbol of national unity as it fosters a common bond between employees of various part of our country.
To emphasize the need to adopt one language, GoI through a series of measures is committed to popularize use of Hindi in central government offices. (DIPRO)

Arunachalee bags astrologer award
ITANAGAR, Sept 20: Rani Maga Nath of Arunachal has been awarded the best astrologer of North East in the 17th Asian Astrology and Vastu Conference 2016 held at Guwahati on September 11 last.
The conference was organized by Vishwa Jyotish Vidyapith (Assam Branch) and Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage which saw participation of astrologers from many Asian countries.

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Confusion signal

Chief Minister Pema Khandu recently informed that Congress MLAs joined PPA with the hope of better funding from central. PPA is member of North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) which has been floated by BJP President Amit Shah with the aim of uniting non-Congress parties of region. Immediately after the news of Congress MLA merging into PPA emerged, NEDA convenor and powerful senior minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma rushed to Itanagar to meet Chief Minister Pema Khandu. The statement of Pema Khandu shows that BJP used central fund as means to punish the Congress regime.

This is very much against Prime Minister Narendra Modi's claim of sabka sath sabka vikash. Modi during his reign as Gujarat Chief Minister had often complaint about centre's ill treatment of state. He had promised to streamline centre-state relation, so that central fund does not become an issue. Everyone hoped that his experience as CM will make him more sympathetic towards state. But going by the present trend it looks his government is doing opposite of what he is preaching in public. In the past Congress has been notorious for using various central agencies to target opposition ruled states. There was genuine hope that things will change due to elevation of Modi from CM to the post of PM. Centre is sending confusion signal to the states. Now that PPA has formally joined NDA, the people of Arunachal are hoping that financial situation will improve. In the last one year development has taken complete backseat. The political instability has badly affected the state. Its time everyone forgets their political differences and work for the speedy development of Arunachal.








Readers’ Forum




An open letter to fellow Arunachalese

Dear Editor,

I was one of you till my life took a turn for the worst. Our personal tragedy somehow touched each and every one of you, and I could never be more thankful for your love and support shown at this time. This tragedy has also somehow brought us all closer to each other. It has also given me, a commoner, a voice. So today I would like to voice some issues that I think needs to be addressed at this point and hope somewhere, somehow, it touches the right chords.

Lately a lot of things have been going wrong in our society. The feeling of brotherhood has more or less disappeared. The ‘me and mine’ has become way more important and heavier than ‘us and ours’. If Bomto had thought along the same lines, I would not have been writing this letter to you. But the truth cannot be changed now. No matter how many days I wake up wishing it was all a nightmare, reality cannot be altered. Bomto is gone. And so I write to you.

As the years are passing by, the concept of Pan Arunachal is becoming a distant dream. Somewhere, somehow the fight of the different communities and the tribes began. Somehow the idea of self-gain and self-profit overshadowed the need for the larger good of society. Somewhere, somehow the ‘I’ became more important than the ‘we’.

We see that as soon as we cross the boundaries of the state we become an Arunachalee; not a Galo, not a Nyishi, but an Arunachalee. We see more love and unity amongst ourselves when we are outside, in a different land. Why can’t we feel and show the same love and understanding for each other in our own state? Imagine the wonders it would do!

Unity is what Arunachal desperately needs today. As I am overwhelmed by the ‘collective good’ of fellow Arunachalese, I wonder if this goodwill could be nurtured and sustained. Hence I would like to request the heads of all the Community Based Organizations of the state to please nurture the feeling of brotherhood and not to section society into parochial terms. I also hope all the various different sub-community welfare associations will be instrumental in getting people closer and united and not the other way around.

Crime rate is on an all time high, but it goes without saying that the Police Force cannot fight a solitary battle without society’s support.

Being married to a Police personnel, I have spent sleepless nights waiting when my husband went for operations; terrified every time he was threatened, cried every time he missed a holiday. I got furious when he missed the birth of our only son. And above all, my heart ached when people criticized him or his men after everything they went through. Every police household will have a similar story to tell. Somehow we see the police as our enemy. But do you know how much hardships and distress they face on a daily basis to ensure the little peace and order that we enjoy?

Imagine how difficult, frustrating and demoralizing it will be to see a criminal that you spent months to catch and put your own life at risk, walk away scot-free!

It is very essential for us to understand that if we want peace and order to prevail in our state, we have to help and cooperate with the police. We need to extend a helping hand as well as that of understanding to curb and control the rising crime rate in our state. We also need to let them do their duties at peace without putting them in added mental agony. And also we need to see a criminal for who they are!

A criminal could be anyone. He could be an outsider or he could be one of our own. He could belong to my tribe or he could belong to yours. But what separates him from me and you, are the bad things he brings upon others for his own personal gains. And at that time he becomes a criminal, neither mine nor yours, but a criminal. A criminal is an enemy of the society, any society, and its time we all see him and treat him as one. And please do not wait for a tragedy to strike you or friends to speak up like I did.

I hope the next time a crime takes place, everyone irrespective of their community, will come together to raise their voice and stand together against a criminal.

Its been 36 days since Bomto’s death, and his killer is still at large. Bomto died protecting the oath he had taken, protecting what was entitled to all of us: a safe and peaceful society. Please help us, him get justice. It cannot be done without each and everyone’s personal help. Speak up. Speak right.

I could stop talking and mourn my loss silently but I owe my infant son Tomin— to stand up and speak up. I could cry day in and day out, or curse Tagyung Yangfo, or complain about all the pathetic affairs of our state, but what good will that bring to my son?

So I urge all the good people of Arunachal to please help me make our state a better place; for my son and yours. We have seen enough destruction in the name of community wars and politics. Let’s at least restore it to its past glory.

I never understood Bomto’s ideology until he was gone. If not us, then who?

A post on social media caught my attention, where someone had callously threatened another ‘Do you want to be next Bomto Kamdak?’ It was insensitive and hurtful, and though it wasn’t directed at me, I would like to answer to it, ‘Yes! I want to be the next Bomto Kamdak.’ And I would be proud to be like him, for it was more about the life that he lived than the death he saw.

I am also very grateful to all the leaders of all the CBO’s of the state for coming together and submitting a memorandum to the honorable Speaker for holding a special assembly to discuss the ways and means to curb criminal activism in the state. It is a start and it gives me, us hope for a better future.

I, we shall be eagerly waiting for the proper discussion of it in the assembly.

I would also like to thank the honorable Chief Minister and all the respected legislators for speaking up against the crimes and  criminals in the recent assembly. The issue of strengthening of the police force was also raised by them, and it gave me immense pleasure, for I hope no other police family is subjected to the harrowing ordeal our family has gone through.

Lastly, I hope we will be the change we want to see.


Moyir Basar Kamdak,

Wife of Arunachal Ratna Dy.SP Bomto Kamdak